WE Won!!

Senate Blocks Immigration Bill


June 28, 2007. Immigration.


  1. Tom replied:

    Unfortunately, the winners are the liberals and the criminals. And yes, the borders will remain an open door and the taxpayer community has rejected more than 10 million new members. The latter are good news for all socialist countries around the world and bad news for all American taxpayers.

    The good thing is that nobody can blame George W. Bush.

  2. yankeemom2 replied:

    ‘The good thing is that nobody can blame George W. Bush.’
    I’m sure they’ll try! lol

    About the taxpayer thing – the social programs that are set up that the illegals and their families use cost way more of the US taxpayers money than the taxes they would pay.

    By all means, come to our country if you really want to be an American, but sign the damn guest book first!
    It’s only polite.

  3. Tom replied:

    You’re absolutely right! I mean signing the guestbook. That’s the way we all (Americans and Germans) would do. We have money, we have a good education, so it’s not a problem for us to say, ‘Excuse me, Sir/Ma’am! I would like to ask you for permission to work and live in your country.’ The problem illegal aliens have is, they have not much money and in many cases a poor education. Therefore, our answer is, ‘Sorry, stay away!’ Well, that’s okay and our right. My home is my castle and it’s on me to decide who’s sitting at my table.

    But the thing is that the illegal aliens are already in town and we don’t know who they are and where they are. And we don’t have the capabilities to search, to arrest, and to deport them all. The immigration bill would give us the opportunity to solve this problem, so that we could take further actions – step by step. But without a good offer, they won’t come out and the nightmare continues. One cannot catch a fish without a good lure. Unfortunately, the people read every bill word by word. The don’t see the idea behind.

    Another point:
    America has plenty of room for immigrants and America really needs them. There’s another strong global player in the game, the European Union – and their workforce is much larger. And think of India and China. Agreed, it will take some time until the workforce deficit is causing problems for the economy, but manpower is also crucial for the defense. That’s another important issue.

    Endnote: I don’t believe that social programs that are set up for illegal aliens are going to be a big problem. Maybe, I’m wrong. Anyway, those laws can be changed at any time. More important is, is to get them out of the shadow first.

  4. Tom replied:

    By the way, here are some good news. I hope so!

    Marine officer under fire gets support on 2 fronts

  5. Tom replied:

    And here is a video that says it all!

    Pess One For English

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