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I took a break from packing yesterday, sat down with my laptop and clicked on some blogs that I usually read daily (when I’m not in the middle of putting my entire house in boxes), some milblogs, some political. I found myself getting angrier and angrier with every post I read. The posts weren’t in any way out of the ordinary ~ posts on the latest activities from Boots on the Ground, some good, some bad; posts about the political front, some good, some bad, mostly bad; posts about the media’s reporting on the war, all bad. (They can report about a massacre that never happened, but not on one that is verified and documented.)

Answer is gearing up for another onslaught on American values.

The woman who will not be named is back in the news. (Guess it’s hard to see everyone else get the attention.)

The peace activists and politicians are ramping up their lies misinformation and total disrespect of our military.

And the candidates for the office of the Presidency are wasting the time of you and me with their backstabbing, mudslinging and total disconnect from the reality of the state of this country and the war we’re involved in.

I hate politicians and all they stand for ~ which is basically themselves.

I read about the Muslims who are determined to kill as many people as possible all in the name of their Allah. I read about all the politicians around the globe that are spewing nonsense about not offending these bastards that want to kill us ~ and they’re serious!!!

I just couldn’t take anymore, so I turned off the computer and the TV (I multi-task – it’s my wiring. Thank god my DH is the same way or we’d have serious problems. lol)

My thoughts had gone toward the dark side. I was thinking how we should just bring our guys and gals home and as soon as they were on US soil, send in the bombers and just take care of the problem once and for all. Have a big, a$$-whooping do-over. Then take home all our toys from all the bases we have around the world and tell the unappreciative people around the world, “fine, you don’t like us…then you take care of yourselves from here on in.” Hell, we could fix everything that needs fixing here in the U.S. of A. with the money we would no longer be spending on the rest of the world. And then some.

Next we would kick the UN out of our country. They don’t like us either.

I’m so tired of the appeasers. I’m so tired of the politicians talking out of both sides of their mouths. I’m so tired of car bombs, homicide bombers, our troops getting fired at, blown up and killed. I’m so tired of listening to the c@%p coming out of the anti-everything-good-and-American useful idiots. I’m so tired of Muslims whining about being offended about everything but not doing one gotdam thing to counter the murderers in their BS “religion of peace”.

You see, I went to a 4th of July parade in a nearby town (no, it wasn’t in Santa Cruz. God forbid! We don’t need no steenkin’ patriotic nonsense here!) and watched the people who had come show very little enthusiasm. No one around us even stood when the Color Guard went by. Mary Kay and I were on our feet curbside. No one was applauding or whooping and ahollerin’ as the floats went by. So we were as loud as we could be, waving and yelling out to the people who had taken the time and energy to participate in celebrating our country’s Independence. We made sure all the recruiters who were in the parade knew we were there. We were having such a great time, calling out to them and waving our little flags.

We did finally get some folks to join in.

And that’s not all. I have a story that’s so appropriate for this holiday. This past Monday, the movers came with all the stuff from Ned’s Mom’s house that he wants to take to VA. Ned comes in and tells me that one of the moving guys is from Russia. P and his family left their home when the Berlin wall came down. You see, P is Jewish and things were a bit dicey in those days for Jews. They went to Israel and P did two years in the Israeli Army. After he got out of the Army, he came to America legally and became a citizen. He’s now married (I’m not sure if he married his wife in Israel or here) and wants to go into the Army Reserves, knowing full well he could be deployed. His wife is also thinking about joining.

(I gave him Soldiers Angels t-shirts and pins and thanked him for his service past, in Israel and future service here. He was a bit non-plussed, but accepted my hug gracefully – lol)

So, after these two experiences this past week and reading about all the BS from all the useful idiots in this country, I’ve become more than a little bit cranky. It doesn’t change ~ week in and week out. Even with all the criticism from around the country, the media is still reporting things that may or may not have happened, putting the worst light on it all. The politicians are still disconnected and seem determined to stay that way. The people around here continue to buy into the vitriolic lies about our military and the war.

I’m thinking I might just need a break for a bit and put my focus on each box I pack bringing me closer to Virginia and standing with the Eagles and fellow patriots in DC and the Freepers at Walter Reed, after visiting our wounded.

But I’ll be watching…

FlutieCutie (of “Remember Me”) fame has another video:

I have a few more things to post later ~ have to get a move on here!


July 6, 2007. Anti-Military, Iraq, military, Politics, terrorist.


  1. Cookie replied:

    I know what y’all mean bout “the appeasers” Mom. I have an acquaintance in England (The intellectual type)who has a blog. I was replying to one of his usual left wing, very liberal, love the Muslims, appeasement post, and when I mentioned Nevil Chamberlains appeasement of Hitler…he went off the deep end….really pissed him off. He started talkin bout how that was a very complicated time in our histories and the appeasement word was brought up by right wing extremists and has stuck ever since. It mattered not to him that the 20/20 vision of history showed the appeasement to have been the worst thing that could have happened. I told him…”didn’t work then…won”t work now”….but he just wants to love and hug every Muslim in Great Britain. Some folks just gotta learn the hard way I guess….say when London dissappears off the map into a burnt hole in the ground….


  2. Tom replied:

    No doubt, it is sometimes disturbing what some politicians and the MSM are saying. However, I’m going along with the Commander in Chief and the Military Men and Women. As long as the President is in office, we don’t have to fear anything. He’s the one who makes the decisions and he’s doing great. The MSM, the liberals, and other useful idiots are just talking heads. Just laugh at them. That’s what the President is doing and we all should do the same. Keep the morale high and keep smiling! That’s what Our Troops want us to do! God bless them ALL!

  3. JB replied:

    It is a frustrating time we live in.

  4. yankeemom2 replied:

    Cookie ~ I have found the appeasers really don’t like it when Chamberlain is brought up. Then revisionist history is sited. Gotta love ’em – they just won’t move an inch.

    Tom – Thanks for reminding me to laugh – I sometimes forget to do that…

    JB ~ it is at that! I’ve found in my many years of dealing with the human species and reading history that “frustrating times” seem to go hand in hand wherever humans are involved. Such is the nature of the beast.

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