Video For The Children

Over at One Guardsman’s Spiel, I found that Sgt. Guardsman has been busy in a wonderful way:

(tissue warning for sure!)

Over the last few months, between recruiting, ETSing, moving, and starting a new chapter of my life, I have been working on a new video. It is finally ready and I’m ready to share it with you all.

The inspiration for this video comes from the Family Support Group for the unit I supported while I was a recruiter. I finally saw first hand how it isn’t only the soldier who sacrifices for this country. I saw how sometimes the world forgets how much the children of our Armed Service Members really sacrifice.

This video is for the kids… it’s for every concert or soccer game their parent miss. It’s for every band or choir concert their parents watch on video thousands of miles away. This video is for how much we really love our kids – and why sometimes mommy and daddy have to be away. Its because we don’t leave because we don’t love our kids – it’s because we leave BECAUSE we love our kids.

Any comments are welcome.

God bless the children ~

And thank you, Sgt. Guardsman, for such a touching reminder.


July 7, 2007. military, Videos.

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  1. Tom replied:

    I love it! 😀

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