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Reid, Pelosi discuss six months of Democratic accomplishments

(the title alone makes me laugh…)

Washington, D.C.Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other Democratic leaders today reflected on the Democratic-led Congress’s accomplishments in the six months since assuming the majority and looked forward to continuing its progress in July.  (Progress? You want to see a real quagmire, nevermind Iraq. Just watch Congress.)

Even with Republicans trying to block our efforts at every turn, (Aww! Are the Republicans being mean again? It was okay when you were pulling this kind of politiking ~ don’t much like when the tables are turned, do ya?)  this Democratic Congress is delivering on our promises to the American people as we continue to put working families first (Yeah, raising taxes to a level never before seen really helps working families! You betcha!)  and make our nation more secure.  (Umm, what about the fence?  and enforcing laws already on the books that would take care of a lot of the open borders problems?  And letting the Border Patrol DO THEIR JOBS without  sending them to prison!!)  Both the House and Senate have passed the bipartisan 9/11 Commission recommendations and tough ethics and lobbying reform, (Ethics?Earmarks?  A whole lotta pot calling the kettle black here, I’m thinking.)  while also raising the minimum wage and balancing the budget. (Ooooh!  Biggies!! Oh yeah ~ )  Yesterday Republicans once again objected to making our country safer and cleaning up Washington, blocking Democrats’ efforts to move the 9/11 Commission recommendations and ethics reform bills to conference.  (Maybe because the bills are total poo-poo!)

Democrats have made great progress in addressing America’s priorities and tackling problems this Administration and past Republican Congresses have ignored,” Reid said. “We have much to be proud of from the first half of the year, (Keep saying it, Harry!  You’re all so good at saying something you WANT to be true, over and over again,  even when it’s not.) and we have even more to do as we enter the second. In the coming weeks, we will continue to force a change of course in Iraq (Surrender!!  Retreat!!  There will be no winning any war on our watch, by gum!!!)  until the President and Congressional Republicans finally heed the advice of military experts, (carefully chosen for their politics)  respect the will of the American people, (you mean your nutroot fringe koolaid drinkers who are buying your party?) and join us in bringing the war to a successful (Surrender!!! ) and responsible (Retreat!!!) end.   Neither our troops nor the American people can afford to wait until September for a new strategy.”  (Because the Surge might just work!!  And that would mean Victory for Bush and we just can’t have that!! No! Not at all!!  Besides, we’re so dang tired of the war – we just want to focus on more useless social services to keep our constituents victimized so we continue to have a job.  And power and all those nice little ol’ perks we get for being an “Elected Official”.)

Said Pelosi: “Democrats have brought a new direction to Congress.  (Surrender!! Retreat!! Taxes!!!)  It is a new way of thinking (ummm, no it’s not ~ remember the 60’s and 70’s?  How soon you forget!)  and a new Washington (it may be “new” but it ain’t American.)– one in which we defend our country  (Retreat!! surrender!!  Ignore!!), grow our economy (by taking all the money we can get out of the citizens pockets – we really just want to grow our own economy.  We don’t really give a rat’s a$$ about you people.)   care for our children and families, (WE Know What’s Best For You and we will not let you forget it!) protect our planet (by flying our planes all over the world mucking up this and that.  And having Concerts!! and putting so many regulations on businesses that there will be no way to make a profit.)  and restore accountability.  (You might want to start in your own House first.  You know that “log in the eye” thing that a wise person once spoke about.)  This is in the tradition of our founding fathers, (they be turning over in their graves at this point.  Not that they didn’t have their own squabbles, but gee, they put the good of the country above their pet peeves.) and honors the will of the American people.” (Those nutroots must be appeased !  They’re scary and threatening….plus they have a LOT of money!!)

Looking forward to more debate today on the Iraq War.  Welcome to the Circus!!

(They seem to forget about the troops in Afghanistan until it can be used as a political scoring point.)


July 9, 2007. Iraq, Politics.

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  1. Tom replied:

    Isn’t it amazing to see all the poker faces in D.C. who have nothing on hand? Well, they all know that they have to support the military men and women, otherwise, they will lose their last credibility. Cut and run is no option and they know it very well. 😀

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