Eagles Up!!

 Gathering of Eagles

Task Force EAGLE


It has been gratifying to follow the chat on the forums about what we should do in September.

While gratifying, it has also been perplexing, because there are so many options available.

After a great deal of consideration by the Board, we have decided to try something different from what we’ve done before—actually do something that is in direct support of the troops.

We thought long and hard about the satisfaction we experience at getting in the faces of the moonbats, and GOE I was truly a joy to behold. And the various in-your-face events we’ve had across the country in recent months have gotten our blood up, too. The Coast Guard Academy; West Point; Ft. Monmouth; Times Square; Greensboro, NC; and on and on. We have been successful in achieving our objectives in every single confrontational event in which we’ve participated.

Now, however, we’re going to support the troops in a more direct way—getting in Congress’s face! Yes, you read it right—we are going to gather on Capitol Hill on September 10th to put pressure on Congress to ignore the moonbats who will be coming in a riotous mode on the 15th in an attempt to coerce our elected officials to do that which they KNOW is wrong—to cut off funding to our troops in Iraq.

This event, to be called “Task Force EAGLE,” will not be a rally in the usual sense. We will have a gathering, to be sure, with appropriate speakers and entertainment, but we won’t be spending four hours under a hot September sun. We will be preparing ourselves, so to speak, for what comes next: a converging on Congressional offices by our Eagle Task Units from the various states.

What I mean by that is that Eagles will congregate by state and will be identifiable by tee shirts or other regalia. Each state’s attendees will constitute a “Task Unit,” like “Task Unit New Jersey,” “Task Unit New York,” “Task Unit Maine,” and the like. After the gathering, each task unit will visit the offices of their senators and, if possible, appropriate representatives.

This will be one colorful and attention-getting event. PLEASE plan on attending! We are already lining up hotels and transportation capabilities.

Now, don’t think there won’t be opportunities to confront the moonbats! We will be strongly encouraging Eagles (and encourage ways for them) to participate in “informal” counter-demonstrations in full view of those America-hating morons! As September approaches, we will publish the intelligence we have on the moonbats’ intentions so as to maximize our effectiveness in getting in their faces.

A.N.S.W.E.R. will be in DC on the 15th and over the weekend (and possibly the following week) of Sep. 28/29. They are talking about an encampment, just like that lawless, hatred-spouting encampment that was conducted in 1971. This time, though, they will not go unopposed!

This will, of course, require tremendous coordination between all of us, but we’ve shown that we’re up to the task.

It will, of course, take a lot of money to rent the platform, the sound system, the porta-potties, the EMT tent, etc. May I ask that you send your most serious contribution as soon as you can? Go to the “Donate” button and contribute by PayPal, or, alternatively, send a check, payable to “GOE,” to me at: “GOE; P.O. Box 291; Chocowinity, NC 27817.”

Many thanks, and Eagles Up!

Larry Bailey

And I’ll be living in Virginia then!  You bet I’ll be in DC!!

Looking forward to meeting my new Elected Officials.




Jason Hahn Nature Photography 

“Indivisible”, featuring a bald eagle on an American flag backdrop, was created as the cover for a “Community Card” project for the communities of Land O’ Lakes and Lutz, Florida to send their sincere thanks to the men and women of the Armed Forces serving overseas.

A portion of the proceeds from sales of this print benefit the National Military Family Association’s “Military Family Fund”. Also please visit the notecard gallery for sets of notecards featuring this image.


July 9, 2007. Troop Support.


  1. snooper replied:

    GREETINGS!!! You have moved to WordPress and I have moved to Blogspot.


  2. Tom replied:

    Isn’t the blog at wordpress.com temporary? To tell the truth, I like the yankeemom.com site much better. Cannot wait to get back over there.

  3. yankeemom2 replied:

    yes, this is temporary – it’s just that being in the middle of moving and Greg being real busy right now – we just haven’t had time to get together to fix it.
    ~ and I want to make some changes and freshen it up a bit.
    I miss it too.

  4. Tom replied:

    Well, it shouldn’t be a problem to add this blog to the database at yankeemom.com, so nothing get lost.

    Okay, here we go. Let’s have some fun! 😀

    Taliban on the Run

    And yes, let’s listen what the President has to say!

    BANNED Pres. Bush Interview

    Good job Mr. President! God bless you!

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