Emperor Misha has an update on Operation “Emails for RCT 6″:

Remember the call to send 6,000 support emails to RCT 6? Remember how the magnificent bastards out there taunted us, suggesting that we’d never make the mark, much less melt down their servers?

Well guess WHAT?

Email 20,000 came in today, from a corporal in the British Army.

That’s highly satisfying. But not quite as satisfying as this:

The bandwidth demands for the inflow of emails have become so severe that the RCT’s staff has been forced to order the end of the project for security reasons. Sgt. Deboard regretfully informs us that, after next Sunday, the address will be closed.

How do you like them apples, Jarheads?

Seriously, though, we’re glad to hear that we made it, you deserve a hundred times that many letters every single day, and we hope you don’t mind clogging up your mailbox too much. If you do, tough shit. You asked for it. ;)

And, again and most importantly: Thanks to every single one of you who took the time to be part of this. Thanks for answering the call by sending a letter, and keep in mind that nothing is keeping you from doing so in the future as well, even without an official challenge. It’s the least we can do.

So, from the Empire to all of you who were part of Operation “Emails for RCT 6″, a big OO-RAH!

Well done.

I second that!!!!


Also, be sure to read this post from Badgers Forward:

“…Because Team Badger working in conjunction with RCT6 has done such a great job reducing the road side bomb threat in the city Al Qaeda has had to resort to the car bomb as their terror weapon of choice.

After a couple of attacks the Mayor of Falluja had an answer to that problem. Simply allow no cars or trucks into the city….”


July 11, 2007. Good news, Troop Support.

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