Senator Has No Clue ~

 I was listening to Sen Casey (PA – D) speak about not having any idea where our soldiers get the courage they have, especially our wounded who if they could, would go back to Iraq.   This is the email I sent to him:

Senator Casey,

I am not one of your constituents but I’m the mother of a soldier.

Just having heard you speaking on the senate floor about the wounded soldiers you have met and their desire to go back to Iraq, I felt I had to write you.

You stated that you had no idea where they get the courage they have, that no matter how badly wounded they are, to want to go back to be with their brothers and sisters in arms.

I’m afraid that is the problem with the Democratic party.  You truly have no idea what makes a soldier a soldier.

You try to make the families of the American Soldier, victims.  I listen to you speak about all the hardships the families go through.  I rarely hear you speak of the PRIDE we have for our soldiers.

We are willing to make sacrifices because we believe in a greater good. And we believe in our soldiers.  Apparently, you do not.

Cindy Sheehan does not speak for most of us. And never will.

Please stop insulting the integrity of our soldiers that we love and have so much pride in their choice to step up and do something huge in the service of this country.  Please stop using our Fallen Soldiers as political fodder.


Deb xxxxxxx
A Proud Army Mom


July 11, 2007. Iraq, military, Politics.


  1. Tom replied:

    Well written! Perhaps all soldiers and their families should send those letters/e-mails to all politicians and the MSM. It’s time to flood their mailboxes – every day. 😀

  2. Susan Pietrosanto replied:

    Post your Military Heroes for Free
    We have a free hero page to post a picture and short story on your hero. We have recently started a web site called We are using a grassroots approach, e-mailing every newspaper, radio and TV station we can find in the USA. Our hope is that people will visit the site, educate themselves about what our forefathers envisioned this country becoming and then voice their opinion by voting for the candidate that they feel would best serve the interests of ALL of the people.

    We are currently selling wristbands and will soon be adding more products to our line. We are donating 10% of our proceeds to various veterans’ organizations in an effort to give back to those who have fought to protect this country and our way of life. My father was a WWII veteran who was one of the pilots who survived Black Sunday. I feel the vision of this web site would be an appropriate way to honor him.

    We also plan to donate to an organization that provides for families of children with autism, as we have a son, Joseph, who has autism. Being the parents of an autistic child, we are all too familiar with the devastating financial effects of having a child with this diagnosis. A percentage of the proceeds will be donated to organizations that provide for the disabled.

    We are currently in negations with a company regarding manufacture of our products. This company not only employs the disabled, but also provides disabled individuals with medical care.

    We are hoping that you will wear our wristband and promote our web site.

    Susan Pietrosanto

  3. yankeemom2 replied:

    Wouldn’t that be great!

  4. Tom replied:

    Yes, Ma’am!

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