From an article today by ANNE FLAHERTY, Associated Press Writer:

But many Republicans, most of whom will face voters next year, say they are tired of the war, which is in its fifth year and has killed more than 3,600 troops.

They’re tired of the war???  TIRED???!!!

Tell that to the 20 year old packing 80 lbs of gear in 130 degree heat, walking miles patrolling the streets to keep them safe from the murderous, head sawing off while still alive, blow ’em up, hate America, wastes of oxygen infesting the Middle East.


Tell that to the medic holding his hand on the blood spurting chest of a soldier that was shot by some chickenshit mask wearing member of the religion of peace my a$$!!!


Tell that to the doctor in his 36 hour of putting Iraqi civilians back together after some homicidal bag of shite blows up a market full of women and children.


Tell that to the families who give their tightest hug to their soldier as he or she walks off to leave home for a year or more.

You all are a disgrace and an insult to this country and those wearing uniforms doing their duty to defend your sorry a$$es!!!!


July 14, 2007. Iraq, Politics, War.


  1. concretebob replied:

    I’ll see you there, YM. Thanks for dropping by, and you are now linked. When we get closer, I’ll send you my cell phone #.

  2. Flag Gazer replied:

    yeah – what you said, yankeemom!

  3. Tom replied:

    What do these ‘tired’ cowards think who they are?

  4. Sharon replied:


    Great post! I couldn’t agree more and I linked to it at my blog:

    Keep it up, Army Mom!


  5. SpiritBuilders replied:

    The \”tired\” Republican Congress members

    Deb at \”You Betch I\’m an Army Mom\” (aka Yankee Mom) reacts to an AP story on the effort by GOP senators to influence war strategy

  6. yankeemom2 replied:

    Concretebob ~thanks! That will be great!

    FG, Tom & Sharon ~ That little paragraph just rubbed me so wrong! Talk about elitist! It just seemed to sum up what’s wrong with most of this Congress. They get tired and our troops and more innocent people get killed.

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