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The 3rd ID

The Marne Torch shines with Soldier efforts 2A Frontline July 12, 2007 3rd Infantry Division
Maj. Gen. Rick Lynch
3rd Inf. Div. commanding general
The summer months here are known for ppressive heat. The winds make this
country like a convection oven to the brave en and women deployed here. In spite of
the conditions, Soldiers are pressing on and hat is always inspiring to me.
They manage to smile and find comfort in simple things. The expressions of love
and support, mail, outreach from the community all mean so much. Thank you for
what you do.
Operation Marne Torch continues here. Our 2nd and 3rd Brigade Combat Teams
along with the Combat Aviation Brigade have had magnificent success in this
important mission.
So far, we have interdicted the shipping of explosives and accelerants on the Tigris
River. The local population told us that all the boats on the Tigris were being used to
transport the tools of terror to Baghdad. We have struck and destroyed over four dozen
boats. We’ve observed secondary explosives that proved what they told us true.
Our troops have m e t h o d i c a l l y cleared over 1100 buildings, a task that is fraught with danger but necessary in the whole scheme. In many cases we have been
forewarned that buildings were rigged by terrorists beforehand. So, we have struck from
the land and sky with precision weapons to keep our troops safe but still accomplish the
We have killed five dozen of the enemy and taken for detention nearly 250. All of this has
come as a result of close cooperation with the Iraqis who are more and more fed up with the al Qaeda thugs on their streets. The same Iraqis have pointed out where IEDs have been placed and this has helped save their lives and ours.
We have located and killed or captured the worst of the worst. Recently a group of people
have come forward across our operations area and pointed out the storage areas of insurgent ammunition. We have found ammunition and material that is clearly tied to foreign influences and with them the men who used these tools for violence.
Along with the materials of violence, Iraqis have pointed out the leaders of insurgent
groups. We capture these men and move them to areas where they are interrogated.
In turn we gain intelligence that helps us to find still others. And all the time
we keep careful records that will ensure that these people never pose a threat to
America ever again.
So, our Soldiers are doing magnificent things and they will continue to make us
proud. Marne Torch continues and other operations are planned. It has been tough
and it will remain so.
For all our successes there have been dear sacrifices. Our fallen will never be forgotten
and their loved ones are always in our prayers.
Thank you for your continued expressions of support and may God bless our 3rd
Infantry Division, its Families, and our nation.

Rock of the Marne!

U.S. Army Soldier Show to lift spirits of Soldiers and FamiliesDate Posted: 5/1/2007 Story & photos by Tim Hipps
FMWRC Public Affairs

ALEXANDRIA, Va. – The cast and crew of the 2007 U.S. Army Soldier Show promise to lift the spirits of Families and Soldiers during their six-month tour that opened May 4 at Fort Belvoir, Va.

“Hopefully the edges of the seats in the theatres are comfortable,” Soldier Show artistic director Victor Hurtado said. “Because that’s where you’re going to spend most of your time.”

Hurtado is particularly excited about this year’s show because live musicians replace much of the pre-recorded sounds of past performances to make the song-and-dance extravaganza feel more like a concert.

“It’s going to change the show drastically,” he said. “We did what we call a ‘stumble through’ the other night and took a look at the material, and we were really pleased that almost two-thirds of the show has a very live feel.

“Aside from the show feeling more live, the material has a lot of energy,” Hurtado continued. “And the energy is derived from the ‘less is more’ feel of the show. We challenged the Soldiers this year, and they’re stepping up to the plate. It’s remarkable.”

Many of the Soldier-performers will double as musicians, and as much as they cherish gaining priceless entertainment training, they hope even more to give back to fellow Soldiers and their Families.

Read the rest here.

Chips, The War Dog

Sasha McBrayer Fort Stewart Museum

It was July of 1942 when a very special animal was donated to the Army. “Chips” was a
German Shepherd-Collie-Husky mix belonging to private citizen Edward J. Wren of
Pleasantville, N. Y.
Wren was one of thousands of families who responded to the Dogs for Defense program,
which began right after the attack on Pearl Harbor.
Chips received formal training at the War Dog Training Center at Front Royal, Va., where he learned to be a sentry. From there Chips journeyed overseas to French Morocco where
he guarded the perimeter of the division camp by night. While there, he caught some natives stealing clothing and equipment and foiled their plans.
Assigned to handler Pvt. John P. Rowell, Chips went on to serve as perimeter guard for
Roosevelt and Churchill at Casablanca in January of 1943. From there he went on to Sicily where a list of heroic actions would make him the most decorated war dog of WWII.
First, he broke free of his handler and plowed into a machine-gun nest, forcefully removing one enemy by dragging him by the neck. The four crewmen inside the pillbox surrendered to I Company after that.
Despite a wound to the scalp and some powder burns, later that same day Chips went on
to help take 10 Italians prisoner. The spirited K-9 would have also made courageous runs with phone cable attached to his collar to establish communication lines.
He would have dodged bullets the entire way.
Chips was officially discharged in December of 1945 and returned to the Wren family. In 1990, Disney based a movie on his life called “Chips the War Dog”. Though many of
his medals were revoked because dogs were categorized as equipment and not as soldiers,
Chips remains a proud and interesting part of Division heritage.
Just cuz videos ~

Tribute to WMD Teams

Combat Dancing


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    Hi there Yankeemom. Just wanted to stop in and say hello! I love the stories about the working/army dogs. But then, I love dogs!

    Hope you are well and that daughter is doing well also! Take care…

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