Another Santa Cruz Tale ~

Actually, I’m going to miss some of the goings on here in Moonbat Hollow….Well, not really all that much.

But this article in the paper Sunday is unusual and seems to have upset some folks – Heh!

Republican star Tim Morgan defies Santa Cruz stereotypes 

SANTA CRUZ — If opposites attract, Tim Morgan and Santa Cruz are a match made in political heaven.

On his iPod, the native Santa Cruz resident listens to Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and other radio talk show hosts who rail against the Clintons, support the war in Iraq and decry illegal immigration. Busts of Ronald Reagan, Abraham Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt sit on a shelf in his Jewell Street law office along with an elephant statue perched on the mahogany desk — signs Morgan is a black sheep in his hometown.

Read the rest here.

The comments are fun too.

So today there were letters to the editor.  Of course.

Right vs. wrong

This morning, I read the article about Tim Morgan. I am close in age to him and grew up in the same cultural environment … the ’60s, but came away with a different point of view. Though I don’t agree with just about everything he believes, what saddens me the most was phrase, “early on he developed a strong sense of right and wrong” As a Lutheran parochial-school graduate and a life-long Democrat, why is my sense of right and wrong not acceptable? I grew up being taught that we should care and help those less fortunate and “teach them how to fish”; we should protect children, animals and the environment; and finally we should always live by the Golden Rule. But somehow I must have missed something, because my sense of right and wrong is different from his and thus unacceptable by the current conservative group of which Tim Morgan is a member.

Maybe I am overreaching here — it just seems so tragic for our country that we have taken normal differences of opinion and turned them into a moral right-and-wrong feud. Just doesn’t seem right. Oh, but there I go again!

(there is so much wrong in that letter, I wouldn’t even know where to start…talk about taking a simple sentence ~ “early on he developed a strong sense of right and wrong”  ~ and running with it and coming up the VICTIM!)

And ~

GOP has failed us

Regarding the article on Tim Morgan, I’d like to know what policies the Republican Party has that the American people want given the complete failure of the party in foreign and domestic policies for the past eight years.

(hmmm ~ “complete failure”?  “past eight years”? Why, you must be including Clinton in your exceedingly detailed analysis of failure here. Didn’t realize he had switched parties in 1999.)

This is one reason I started blogging ~ coherent and rational discussion is rather rare around here.  Though it can be quite entertaining at times.


July 17, 2007. Chuckles, Politics.


  1. Tom replied:

    Hehe, some comments are really funny. The same old socialist (anti-capitalist) slogans over and over again. lol These uneducated liberal morons just don’t get it. lol

  2. yankeemom2 replied:

    Yep, you’re right, Tom.
    Lot of that around here…the scary part is that many of them are highly edjimacated peeps.

  3. Patriotic Thunder replied:

    You forgot something in your title,
    Right vs. Wrong(Left)
    sorry, I just had to say it…..hehehehe

  4. yankeemom2 replied:

    LOL! PT – it wasn’t my title. But if it had been I would have used your suggestion!

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