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The woman who will not be named (by me) was too scareded by the big bad ol’ Eagles…


Hello All:

The best news is that we in GOE countered a protest in Charlotte, NC where Cindy Sheehan was supposed to speak. She arrived to find us on the high ground, with numbers equal to the opposition. We had a sea of American flags, bull horns and twice the enthusiasm. Cindy drove up and did not get out of the car; she simply drove away. The press filmed us for a change. The Vets for Freedom got good press in DC today. They have endorsed our rally in DC on 15 September. So has Move America Forward and the Military Order of the Purple Heart. We are turning up the heat and will continue to do so. The war is not lost. You know it and I know it and soon we will make Congress know it. Keep checking the website for updates on the 15 September counter protest . This is our chance to BUY THE TROOPS SOME TIME TO WIN. 

We needed support in March and we need it again in September. Let all our troops know we are silent no more and we will not allow our guys to be treated with disrespect by anybody. Wake the kids and phone the neighbors, patriotic Americans are coming to take back the streets.

HOO-AH! Manchu


Chris Hill

National Director of Operations

Gathering of Eagles

You can see photos  here  and here.

Also, go here for info on the counter rally in Charlottesville, VA on Friday, the 20th of this month.

BUT Hold the Phone!  There’s more!!!

The D.C. Chapter of invites all Freepers and lurkers in good standing to join us Monday morning, July 23rd, at the entrance to Arlington National Cemetery to stand up to Cindy Sheehan and her anti-American comrades as they attempt to desecrate Arlington with a so-called antiwar protest.

Sheehan has called the terrorists in Iraq ‘freedom fighters’ and has
traveled the world supporting our enemies. With the surge in Iraq
succeeding, Sheehan has come out of retirement to aid her ‘freedom
fighters’ by urging the impeachment of the two men who have kept the terrorists at bay for almost six years: President Bush and Vice
President Cheney.

When: 9:30 a.m., Monday, July 23, 2007.

Where: The sidewalk near the Metro entrance on Memorial Drive,
Arlington National Cemetery.

Bring: Flags and signs bearing messages supporting our troops, their
commander-in-chief and America’s victory in the war on terror.

Metro/Parking: Take the Blue line to Arlington Cemetery/ Parking only at the pay lot just inside the entrance to Arlington Cemetery.

As always, the D.C. Chapter’s rules for demonstrating will be in
effect. Briefly, they are: No violence, no profanity, no racism, no
provocations, obey the law and treat all law enforcement officers with

P.S. Cindy will be marching to the White House and then to Congress to hold a sit in at Rep. John Conyers’ office. Please consider spending
the whole day with us as we have ‘fun’ with Cindy.

I cannot stand the thought of them being even near this hallowed ground.


July 18, 2007. Anti-Military, Troop Support.


  1. toni replied:

    Lefttards – what are they good for? Not a damn thing except to aid and abet the enemy. I wish I could be at Arlington when these pukes show up to protest.

  2. Ogre replied:

    Get up there and take pictures! Charlotte shows that the good guys CAN win!

    Thanks for the link!

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