Ooh! Ooh!

Look what I found!!

An interview with the Code Pinker and a couple others who were arrested at the recruiting station (see my post about it here).  Click here for the audio.

These folks are just down right delusional and soooooo full of their lil ol’ selves.

Oh, I’m even mentioned!  Woo hoo!  I’m the ‘loud woman’ in the office.   Damn tootin’!

By the way, the father and son team were in the office for close to 2 hours – not 1/2 hour or hour.  How time flies when you are protesting!!

Don’t they just sound so brain-washed?  They all have that woo-woo tone to their voices.  My husband describes it as “nurrrrrr”,  spoken gently on downward beat, of course.

And we certainly won’t bring up the rough handling that Soon-to-be-Mrs Recruiter experienced while trying to get into the office, will we?  Oh no!  Certainly not!  Or that the posters the Marines put outside were all torn up.  Nope! Not that either.

I’m sorry to burst your little protesting bubble, Jan, they weren’t “thoughtful” as you sang your little song.  No, that isn’t quite the adjective I would use.  All you did was annoy some recruiters who were just trying to do their job.  They had appointments with some young people who were interested in enlisting – you know, they still have that right.  In fact, one of the young men was shipping out the next day and was just trying to get his paperwork all in order.   Because it was his choice!

Apparently, that doesn’t count to these people.  Surprise. Surprise.

I personally think they do have some “cool toys”!

According to all-knowing Jan, reenlisting soldiers are just keeping themselves “ignorant”.

Liar, liar, pants on fire!

And to clarify – their Commander ordered them not to let you protesters in because the last time they did, you all were too disruptive.


July 21, 2007. Anti-Military.


  1. Tom replied:

    Hehe, the interview is pretty funny, but I had to stop when granny started her torture (singing)… lol Well, they are living in a fantasy world… lol

  2. yankeemom2 replied:

    LOL – the singing sure didn’t help matters and they sang a lot! They have been living in their “I’m a Protester” bubble for so long, that they have completely divorced themselves from reality. Long Live the 60’s and the Summer of Love! People’s Park! Hell no! I won’t Go! Make love, not War!

  3. Tom replied:

    Hehe, you’re so rigth! Love and Cheese! 😀

  4. Leta replied:

    YankeeMom ~ because you are such an inspiration and my hero at recruiting stations I told your story to my local recruiters. They LOVE you! One day a couple of weeks ago they had a man walk in who said he was interested in talking about signing up. As he began to “talk” with them it became clear that he was only there to protest. One of the recruiters picked up the phone to call me and “invite” me by to say hello. Sadly I was in southern California on a work assignment. Dang it! I REEEEEALLY wanted to use some of your tactics.

    I’ve told the recruiters to call me ANYTIME if the situation occurs again. I’d LOVE to be able to follow the lead of my mentor and tell the asshat what I think of him since the recruiters can’t.

    Hey, how’s the packing coming along? Are you in to a “count down” yet???

  5. yankeemom2 replied:

    Lol Tom, and how about some Whine with that cheese!

  6. yankeemom2 replied:

    Waay to go, Leta! Thanks for sharing that with me! Please give your recruiters a big Hooah!hug for me ~

    I leave on Thursday to head on out to VA! Woo hoo!!

  7. toni replied:

    I just couldn’t go to indy to listen. I always feel so dirty afterwards. You are a force though YMom.

  8. Tom replied:

    Hehe! Sounds good! 😀

  9. Claire replied:

    Ok, I officially think you rock now! 🙂

    Great blog and I couldn’t agree more on the stance you take with the crazies!

  10. yankeemom2 replied:

    Toni ~ I know how you feel. And it’s been so exasperating living here – lol

    Tom ~ see ya when you get back!

    Hey Claire! thanks for stopping by! I think you rock too!

  11. Leta replied:

    I’m, literally, only 5 minutes off I-40 if you need to stop for a “fix” of high speed internet access. I’ll be ’bout 2/3 of your way there. Anytime – day or night. Give me a call.

    Safe travels. The new home is LOVELY!!!

  12. Donna, Los Osos, CA replied:

    Waaaaaa! You’re leaving..! I’m happy for you though. Remember, you’ve always got a place to stay when in CA. Even though, looking at the pic of your new house… who would ever want to leave!!

    I really tried to listen to the whole moonbat show. Guess I’m not in the mood after reading America’s Son. Geezz… I’d like to “C.D.” them all upside the head! What a bunch of pretentious morons.

    Make sure to give Mary Kay my 411(is that right?)if she ever needs me. Ya, me hip all right..

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