Pendleton 8 Update…

Kit has the lowdown on CPL Trent Thomas’s trial:

CPL Trent Thomas, one of the Marines accused of murder in the Pendleton 8 case, was acquitted of murder charges yesterday at the end of a court-martial that was well over a year in coming.

The panel found him guilty of conspiracy to commit murder, which I still find to be a complete travesty and miscarriage of justice. Then again, what do I know? I’ve only got the documents proving the agents in this case are lying, incompetent fools. But never mind the facts, let’s move on to the politics of the whole thing.

Thomas was the first to be convicted in an actual court-martial. All but two of the other seven members of the ill-fated squad have been quietly pled out and put away. During Thomas’ proceedings, some of them were brought out and paraded as pawns for the prosecution, told how to talk and what to say. When their testimony didn’t match well enough with the rules of the government’s game, the Marines were brought to the back of the room and threatened with their plea bargains if they didn’t adhere to the plan. The idea that this can be done to our fighting men still, every day, fills me with a rage I cannot describe.

Stay tuned…much more on this case coming.

Marine escapes prison sentence in Iraqi’s death

Convicted Marine asks jury for leniency

Listen to Gen. Mattis here. Really.

“We’re the good guys. Not the perfect guys, but the good guys.”

“And while the US Media, the western media may portray this as ‘a bomb went off today’. A bomb didn’t go off.. it wasn’t an act of God. Intentional murder of innocent people eventually sours anybody.”


July 21, 2007. Hamdania.

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