The Involunteers

One thing to me rings loud and clear
Through mainstream media sources:
Libs don’t understand, Volunteer,
When it comes to our fighting forces.

Their memories hark to former days,
Dubious deferments due to classes,
Craven cowering in cynical ways,
Just to cover their cowardly asses.

Pony-tailed pundits of treason foregoing,
Now scoff and condemn with derision,
Volunteer warriors, warned and knowing,
Who’ve made a fateful decision,

Foregoing the comforts liberals love,
That very succor to preserve
A concept Libs are ignorant of:
To reap benefits, one should serve.

Ever fearful, Libs cower in classrooms,
Proclaiming the due of the masses;
On graves of the brave, toxic mushrooms,
Still cravenly covering their asses.

Preaching, protesting, showing their ire,
Cat-box covering all their worst fears,
Cowardly curs afraid of war’s fire,
They’re our nation’s Involunteers.

I know a truth from mankind’s past,
A truth that sure prevails;
Those who fight are those will last,
Throughout all man’s travails.

But those making phony excuses,
As false and fearful disguise,
Will feel history’s worst abuses,
Enslaved by their cowardly lies.

 Russ Vaughn
2d Bn, 327th Parachute Infantry Regiment
101st Airborne Division

Vietnam 65-66

One July Fourth

On one July Fourth many years past
A new nation began, proud votes were cast

Our Continental Congress risked all
With the birth of this country their call

In Philadelphia this took place
Independence declared, first war to face

The United States embarked that day
On a journey to last all this way
Through many trials this journey has gone
With strong trust in God from dawn to dawn

From our first war to our war today
Patriots have fought for freedom’s way

Many giving their lives for this cause
Treasure your freedom, solemnly pause

Always pray for those brave who protect
They so need this along with respect

©2007Roger J. Robicheau


July 21, 2007. military, Videos, War.

One Comment

  1. Tom replied:

    Great video! Can you feel the spirit? Yeah, the men and women in uniform are the best! Thumbs up!

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