My Last Week

in Moonbat Hollow!!   Yep, I’m heading out later this week to start driving cross country to Virginia.  Let me tell you, the logistics are a nightmare when you have 2 dogs and 3 cats and a plumbing business.

We are almost done loading the second Pod ~ Tomorrow is the big push as they are coming on Tuesday to pick it up.  I’m to that point in packing of just throwing stuff in boxes and leaving the sorting out to when it all arrives in VA.  The pods should arrive a couple of days after we get there.  Fortunately, the sellers had this gorgeous bed there that they wanted to sell.  So, we bought it.  I’m too old to be sleeping on the floor, dammit!

We’re not taking much furniture as it’s mostly second hand (not the antiquey kind of second hand either) and really lived in .  Ned has to come back here for a couple of months to finish up jobs so he’ll need some of the comforts of home.  And I get to go furniture shopping in VA!!!  I never want to see another piece of oak furniture again in this life of mine.

A young friend of ours volunteered to help drive my car and the dogs out, so we’ll be taking turns driving.  We’re going to pretty much drive straight on through.  Ah, to be young!  So, this should be interesting…to say the least.  I’m going to get a foam mat for the back of the Volvo so we can crawl in the back, snuggle up with the dogs and catch some sleep.    The hardest part will be NO COMPUTER!!!  For over a week!!!  Massive internet withdrawal ahead.  And since our new home is way up yonder, I’m afraid I’ll have to go back to the  *gasp*    dreaded Dial-Up.  Anyway, it’s first on my list of Things-To-Do.

Ned’s going to come out a week later for a bit to help get things set up.  The cats are going to go with one of the pet transports that have the special vans and lots of personal attention.  The airlines are just a joke!

So, I’m going to be sitting in a house with a bunch of boxes and not much else.  lol  I’m packing my Melitta coffee kit in my suitcase.  And I’m never coming back here.  People here are surprised by that sentiment of mine.  Well, they can have it!  I’ve had more than enough of the “Keep Santa Cruz Weird” mentality.  It’s not weird, it’s oblivious.

 Here it is!  Huge pond (self percolating and stocked)  and 10 acres of land.


Plus, I found a wonderful place to get the furniture to keep it in the old farmhouse style.

We have some remodeling to do and a garage and recording studio to build but it’s ours!!

And it’s not in the People’s Republic of CA!

Since I’m less than 2 hours away from DC, I’ll be heading that way quite a bit – to visit at Walter Reed (the wounded soldiers here at Palo Alto VA Hospital are in good hands with Mary Kay) and any time the anti-war protesters show up.

I said goodbye to my recruiters last week – took all 5 out to lunch.  I’m sure going to miss all of them!  (But they promised to visit and I’m holding you all to that!)  They made sure I had their business cards so I could keep in touch.   Like I won’t be calling or anything…siwwy wabbits!  They are also in good hands with Mary Kay.  I’m hoping that she will be a guest blogger on here.  (Hear that, MK!)   She’s an amazing person who has a heart bigger than all outdoors and has done so much already for those who wear the uniform.  Her daughter is leaving in September for the Navy.  So we have another MilMom in our family.  And a pretty darn special one at that!

Well, time to go throw more things into boxes.

I’m never moving again.


July 22, 2007. Uncategorized.


  1. toni replied:

    Good luck with your travels. I’m jealous of your new place. It looks wonderful.

  2. SK replied:

    Good luck with everything! Next time I’m anywhere near you, I really will come for coffee;)

  3. autone replied:

    Have a safe drive and enjoy the cross country trip. Looking forward to your posts when you get set up.

    Bon Voyage!


  4. Tom replied:

    Life happens and leaving the self-appointed we-are-the-people folks behind is the best thing one can do. And yes, your new home looks great. No doubt, it’s a place where life is worth being lived!

    By the way, I’m out of town for a while. However, I’ll be back as soon as possible.

    Keep rolling! 😀

  5. Flag Gazer replied:

    So very happy for you!!
    Travel safe!
    Good Adventures!
    Let us know when you arrive safely!
    God Bless!

  6. Flag Gazer replied:

    PS – Sooo beautiful!

  7. yankeemom2 replied:

    Thanks for all the kind wishes!
    Feel free to drop on by and set a spell when you’re in the neighborhood.
    I’ll have the coffee pot on ~

  8. Donna, Los Osos, CA replied:

    I take cream girlfriend!!

  9. Flag Gazer replied:

    Don’t think I won’t!!!
    One day I’ll be knocking on your door!!

  10. didyouseethis replied:

    Safe journey. As for the internet withdrawl…

  11. Chevy Rose replied:

    Oh the place looks wonderful. We closed our plumbing business down in Sept. and are now retired.
    Have a safe trip across country.

  12. cavmom replied:

    I finally switched my blogroll link to this site. (I know… I am so sloooooow)

    Best of luck in your new home. It is beautiful! If you ever look out the window and see an odd couple out fishing, don’t shoot. It will be me and my hubby. 🙂

  13. yankeemom2 replied:

    You all better come out and visit! Sweet tea in the fridge and hush puppies on the table.

    And Congress critters to enlighten! heh!

  14. Laurie replied:

    Your new home looks beautiful! Look forward to hearing all about your new adventures in a new place.

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