Eastward Ho!!

The dogs and I are leaving at half past way-too-early.  Let’s hope for not too much thunder and lightning – the dogs get scared. lol

So I’ll see you on the other side of our GRAND ADVENTURE!

Got my camera packed.

ADIOS!!!  It’s been rea…well, it’s been something.


July 26, 2007. Uncategorized.


  1. Flag Gazer replied:

    A new adventure!!!
    Safe trip and happiness!

  2. Claire replied:

    Have a great trip! Be safe and I look forward to seeing your pictures!

  3. cavmom replied:

    I will go thru withdrawls waiting for you to get the internet back up.

    Be safe, you are in our prayers!

  4. didyouseethis replied:

    Yankeemom’s on the road! Safe journey and definitely take lots of pictures 🙂

  5. Laura replied:

    Enjoy the beauty as you drive thru our beautiful contry…will be fun to see your trip.
    Safe Travels.

  6. Chris Muir replied:

    Ah, here you are!

  7. brat replied:

    I miss you already!!!

    Prayers going out from here..

  8. cavmom replied:

    I stopped in to see if you have unpacked your computer yet!

  9. Donna, Los Osos, CA replied:

    Me too CavMom! August 2nd 9:25PM. Is it soup yet YankeeMom!! We miss you!

  10. wordsmith replied:

    Happy Trails and Safe Journey!

  11. f mcdonald replied:


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