One American’s Thank You

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Wednesday Hero

This Weeks Post Was Suggested By Randy Thorsvig Ken LeonardKen Leonard (On The Right)
From High Point, North Carolina

Every once in a while you run across one of those “feel good stories”. Those stories that show us just what a person can do when they really want it bad enough. And Ken Leonard has one of those stories.


In 2005, Ken Leonard left his job as a police officer in High Point, North Carolina to go to Iraq to work with a private security firm. In December of that year, Ken, along with five other men in his vehicle and six others in the vehicle behind him, was hit by a roadside bomb outside of Baghdad. “After the bomb went off, I knew exactly what had happened,” Leonard recalled. “My feet got jarred, so I knew they were hit.” While others in his vehicle were injured, he had received the worst of it. He had lost both his feet.


The vehicle behind them pushed Leonard’s to a safer area. But flames were coming out of the air conditioning vents and they had to get out. Leonard crawled from the car and fell to the pavement. “That’s when I saw my feet,” he said. “I could tell they were gone. They were still attached, but they were shredded.”


On July 19, 2007, Ken Leonard went back to North Carolina to get his job back with the police force. To do that he needed to pass the Police Officers Physical Abilities Test, which, among other things, consisted of a 200-yard run to be finished in under 7 minutes, 20 seconds. And he did just that with 24 seconds to spare.


“Somebody told me one time they said, ‘You know, what you’ve lost is just bone and muscle. You’ve still got heart, and you’ve still got, you know, what’s up here,'” Leonard said, pointing to his head.


These brave men and women sacrifice so much in their lives so that others may enjoy the freedoms we get to enjoy everyday. For that, I am proud to call them Hero.

We Should Not Only Mourn These Men And Women Who Died,

We Should Also Thank God That Such People Lived


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Not Enough Time

I want to apologize to all my bloggers that I like to visit on a regular basis for not visiting lately. I just haven’t had time to sit at my computer and read you all.

I feel like I’m missing so much! lol

Moving into an old house takes a lot of time…

Plus, I’ve been working on the stuff for the remodeling of my blog too.

So, keep me in mind – I’m still here and will be over at your places as often as I can.

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An Important Quiz

Kyle-Anne Shiver, over at American Thinker has a must read column, especially with the upcoming report from General in September and ANSWER, et al, rallying their anti-war protesters to descend on DC to create havoc.

Here’s an excerpt:

This is a very contagious, quickly spreading, society-fatal virus, known as TNSTAAL (There’s No Such Thing As a Lie), and it is vital that every American be prepared with the antidote serum: the truth. Not to worry though; the serum is extremely potent. You don’t even need “the whole truth” and “nothing but the truth,” because even a little of the “truth” will help you defeat this virus, and it is easily available and pretty darned cheap. Just being aware of the virus every time you see the news on television or read a newspaper, gets you halfway to the cure.

To help you get started, I have devised this “Citizen’s Quiz,” and have even provided the answers, and a few clues to help you find more of the antidote “truth serum.”

Read it now and see how much “antidote” you may need.

March 17, 2007    (from ANSWER’s Site)





Gathering of Eagles 


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One Hundred and Forty Three Years Ago

1864 Presidential Campaign

By 1864, the Country had grown weary of the long and bloody Civil War. Hundreds of thousands of the countries’ best and bravest young men had fallen on the fields of Bull Run, Antietam, Shiloh, and countless more. Many began to think that the war was not worth it, and the price of freedom too great. The Republican Presidential Candidate Abraham Lincoln thought no price was too great for the abolition of slavery and the creation of a society in which a man was not judged by the color of his skin. Unfortunately, after four long years of war, Lincoln’s support was dropping fast, and people were looking for a way out of the war.

With this backdrop, the Democratic Party chose General George McClellan to be their Presidential Candidate at the Chicago National Convention in 1864. The Democratic Party Platform presented a plan of “Compromise with the South”, which became known as “The Chicago Platform”. While on its surface the Chicago Platform was seductive in that it promised an immediate cessation of hostilities, and a restoration of the union. What was unsaid in the platform, but clearly implied, was that the “compromise” would be to agree to make permanent the institution of slavery in exchange for an end to the Civil War and restoration of the Union.  In other words, the Democratic party was ready to “Sell Out” the enslaved, in order to stop further loss of white lives. This is reflected in McClellan’s acceptance speech, where he stated:

The reestablishment of the Union, in all its integrity, is and must continue to be the indispensable condition in any settlement.

If reestablishment of the union was the only “condition” that was “indispensable”, then clearly the issue of abolition of slavery was dispensable, and the possibility of Slavery being permanently institutionalized in our country was on the negotiation table. Thomas Nast exposed the hypocrisy of the Democratic Platform with his stunning illustration entitled “The Chicago Platform”, which is shown above. In this illustration, Nast wrote out the “words” of the democratic platform, and wrapped the words around dramatic illustrations indicating what the words really meant.  In effect, Nast “decoded” the words of the platform in his illustration, to clearly communicate what the Democrats stood for . . . continuation of the institution of slavery in exchange for an end to the war.

Nast’s Illustration then points out that the “Rights of the States Unimpaired” was a nice way of saying, “States may Continue to practice Slavery, with all its associated brutality, unencumbered by the Federal Government”.  The illustration shows a slave auction.  At the slave auction, a black family is being sold.  The Mother is being sold separately from the child and Husband.  Clearly, the family was being split apart and sold separately.  In the second image, a black man is shown tied to a tree and being brutally beaten by two men with whips. Other slaves are forced to watch the brutality, I suppose as a warning to them.  All this was accepted practice in the United States of the 1850’s and 1860’s.  The Democratic Platform of 1864 was strongly supporting continuing this practice as “Business as Usual”.

To read the rest and see Nast’s illustration, go Son of The South. Notice any similarities to today?

Ah yes, the Party of Compassion, indeed.

(h/t to  Win The War)

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What To Do About The Media

Prime example of what we’ve been up against for longer than I care to think about:

CJ has a post up about the 7 Soldiers’ editorial published in the NYT; Veterans For Freedom’s response which was not published in the the NYT – anyway, go now and read his post if you haven’t already. (I’m a bit behind in blog reading. So much to do and not enough time in a day lately.)

Honesty in Media?

Okay. Now read this:

READ. It. Now. And read Who our real enemies are…

I’m going to buy the book tomorrow when I go to town before one of my adopted “sons” comes to visit. I’ve written about him before ~ he’s with the Old Guard and is on casket duty. His missions are to respectfully bring his brothers or sisters home to their final resting place in Arlington. He’s all of 20. He has more respect and dignity in his shoelace than the goddamn media traitors have in their whole species.

Now that I’m thoroughly disgusted ~ again ~ and I hope you are too, (If not, go away. I don’t like your kind.) read here and do something to support this. This country has it’s head so far up where the sun don’t shine, it hasn’t seen daylight in what, 35 years or so and it’s killing our Soldiers and Marines. It’s up to those of us who are thoroughly disgusted to keep fighting the fight. The Government isn’t going to protect our troops, the media isn’t even in that room, we have looneybin military mothers doing everything in their power to spread the lies and help the enemy, within and without, and vets that have turned against their brothers for a few minutes of dhimmi media fame.

So are you going to sit there and let our troops ~ our children ~ be slandered?

No need to – you now have a way to get active. Support the Truth! Support the Tottens and Yons and all the others courageous enough to put their lives on the line so the Truth will be told.

It’s going to get uglier as the Surge continues to be successful. The politicians (on both sides of the aisle) are already doing their smoke and mirror bit by directing (and certainly not without design) your focus on Maliki and all the “faults” of the new Iraqi government and anything else they can put out there to keep you from hearing the good news. The MSM is more than willing to aid and abet the politiking politicians.

I’m with Wolf – I’m getting more raspy and angry by the day. Which is why I’m going to be in DC in September and support the independent embeds.

That March of Uppity MilMoms on Capital Hill that I’ve been thinking about (see comments here) might be a good thing to have happen in October ~ who’s available???

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Country Livin’

I must say I was extremely spoiled living not far from Silicon Valley ~ great internet connection and cell towers everywhere.

Up here in the hills it is a bit of a different story.  Satellite internet, which seems to be a rather sensitive beastie and no cell, unless you go way, way up the hill in back.  Not something one wants to do at night as there are large critters in them thar hills.   A black bear has been sighted and we heard the cry of two bobcats on more than one occasion.  I figure if there are two that means babies.  Do not mess with the babies.

Plus, the phone wiring in this old house seems to be in need of some TLC – I’m waiting for someone to come out – again.   I called the Verizon people  to relay my problem and the woman I spoke with kept saying “I can’t hear you”.  “Can you hear me now?” “Not very well”.  “That’s my problem!”

My fax machine almost had a nervous breakdown trying to send 3 pages last night, poor lil thing.

I hadn’t realized how much all this tech stuff had become a part of my life.  I could easily be rid of everything but my computer ~ give up the internet??  Not in this lifetime, I dare say!

I spend my breaks from emptying boxes and sorting our things (so much stuff!) sitting on the porch in one of our Cracker Barrel rocking chairs (of course), watching the fish jump, the mud turtle swim around and the family of Cardinals that seem to love our Willow trees.   The quiet refreshes and the green everywhere is healing after the brown tourist-laden summers of CA.

Now, going into town is a treat, as it happens just once in awhile.  The busy-ness of CA is fading away.  And the negativity.  Having been in CA for so long with people who seem to be pissed about everything, it’s a wonder to be with folks who seem happy and have an appreciation for what they have.  I’ve found that true in many of the mountain communities I’ve lived in.  But what makes this even more special is the love of America most people here seem to have.  They are downright patriotic.  I guess that they didn’t get the memo that patriotism is out of fashion and foolish.  Maybe their internet was being sensitive that day.  Or more likely, they just don’t buy it.

Now, the only flies in the ointment are our two Senators – Senator Warner (R) and Senator Webb (D).



In many meetings with Iraqi political leaders, of all different backgrounds, we told them of the deep impatience of the American people and the Congress with the lack of political progress, impressed upon them that time has run out in that regard, and told them of the urgent need to make the essential compromises. In all of our meetings we witnessed a great deal of apprehension regarding the capabilities of the current Iraqi government to shed its sectarian biases and act in a unifying manner.

We believe that the recent high-level meetings among Iraqi political leaders could be the last chance for this government to solve the Iraqi political crisis, and should it fail, we believe, the Iraqi Council of Representatives and the Iraqi people need to judge the Government of Iraq’s record and determine what actions should be taken — consistent with the Iraqi Constitution — to form a true unity government to meet those responsibilities.

Another brass ring for the enemy.  All they have to do is wait for the papertiger America to lose it’s patience and retreat.   Watch the children die!

In Oct 2006 Washington Post:

Warner Downbeat After Iraq Trip

Echoing the sentiments of several leading Democrats on his committee, Warner said he believes the United States may have to reevaluate its approach in Iraq if the situation does not improve dramatically over the next several months.

“I assure you, in two or three months, if this thing hasn’t come to fruition and if this level of violence is not under control and this government able to function, I think it’s a responsibility of our government internally to determine: Is there a change of course that we should take?” Warner said. “And I wouldn’t take off the table any option at this time.”

Can we say ‘RINO’??  And he was off to such a good start in his earlier career.

Another interesting article from the Washington Post in Jan. 2007

Vietnam Shades Warner’s Iraq Stand ~ Silent then, Senator won’t be this time

Ah yes, Vietnam – so similar to… well, not Iraq.  Except for the dhimmis’ defeatist part.

Shouldn’t there be a retirement age for our elected officials?  What? Actively seated politicians turn 75 and lose their marbles and start talking like dhimmis?

Found on Sen. Webbs site:

Patriots Who Love the Troops to Death

NYT and complete bashing of the Administration with all the dhimmis’ talking points included with a reference to Nixon.  Vietnam War again, anyone?

So, basically, supporting the troops and their mission is killing our soldiers.  Not “journalism” like this or politicians playing power grabs with our troops lives and emboldening the terrorists.  Oh no.  Not that! *snort*

Oh, we are so in trouble with this Congress…

I really dislike politicians and “journalists” more and more each day.  In conversations with people here, most often I have heard the statement that the politicians need to get out of the war and let the commanders do their job and the media is most often spoken about with contempt.  Hooah!

It appears that I do not live in the dhimmi liberal (but then I repeat myself) part of VA.   Thank god!

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A Lifetime of History

Frank Buckles ~ WWI Veteran


Last month (April 2007) marked the 90th anniversary of when America entered the Great War. President Woodrow Wilson called it the war to end all wars.
More than 4 million Americans were mobilized for World War One.
Only four remain.
One of them is 106-year-old Frank Buckles of Jefferson County.
As we head into Memorial Day weekend, Cecelia Mason talks to Buckles about his memories of two wars, his life today, and his gratitude.
This story aired May 24, 2007, on the program “Outlook.” Cecelia Mason is the producer.

Part 1

Part 2


Veterans History Project audio and video

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Wednesday Hero

This Weeks Post Was Suggested By Kasee

SSgt. John Self
Click Image For Full SizeSSgt. John T. Self
29 years old from Pontotoc, Mississippi
314th Security Forces Squadron
May 14, 2007

A kindhearted patriot. That’s how SSgt. John Self was described by those who knew him. “John was a good boy, a good boy who loved his country and who loved Christ and for that he’ll move on to a better place,” said Laron Self, Sgt. Self’s grandfather, fighting back tears.

SSgt. Self was killed, and three other airmen wounded, when an IED hit the Humvee they were traveling in while on his 79th patrol in Baghdad, Iraq. “John volunteered for this deployment while he was deployed to (Southwest Asia),” said Chief Master Sgt. Keith Morris, 314th SFS security forces manager. “We discussed this deployment via e-mail. He said he made his decision to deploy again to gain experience.”

“He could always find the humor in anything regardless of the situation,” said Senior Airman Daniel Hunsperger, a member of Self’s fire team. “He believed in everything he did. This was obvious to us after learning he had only spent two weeks home between his last deployment and volunteering for this one.”

On May 23, SSgt. Self was laid to rest with a crowd of hundreds to pay their respects. People lined both sides of the highway for more than 5 miles waving flags as the hundred-car procession traveled to the burial. Shouts of, “We love you John,” and “Thank you, John, could be heard as the train of cars passed by. “That’s a hero,” Susan Chambers, one of the many mourners, said to her son as she pointed at Self’s casket.

These brave men and women sacrifice so much in their lives so that others may enjoy the freedoms we get to enjoy everyday. For that, I am proud to call them Hero.

We Should Not Only Mourn These Men And Women Who Died,

We Should Also Thank God That Such People Lived

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Why I do this every week:

(h/t to The Rott)

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Thank you, Mr. Parks!!


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