Hey Everybody!!

We’re here and I’ll have stories to tell and photos to show. How about that ~ Show & Tell!

Thanks for checking in with me! Appreciate it!

Our new VA home is sooooo wonderful!!

We’re having a bit of a challenge getting hooked up to a phone line and the cell doesn’t work very well at all up on our hill. I’m at the library right now using their computer. Hopefully we will be connected within the week. My withdrawal started to seriously kick in 3 days ago.

And our new VA home is sooooo wonderful!!

Actually, I have to say it’s been kind of nice to just sit on our porch and watch the goings on around the pond and not know what the congress has been doing for over a week. I’m also reading “1776” by David McCullough and gearing up for September in DC with the Eagles.

Did I mention that our new VA home is sooooo Wonderful?!

Greg’s working on my usual blog and it’s going to have a whole new coat of paint and some new furniture, just like my new VA home.

Hey, I no longer live in Code Pink Land ~ just can’t stop smiling over that!

I’ll be back asap. Hugs!


August 11, 2007. Uncategorized.


  1. Donna, Los Osos, CA replied:

    HI!!! HI!!!

    So glad you’re home. I’m still here in CodePink land. Keep me in your prayers!! I am so happy for you.Can’t wait to see the pics! I just finished Lone Survivor a couple of days ago. I don’t know if I will every get that story out of my mind. I don’t think I want to either.

    Welcome home!!

  2. Leta replied:

    Whew!!! Happy to know that you all arrived safe and sound. Looking forward to lots of posts and photos of the new home. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ~ a slice of tranquility.

    See you in DC for the GOE!!!!

  3. Flag Gazer replied:

    Looking froward to the show and tell!!!

  4. autone replied:

    Happy you’ve landed. Looking forward to your posts.

  5. cavmom replied:

    You know you have been missed something fierce! We are so happy that you are settling into your new home far away from the crazy pink ladies!

  6. f mcdonald replied:

    Welcome to Virginia! The photo of the pond and the island is beautiful.

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