You Need to Know About This

 Go to Error Theory and read the post on the United 93 Memorial.

Just got back from my trip to Somerset PA, where I confronted the annual meeting of the Flight 93 Memorial Project by continuing to expose the many Islamic and terrorist memorializing features in the chosen memorial design. Several important developments.

The Design ~

Read the whole post.  The Gathering of Eagles are discussing this in the forums too.

They have the link to Flopping Aces who is on it and writes of Tom Burnett’s Dad who wants his son‘s name taken off the memorial.  I don’t blame him ~ Mecca, for god’s sake…!

(Go here to read about the Tom Burnett Family Foundation.   You can read about Deena Burnett’s book, Fighting Back: Living Life Beyond ourselves here.)

I knew that the memorial bigwigs were considering having the names of the terrorist scum on the glass but I thought they had decided against it.  I apparently was way wrong.

Makes me sick to think about the insidious tolerance creeping into our society for the evil that is attacking our country.



August 15, 2007. terrorist.


  1. toni replied:

    I read about this and it makes me sick. What is wrong with these people? I just don’t understand why they think there’s nothing wrong with this design.

  2. yankeemom2 replied:

    Toni ~ it’s the virus that is PC BS taking over this country. Between the nonsense at Ground Zero with the proposed museum of all the purported nasty things the US has ever done and the opposition to honoring a Fallen Warrior with a statue of him because he’s holding his *gasp* rifle…people are just not thinking things through much anymore. Nevermind the fact that our kids aren’t learning the actual history of this country anymore in school but some revised version showing the US in the worst possible light.

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