Heads And Emails Up!

Flag Gazer (a true to the heart troop supporter) sent me an email notifying me that Jim at Thinking Right is collecting emails for some of our Marines.  He wants to make sure that every Marine gets a letter from home.  Now you all who have been reading this blog for awhile know how I feel about our guys and gals who don’t get their names called at mail call ~ I can’t stand it!  So get to your email and let these Marines know how much you support them and care about what they’re doing for ya all.  It’s a zillion degrees over there and they have to wear a lot of gear – it’s not fun.  So please help brighten up their hot and sandy day.  Thanks!

From Jim:

I’m working with the 1st Battalion 1st Marine Regiment to get every one of their soldiers a letter of support from home. This is where you, my readers, come in to the picture; I need you to write these men and women, and then spread the word about the project to everyone you can. We need about 1000 emails in order to get one to every Marine. Please put letters from home in the subject line. Update: The address I’ve set up for project Letters From Home is letters@thinking-right.com

Spread the word too!  ;o)


August 16, 2007. military, Troop Support.

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