The Rot from the Underbelly

I sit here in my little piece of paradise, feeling so blessed to be able to do so in freedom and peace, and after not having the world’s woes and anger in my line of sight being without TV, the internet or newspapers for the past 2 weeks, thinking about being able to own our own home with 10 acres of beautiful land attached surrounded by so much of this country’s history preserved for all to share.

And after living in code pink land for so long, I feel as if I have come back to America. There are so many flags flying on houses around here and so many vehicles with a sticker of a branch of the military on the window or bumper. Having a daughter in the Army does not make me a pariah here. I’m surrounded by military family. It’s an instant link, a knowing look, a hug with someone I just met.

WE know we are at war ~ and we know the cost. Politicians can talk about the billions of dollars spent as the years go by, they can talk of all the mistakes made, they can switch horses in midstream as it suits their political advantage. But we know the real cost. Our cemeteries are filled with those who paid the ultimate price so my family can have a piece of paradise and live here in safety and freedom. Our cities and towns are home to a whole generation of men and women who know first hand the the cost of freedom.

I was talking to a soldier that I adopted during his first tour in Iraq and who is getting ready to go back. He has frustrations and worries about his family and for this country. He sees what the politicians say and do, he hears what people around him say, he sees the protesters who have not one clue of what they’re really protesting about.

I’ve been thinking about the plight of this country myself. For awhile there, I was so disheartened with the thought that we had lost the spirit of this country’s founders. That all the PC BS and creeping socialism had taken over like a bad weed in a garden left without attention.

Then I thought about all the soldiers I have talked to ~ mostly in their 20’s. I never cease to be amazed at the wisdom and integrity I hear in our conversations. So I told this young soldier that I had great hope for this country because there are hundreds of thousands of young people gone to war and experienced what most of our politicians never will. We have a generation of citizens who have seen what can happen when you don’t tend your garden and so many are not happy about it at all. Now a lot of these young people are going to come home and transition back into civilian society with all their hard won experiences and I really believe they will not sit quietly. After all, these are the sheepdogs, volunteer protectors of your freedom and mine. They are action oriented and perserverent and smart. They will make changes in whatever endeavor they pursue. And I can only think it will be for the best. These are the young people holding wounded Iraqi and Afghanistan children in their arms, collecting shoes and clothing for children who no longer have parents, building relationships with the parents of the children, building hospitals and schools, not just because it’s their “duty” but because that’s how they are. Sure they wish they were home with their families and friends. Sure they wish they weren’t getting shot at. Sure they wish they weren’t there. But that doesn’t stop them from doing all they can where they are ~ making a better place out of a long neglected garden.

Yes, I have great hope for this country. And I truly believe that those who are working so hard to tear her down are in for a big surprise in the coming years. This country is waking up from it’s peacetime slumber and will not go quietly into the new day.

(h/t The Loyal Eagles)


August 17, 2007. military, War.


  1. cavmom replied:

    It is a breath of fresh air having you back posting!

    This is a great country. I do not doubt that the young men and women, in the service of our country, will continue to make this country great. Many will step away from their service only to step into the general population as leaders!

    They will join forces as our policemen, our teachers, our executives, and our Senators.

    They are already showing the world that they can lead with courage and conviction!

  2. yankeemom2 replied:

    Exactly, cavmom!! And that’s just one more reason why we must support them in any way possible when they do come home.

  3. Yankeemom replied:

    […] have posted before on the hope I have for this country.  I see it in the actions and bearing of our present […]

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