Catching Up On Our Traitors II

Nancy Pelosi ~ First woman Speaker of the House. Just goes to show how badly screwed up our Congress is these days.

Latest press release on Iraq from the Traitor in the House:

Pelosi: September Report on Iraq Must Provide Candid Assessment

August 16, 2007

Washington, D.C. – Speaker Nancy Pelosi released the following statement today after news organizations reported that the Bush Administration will seek to limit involvement by General David H. Petraeus in the September progress report on the war in Iraq:

“For a long time the Administration has hidden behind the name of General David Petraeus, saying the September report will be his. We all knew this would be the President’s report. It is now clear that the White House will seek to limit involvement by General Petraeus in reporting to the Congress and to the American people next month.

“We must remember that the purpose of the surge was to create a secure environment in which political change could occur. Whether or not some limited military success has occurred, it is clear that the Iraqi leaders have failed to make political progress. (emphasis mine)

“The question for September is: ‘Why should our troops risk their lives in a civil war when the Iraqi government refuses to take the political steps necessary to end the sectarian violence?’ We must have a candid assessment of the ongoing situation in Iraq and it is increasingly unclear whether the September report will provide that.”

“I won’t believe! I won’t believe!!” hands over ears, singing LaLaLa.

“This is a war that each passing day confirms what I have said before and I will say again. This war in Iraq is a grotesque mistake; it is not making America safer,
and the American people know it.”
(emphasis mine)
– Speaker Nancy Pelosi

There ya go again, Nancy, speaking for this American who is in complete disagreement with almost everything you do. Stop it!

Nancy and Friends:

Such “hypocracy”appreciation” our troops do not need….

“We must end this war!” That’s what I thought our troops were doing. Or would you rather have it fought in your front yard, Preacherman.

Do the right thing and bring our troops home.” Have you asked any of the boots on the ground how they feel about surrender?? And what pretty words are you going to say when we watch on the evening news, all those innocent children getting blown up or worse after we bring the troops home and the terrorists seek vengeance on the Iraqi people?

The 9/11 Study also recommended the surge. Funny how that’s never mentioned.

You can watch the original speech here.


Out of Iraq Caucus

(h/t to Suzy Rice for photo)

Of course, these people are all mad at her now because she hasn’t done exactly what they demanded.

And then there’s The Most Ethical Congress – yeah, right!


August 19, 2007. Iraq, Politics, Videos.

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