An Important Quiz

Kyle-Anne Shiver, over at American Thinker has a must read column, especially with the upcoming report from General in September and ANSWER, et al, rallying their anti-war protesters to descend on DC to create havoc.

Here’s an excerpt:

This is a very contagious, quickly spreading, society-fatal virus, known as TNSTAAL (There’s No Such Thing As a Lie), and it is vital that every American be prepared with the antidote serum: the truth. Not to worry though; the serum is extremely potent. You don’t even need “the whole truth” and “nothing but the truth,” because even a little of the “truth” will help you defeat this virus, and it is easily available and pretty darned cheap. Just being aware of the virus every time you see the news on television or read a newspaper, gets you halfway to the cure.

To help you get started, I have devised this “Citizen’s Quiz,” and have even provided the answers, and a few clues to help you find more of the antidote “truth serum.”

Read it now and see how much “antidote” you may need.

March 17, 2007    (from ANSWER’s Site)





Gathering of Eagles 



August 27, 2007. Anti-Military.

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