Wednesday Hero Anniversary

I’m a day late as it was actually yesterday. It has been a year of honoring Heroes and the tears and smiles that go with getting to know that week’s Wednesday Hero. I have loved doing it!

When some ignorant Santa Cruzian “anti-war” peacenik would get in my face about our soldiers, I would think back to the Hero’s face I had posted that week and the remarkable story that went with that face. And I smile ~ and realize how little the person ranting at me really knew about it all. (Well, those were the times I kept my calm.)

Indian Chris does a wondrous job of getting the posts all set up so all we have to do is copy and paste. It’s always quite a moment to watch the HTML code turn into a person. It’s a double-edged sword as most of the Wednesday Heroes have made the ultimate sacrifice. I sit in awe with tears running down my cheeks as the words of his or her story unfold before me on my editor.

If you want to know how all this started, please head over to Indian Chris’s site for his story.

One of the Wednesday Hero bloggers, Kathi, has put together a video: (I’m having trouble embedding certain videos these days…)  You can see it over at Indian Chris’s:

Wednesday Hero

(tissues required, unless you’re a stone)

Thank you, Chris, for letting me be a part of this wonderful project.

And thank you, Kathi, for the beautiful video.


September 2, 2007. Wednesday Hero.

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