Enough ~

I’ve had more than enough.

Have you?

If you can’t make it to DC to stand with GOE, there’s a way you can participate. One of the members, Freewheeler, has created a Victory magnet as a way to show your support and also raise money for GOE. It takes a lot of money to counterprotest the America-hating ANSWER et al, crowd and we don’t have a George Soros to fund us as they do. (Not that we’d want to ~ god forbid)

I have had designed and produced (made in the USA) a new car magnet that I believe reflects the correct message that we want on the back of our cars. It is a result of seeing the image on the home page of Vets for Victory, with the Soldier, or Marine, if you will , with his hand over his head and showing the V for victory sign. I belive that this could be used to spead the message to Support Victory and used as a fundraising item for all of the State chapters as well. You can see what they look like if you visit this link. If someone wants to do fundraising for GOE I will send any amount to them for 2.00 each. that includes postage. The catch is you need to donate an equal amont to GOE or your State GOE. Otherwise I will sell them to you for the price listed on the weblink and you can do what you wish, and I will send the amount over cost to the Texas GOE. I am just trying to help raise some money for either state or national GOE the best way I know how. There have been several Eagles who have gotten these already and I hope that they will comment on the quality and appearence of these magnets. Lets see how many of these we can get out there in the next 30 days. I am sure the moonbats will go nuts when they see that their stinking peace sign has been reclaimed to it rightful use. V for victory!!


For ordering information, or if you have any
questions, please email us at

Freewheeler has decals also.

I ordered a bunch to send to friends and family and thought I’d also pack one in my care packages for my soldiers just so they know we here at home do support them and their mission.

(I don’t know who to credit for this graphic.  If you do, please let me know.)



September 3, 2007. America, Troop Support.


  1. cavmom replied:

    Makes you want to cry… (or beat some sense into people)

    The sign which read “I’m so bored with Iraq” was a slap in the face.

    But, on the plus side… They have stirred me to the point where I am no longer quiet about my feelings.

    Should I thank them for encouraging me to write endless letters to our leaders in Washington?

    Should we also thank them for encouraging endless individuals to go to the polls to vote against their ignorance?

  2. yankeemom2 replied:

    CAvMom ~ I too reacted to that sign and not very nicely! What was even more disturbing that it shows such a self-centered perspective, which runs rampant in these groups. It’s all about them and they seem incapable of moving outside of their little everything revolves around ME world.
    You can thank them ~ it would be fun to see their eyes glaze over in total incomprehension of what you mean. lol!

  3. cavmom replied:

    I’ll talk slow and use pictures so that they can better grasp my meaning!

  4. Laura replied:

    After watching this video I’m sick to my stomach….it’s too bad we have such ignorat people here. And yet our boys and gals are in uniform so that those ‘nut cases’ can have the freedom to express themselves. I think the one picture that bothered me the most was the dragging of our flag…hey if they don’t like being American or living in a FREE country we can ship them on a one way ticket somewhere else, and yesterday is too soon for me!
    Military Mom

  5. yankeemom2 replied:

    LOL ~ CavMom.

    Laura ~ it is a hard video to watch. So many disrespectful and uninformed “statements”. But apparently, it makes them feel better about themselves to trash their country and it’s defenders. So many angry and ignorant folk.

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