Take Action II


Artillery and Close-Air Support For Task Force Eagle

By Kit LangeWell, after much effort, the day is nearly here. Our collective voices will be raised not only in the streets, but in the halls of Congress. Task Force Eagle will rally in Upper Senate Park on 10 September. We will be urging Congress to support our troops in the field. We cannot do this alone. Please access the Letter to Congress, remove Member of Congress from the address line, replace it with your representative’s name, affix your name, address, and email and then fax it over to your representative’s Washington, DC office.

We are under no delusions that they will bother to read these letters; at least not more than once, but they will count them. Remember the Immigration Debate. Faxes, phone calls and emails overwhelmed the Congressional phone lines. We can do that with this issue too. This is one of those times where you must not say to yourself, “My voice won’t matter. Congress doesn’t listen.” The only thing politicians respond to are numbers. You must be those numbers. We will be the proverbial infantry caught in the open, and will rely on you to support our offensive. If you do not have the ability to fax the letter, then please call and email the Washington, DC office of your representative to tell them you support victory and nothing less. Remember to identify yourself as an Eagle, give your name, and above all else, be polite. That’s it. Now is the call to arms. We’ve all ranted and raved about the treatment our men and women in uniform have received. We have all vowed that never again would it happen. This is the chance to make good on that vow. If we do not get support the effort will not have the effect it should. This is the chance to support our brave warriors and BUY THEM THE TIME TO WIN. They are counting on us. If we do not assure Congress that the majority of Americans support victory, they will knuckle under to the communists forces we counter in the streets. I, for one, am not prepared to let that happen. I will do my part and tirelessly present our argument. I am counting on you all to do just this one thing. Manchu

Chris Hill

Gathering of Eagles
National Director for Operations
http://www.gatheringofeagles.org/NOTE: The text of the letter is provided below. To download it in .doc format (Open with Microsoft Word), click here. Please insert the name of YOUR Senator or congressman at the top of the letter. Or, simply highlight, copy and paste the text below into the text editor of your choice.

Dear Member of Congress:
I support the mission in Iraq, the war on terror, and our brave troops!

We are making progress on the ground in Iraq. The violence is being quelled, and our efforts to train Iraqi security forces are succeeding. Withdrawing our troops now would leave Iraq without the security it needs to make political progress and to engender economic development. Withdrawing now would signal concession to al Qaeda in Iraq and our enemies around the world. If the United States has any hope to win the broader war on terrorism, it must finish the job in Iraq.

Withdrawal would lead to Iranian expansionism, the creation of an al Qaeda base in Iraq and, even more significantly, the intimidation of moderate forces throughout the region and a diminution of confidence in the credibility and strength of the United States of America. American troops must remain in Iraq in the country until al Qaeda -linked terrorists are eradicated. If we retreat, we cede Iraq to Al-Qaeda , Iran, and Syria, and we abandon our moderate Muslim allies. If, on the other hand, we allow the new strategy to work, we will have a chance at success.

Gen. Douglas MacArthur once said that a country that fails to prosecute war as aggressively as possible is guilty of grave sin. How true! Only in that way can the Iraq war be brought to its swiftest conclusion. A nineteenth-century French political philosopher, Frederic Bastiat, pointed out that all creation is divided into things seen and things unseen. What is seen in this instance is the lives, American and Iraqi that are being lost in Iraq. What is unseen is the tens of thousands of lives that will be lost in the bloodbath that will follow a precipitate US withdrawal from that country. What is also unseen is the increase in the vulnerability of this nation engendered by an Islamist victory in Iraq.

We MUST prevail in Iraq! Anything less will be an unmitigated disaster for the United States and for western civilization.
Now is the time to UNITE FOR VICTORY!

Name: _____________________________
Address: ___________________________
Email: _____________________________


 Sign the petition to support VICTORY!

UPDATED INFORMATION FOR TASK FORCE EAGLE AND OPERATION EAGLE JUSTICE! Find out where to go and what’s going on for the 9/10 and 9/15 events! CLICK HERE.


September 9, 2007. Troop Support.

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