Moderate Muslims?

This just occurred in New York just 2 days before 9/11. Can we say sell-out???

From DanNY at GOE:

‘Muslim Day Parade’ on Madison Avenue

Atlas Shrugs Pamela manages to fill her blog with excellent photos and video. The sharp eyed reader may even catch a glimpse of Charles W. ourGOE Northeast Coordinator!

Definitely watch Pamela’s video!!

Urban Infidel UI starts off with her usual excellent photographs and commentary. Her effort is hampered by internet issues at the moment but I am sure the rest of her pics and video will be online shortly.

Driss-a-Blog Shira writes a cogent and insightful report on her experiences today observing the parade and the counter protests. I look forward to reading more of her reports in the future.

One little ditty being chanted by fully covered ladies:
We are the Muslims
Mighty, mighty Muslims
We are the Muslims
Might, mighty Muslims
Wherever we may go
People want to know who we are… (repeat)Gateway Pundit has some pictures and commentary from Rocco DiPippo who was there.

Full commented picture set from Pamela is here. Check out the latest t-shirt craze “Muslim – Total Submission!” here.


Slavery, submission under pain of death, Jihad, beheadings, wife beating, honor killings, using our jets as weapons against us, using women and children as human shields as well as homicide bombs, torturing our soldiers in an unspeakable manner (and it wasn’t waterboarding), anti-semitism, sharia law, the Caliphate, liars, killers of Christians, Buddhists,etc. homosexuals and their own people.

I Will Not Submit.

Not Now.

Not Ever.




September 10, 2007. terrorist, War.


  1. cavmom replied:

    Timing is every thing. 😦 This no coincidence that they chose this particular weekend.

  2. yankeemom2 replied:

    That was my first thought too, cavmom ~ we bend over any farther and we might as well kiss our a$$ goodbye…well, not me!

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