Shame and Disgust ~

I watched the CSPAN airing of General Petraeus and Ambassador Crocker’s  hearings on Monday and Tuesday.  I have to say with heartfelt sincerity that I have never been more disgusted or ashamed of our Congress as I was watching the dhimmis harrass and all but call General Petraeus a liar.  Nevermind the bungling of the microphone set up and the disturbances by Code Pink, etal.

I also have never been more impressed by two gentlemen than I was by General Petraeus and Ambassador Crocker.  They sat there with poisoned arrows coming at them over and over again and never once flinched.    Or were hit.  In fact, I would say that by their very bearing during the hours and hours sitting before the House and Senate members, it was never more clear who the real Statesmen were.  And it most certainly wasn’t those who are officially known by that title.

You can see and hear the dhimmis’ responses before and after the report by going to Nancy Pelosi’s YouTube page here.  (Yes, Pelosi takes YouTube’s”broadcast yourself!” to heart…there 722 videos all together!)

and they have the audacity to call Gen. Petraeus a liar.

From AlJazeeraEnglish: (more unbiased media – NOT!)

Hell yeah!

Well, the debates starting next week ought to be fun to watch ~ I’m sure to get lots more done around the house listening to the traitors of this country yakkity-yak their truthisms.  Heh!

Hope to see you in DC on Saturday!!


September 13, 2007. Politics, Troop Support, Videos, War.


  1. kevinboatang replied:

    Why is it a being a traitor to question the validity of a leaders policy? The war in Iraq is a disaster simply because of the way it has been fought, and it was fought for the wrong reasons. The General is just doing his job, but he is between a rock and a hard place.

  2. Donna, Los Osos, CA replied:

    Well friend, you get the metal. I couldn’t watch the whole thing. The second day, in the middle of Hillary, I had to turn it off. And you are so right about the Ambassador and the General. They are two of the rocks that are holding this country together. Thank God for them. There is no shame in Congress right now. None. Zip. I can’t watch CSPAN for a while. My TV would not be safe.

  3. Flag Gazer replied:

    Two proud, honorable Americans went into a viper’s nest and while the vipers attempted to take the down, they stood strong and tall. These two men make me proud to be an American – the vipers – not so much.

    Your viper-wanna-be hasn’t got a clue and his tlaking points aren’t even coherent.

  4. CavMom replied:

    Kevin ~ I have been sitting here trying to decide whether or not to even debate your questions. It is just that most people who chose to post on this issue have already made up their minds. They will not be swayed one way or the other.

    But, I am going to respond because my son who is serving in Iraq deserves the backing!

    Let’s take a look at the big picture. Suppose the war is wrong. It was wrong for us to go after and eliminate as many terrorist thugs as possible on their own soil.

    Let’s just say for the sake of argument, that it was a bad decision.

    Does that automatically mean, pulling our troops from Iraq is a good decision?

    Is it ok to leave the Iraqi people in disarray? Should we the American people walk away? Stating, “It’s not our problem.”

    Right now we are gaining ground in Iraq. The Iraqi military is gaining in strength and leading many of the missions.

    What sense does it make to pull out before they have their feet under them?

    Anyone who has studied any of our past wars would know that they are not easy. People die, many people… A lot of money is spent. Sacrifices are made. As I have read on Texas Fred’s blog “It is called WAR not recess!”

    Should we have abstained from a preemptive strike on Germany during WWII? It was Japan that attacked us, not Germany. Should we have allowed the persecution of the Russians, the French, the Jews, etc.? After all, it was not our fight.

    Our nation suffered a severe blow in Pearl Harbor and our nation rose up and rallied behind the President in his decision.

    We were a very poor country. Our military was training with sticks for guns. They were drilling with cars marked with the word “tank” on the side.

    America rose up and sacrificed for a better world.

    Today’s Americans seem soft and selfish. They cried out when we were attacked on Sept. 11th 2001. They shook their fists in the air and demanded action.

    Now, they shrug their shoulders and say, “It’s not our problem.”

    Those who so selfishly think of none but themselves, leave me sad for our future.

    My son and those who enlisted in the military, were not tricked into service with the guise of a free scholarship.

    No, they stood up to defend our freedoms and are happy to be fighting the terrorists on their own soil.

    Cry and whine that it was not Iraq that attacked us. The whining is old.

    Perhaps one should suggest a solution rather than stand on a platform, like Obama, and claim he was once right.

    It is becoming more and more apparent that the Democratic party cares little about the events unfolding in the Middle East. All they see is an anti-war platform to stand upon to seek votes.

    America needs to look past the “Why did we go to Iraq?” and move forward to “What is the best solution for eradicating terrorists and stabilizing the region?”

    From Newt Gingrich: “We are faced with evil opponents. Those opponents need to be defeated. And if General Petraeus and Ambassador Crocker come back in September and say, “We actually can win this thing,” I want to understand the rationale that says, “No, we don’t want to let America win. Let’s legislate defeat for the United States.”

    I too am asking: Why don’t you want to let America win?

  5. devildog6771 replied:

    Why is it a being a traitor to question the validity of a leaders policy? The war in Iraq is a disaster simply because of the way it has been fought, and it was fought for the wrong reasons. The General is just doing his job, but he is between a rock and a hard place.

    Quetioning means you ask, I answer. It diesn’t mean you accuse, I defend, you assualt, I defend, you attack, I defend. There are rules in Congress for conduct and appropriate proceedure. They seem to only apply when non-progressives [notice i did not say Democratic] speak. As a former lifelong Democrat, I say the party “whored” itself out to the progressive movement because it allowed them to garner control of the “money coming in!”

    Progressive is nothing more than a “politically correct term for Socialist. Don’t believe me, good! That means you still have the ability for independent thought. Now try a little independent research on “progressives!” Start with the Chicago ANSWER national meeting in 1998 or there abouts. Better yet, do a Google search on what the DSA goals are for the United States!

  6. brat replied:

    Oh dear oh dear!

    Wasn’t going to get into this one here – I see CavMom and others have said all I agree with, in such a FACTUAL way.

    I DO have a couple of things to say to the trolls and the dimtwits. As I recall – and correct me if I am wrong – before America went into Iraq, a majority of the fat cat politicians voted in FAVOUR! Hmmm, not the sharpest tool in the shed here but a vote IN FAVOUR tells me they agreed and stood as a people to go in and help eradicate the terrorists in Iraq. THAT is just one staging area for the thugs right now.

    I am no military strategist and never claimed to be one (unlike the pols and the trolls…lol) so when a General that has earned his right to speak tells us what is REALLY happening, what needs to be done, I tend to believe them. And yes, the general was a real class act yesterday.

    This war was wrong? Tell that to the Iraqis, who now have seen a dawn of democracy. I dont need to tell here what all progress has been made because of the efforts of the troops… we (well most of us!!) well know of the changes made.

    Our military is comprised of volunteers. And, since this war began the recruitment targets have been met just about every single month in every branch of the military. Not bad for a war that we shouldn’t be in. Guess these recruits/volunteers know something the trolls and the pols don’t, even when the evidence is in front of their noses.

    We shouldn’t be in Iraq? Well let’s just wait for another home grown terrorism attack on our own soil. That’ll work in proving the trolls etc point.


    We shouldn’t be in iraq? Reminds me of a bunch of kindergarten kids: He shouldn’t have done that…Whine whine whine.

    We ARE there, we ARE winning, and the Iraqis (the most important aspect of the War right now) want us there, appreciate us.

    So to all the trolls, my articulate response to your usual bs: Unless you can offer an alternative (fact and experience based of course!) military/political solution that you can PROVE ahead of time will improve the lot of Iraqis, shut up, sit down and


    (a not so articulate brat rant)

    BIG shout out to Yankeemom and Y’all! 🙂

  7. Leta replied:

    To kevinboatang – I couldn’t agree with you more when you said “…The war in Iraq is a disaster simply because of the way it has been fought.” Since WHEN has it fallen to the Congress to have the “authority” to FIGHT ANY war? Fund a war (or not)? Absolutely. Fight a war? NEVER in my book.

    …”and it was fought for the wrong reasons.” Really? I suppose if you believe the reasons are those the majority of the liberal media and most politicians give then…you’d be right. Sadly the majority of Americans have missed the point on the REASONS for this war. And, sadly, too many politicians are attempting to better themselves as opposed to caring about the better of all with respect to this war. Unfortunately our military has been a and continues to be a victim of this insanity.

    I’ll never understand how a nation of people can allow so few to continue to lead us in to hell. Please allow me to be clear. I am NOT a member of ANY political party and never will be. I am an AMERICAN. I vote, I do not donate money to any candidate – money is a primary bane of every politician. I PROUDLY fly my American flag every day. I pray that somehow, some way there will be a wake up call and an uprising (peacefully) in this nation so that we can get back on track with what we are all about. Freedom for ALL peace loving, honest, hard working people who simply want a safe and secure place to live and raise a family.

    While I pray for that to happen I will continue to support my military and the military leaders as well as their missions. I will pray that they will be allowed to FIGHT terrorists and extremists WITHOUT the encumbrances of “rules” from Congress. It’s a war for pete’s sake. Our military has been trained to fight yet Washington would prefer to tie their hands, screw with their minds about “is it OK to fire”, put them in more danger by causing them to stop and think before acting.

    Continuing to allow Congress to play with our military, to tie their hands, to dictate to the leaders such as General Petraeus in lieu of allowing them to do what they are TRAINED to do and KNOW how to do – that is what makes people like you a traitor sir. Refusing to listen to the masses of the men and women serving in Iraq AND Afghanistan instead of selectively listening to the garbage fed to you that is easier to “believe” makes you a traitor sir.

    Believe it or not – it’s easy not to – but this war is about the safety and security of our younger generations. It’s about stopping those who prefer to see us all submit to them. It’s about obliterating those who have no value for human live but rather for control of lives and minds. No, that’s not an easy pill to swallow and not the easiest concept to live with or believe. It is, however, the reality. Continuing to stick your head in the sand or up your rear isn’t going to make this go away.

  8. yankeemom2 replied:

    Well. Kevinboatang ~ my comment would be I couldn’t have responded to your comment any better than all the commenters who followed. I see you’re from across the pond, if that’s correct. Well, you just got a good taste of real American spirit. It may have been too quiet these past few decades but it’s waking up, loud and clear. We don’t take kindly to anyone, and this includes our elected officials, disrespecting our military or selling out our country for votes or endangering our troops’ lives to further their political agenda. We may have let all that go on for too long but we’re not going to stay quiet any longer.
    Please don’t just buy what the politicians spew or the media decides is worth reporting ~ dig deeper for the truth, because it’s out there. It’s not all pretty or all awful – it’s a complex mix of both. That’s life as long as there are humans involved.

  9. Donna, Los Osos, CA replied:

    I came back because I gave you a “metal” YankeeMom (geez!). And I’m really glad I did. Did not see the posting before mine. He & I must have been writing the same time.

    I will just add my voice if I may; the General IS doing his job, you are right about that. However, Congress is NOT. I turned off my TV in disgust because I could no longer stomach the likes of Hillary Clinton & Co. sneering at General Petraeus, and implying he is a liar….when we are at war..when we have troops in battle…when we KNOW the other side uses just these kinds of news clips for propaganda. Congressional position dictates a responsibility (especially when we are at war!) to disagree with the General and/or the Ambassador WITHOUT showing contempt and disrespect. Period. Most of us do it all the time in our workplace. It is our job. Our troops do it everyday. What I saw watching the hearings was traitorous behavior by certain members of Congress. There, I’ve said it. Traitorous. What else can you call it? In their quest for the limelight, they knowingly and needlessly gave the enemy more fuel.

  10. cavmom replied:

    … And this is why I love America!

    Y’all Rock! 😉

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