Have Hero, Will Win ~

I’m leaving for DC today by way of Walter Reed, thanks to Leta and Tracy from Tanker Brothers.   They offered to share their hotel room with me so I could be at tonight’s Freeper gathering outside of WR, counteracting the Pinkies.  (I have lousy night vision and have a hard time driving in the dark in places I know well, nevermind the unfamiliar DC area!!)

Also, brat has her Good News Friday post up. I can’t seem to get to the permalink for the post – just go on over and say hey!

Robert Stokely, father of Mike Stokley, is organizing a BBQ at the Mologne House later today also.

So, a great big Thank You to you both, Leta and Tracy, for making all this possible for me to attend!!

I have waited 4 long years exiled in CA to be able to stand with the Patriots in DC who believe in our Troops and their mission, to lend my voice for Victory to theirs.  I’ve had more than enough of the defeatists and politically correct vanilla liberals who don’t really stand for a damn thing but not to be inconvenienced with reality.  Living in CA for over 20 years has sharpened my beliefs and “raised my consciousness” (as they constantly “share” in LaLaLand) to the point that if those of us who believe in our country and all it stands for, don’t stand up and counteract all the vile lies and attacks from the ones who would destroy her, we will lose her.


After this past week of the Wall being vandalized and the media’s lack of interest, the slander of one of the finest Generals in this country by MoveOn.org and the NYT, the shameful behavior of our Congress, the lukewarm speech from our President and the Die-In at the the Peace Memorial tomorrow (google all of the above; the blogs are on it), I thought we should have some balance here.

These are a few of the young men and women who stepped up to the plate and said, “I will”.

1% of our country’s population ~ just 1%.

Air Force Maj. Keith M. Wolak

One of the few constants for troops in a war zone is knowing that the military will do everything in its power to find those missing in action. For the servicemen charged with carrying out search and rescue operations, the burden is matched only by the dangers: operating in close quarters, coordinating support, precise timing, direct engagement with the enemy – all while safeguarding the lives of the missing troops. On the night of July 2, 2005, near the eastern border of Afghanistan, then-Air Force Capt. Keith Wolak led the airborne component of the largest search and rescue task force since the commencement of Operation Enduring Freedom – and his tireless dedication to the mission helped save the life of a Navy SEAL.

 Click on title above to read the rest.


Tennessee Army National Guard 1st Lt. David Tiedeman and Sgt. Robert Betterton
Tiedeman’s Hometown: Watkins, CO
Betterton’s Hometown: Cordova, TN


Shared combat experiences forge bonds between soldiers, whose safety and lives depend on one another. 1st Lt. David Tiedeman and Sgt. Robert Betterton of the Tennessee Army National Guard found themselves depending on each other as they confronted a determined, dangerous enemy in Iraq. “He did save my life, there is no doubt about that,” Betterton told a reporter. Betterton was referring to the actions of his fellow soldier, Tiedeman. If not for the actions of both of these soldiers, the casualties sustained by their U.S. and Iraqi comrades would have been significantly greater.

 Click on title above to read the rest.

Marine Corps Reserve Sgt. Jeff Hunter
Hometown: Albuquerque, NM

“I honestly don’t believe I did anything all that heroic,” Sgt. Jeff Hunter told Military.com when asked about his Silver Star. That’s a common refrain among American warriors serving in combat zones, but for those who served with Hunter during two intense fights, it’s a dramatic understatement.

Click on title above to read the rest.

Arkansas Army National Guard Capt. John Vanlandingham
Hometown: New Blaine, AR

“The Iraqis, to me, were like American soldiers,” Capt. Vanlandingham told Army.mil. “We had the duty to help them as much as we would have a fellow American.” That is the spirit that has driven much of the training of the Iraqi soldiers who will ultimately be responsible for providing security to their nation. In November of 2004, Vanlandingham and his Arkansas Army National Guard unit found themselves fighting alongside – and risking their lives for – the Iraqi National Guardsmen with whom they were patrolling.

Click on title above to read the rest.

American, Afghan Women Discuss Future

FORWARD OPERATING BASE MEHTAR LAM, Afghanistan, Sept. 12, 2007 – Several influential Afghan women from Laghman province met earlier this month with U.S. Army and Air Force women to discuss their role in the future of their province.

Click on title above to read the rest.





(you can find this bumper sticker at CafePress)



(dedicated to a brand new Navy Mom who’s fighting the fight in Santa Cruz)


September 14, 2007. Troop Support.


  1. Donna, Los Osos, CA replied:

    This Californian is with you all in spirit YankeeMom! Hugs to you and to Leta & Tracy too! God bless you and God bless our troops!! Looking forward to your report. Please tell our veterans and troops at the GOE, Donna from California sends her love!! Gob bless America!!

  2. Donna, Los Osos, CA replied:

    I did it again.. it’s “GOD BLESS AMERICA!!”

    More coffee needed I guess..LOL

  3. brat replied:

    Glad YOU escaped Deb! And so happy you all get to DC..You know your standing orders about messages from the brat I am sure!

    As you so rightly say: NOT ON MY WATCH!

  4. Flag Gazer replied:

    Anxious to hear your stories!!!

  5. cavmom replied:

    Hugs to all who were abl to go to DC and represent us!

    I cant wait to hear the stories and see some great pics. I noticed the AP did their usual reporting of “thousands of anti-war protests” and a few Troop supporters. 😦

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