What a Weekend!

I blew into Arlington around 2:30 Friday ~ with only one recalculation by my GPS “lady”~ don’t laugh, I could get lost in my hometown!  Met up with Leta and Tracy from Tanker Brothers at the hotel and I swear, we didn’t stop talking until we all went our separate ways for home.  Two very wonderful people.

We then met up with friends of Leta’s who live in the area.  (I would be very happy if these folks adopted me.)  They had offered to chauffeur us to Walter Reed for the Freeper gathering that night.  But first we went to Arlington Cemetery before having dinner to see the Changing of the Guard.  It always amazes me that all the times I’ve been to it, I’ve never seen any kids act up.  They even seem to get the sacredness of the ceremony.  Of course, I didn’t see any moonbats there ~ heh.

If you ever get to go to a Freeper Friday night at Walter Reed, do so!  What a terrific soldier-loving bunch of folks to be with.  I’m not used to so much friendliness and true patriotic attitude.

(Sorry for the quality of the photos – it was dark and rainy)

As you can see, rain does not deter these folks from showing the soldiers at WR how much they are appreciated.  They are out there every Friday night, no matter the weather.

These folks walk their talk!

I met ConcreteBob from DC Protest Warrior (he has more energy than the Energizer Bunny!!)  and CJ from A Soldier’s Perspective and his family (who are the nicest people!)

CJ ahd exciting news to tell ~ I’m sure most of my regular readers (bless your hearts) have seen it but if you haven’t, follow this link:

A Day at the Office

The meeting included:

Eight milbloggers were present and two attended via a VTC (video teleconference) from Baghdad – Bill Roggio of the Long War Journal, Bill Ardolino of INDC Journal.  Those present and accounted for in the West Wing were The Armorer of Argghhh!, Matt Burden of Blackfive, Mrs. Greyhawk of Mudville Gazette (Greyhawk was also attending to the nation’s business and unable to attend), NZ Bear of the TTLB and the Victory Caucus , Steve Schippert of Threats Watch, Ward Carroll of Military.Com (an all-around great guy and pleasure to be around) and, of course,  Mohammed of Iraq the Model.  


The Code Pinkers didn’t stand a chance with their little “soldier supporting vigil”.  Well, that’s what they think it is ~ really!  Yeah, and I have lake property in the desert to sell ya…

I didn’t take any photos of them.  Lord, knows I’ve seen enough of their kind in Santa Cruz.

Saturday morning, we met up with everyone at the Navy Memorial.  There was some kind of event planned and the Navy Color Guard marched up ~



We also met three young men who were headed to the GOE Rally and one had this terrific t-shirt on ~

I loved it!!

Off we went to the rally.  When we arrived, we saw a sea of flags ~

Melanie Morgan from Move America Forward emceed the Gathering of Eagles rally.  Head over to MAF’s site to read about their “Fight For Victory” caravan travels and see wonderful photos.

Diana Nagy sang her song “Where Freedom Flies”.  You can listen to a bit of it here.  To order the cd, go here.

Of course I cried.  And that wasn’t the only time.

Rep. Duncan Hunter came by to speak and offer his appreciation and support.

 I was so wishing my camera had a mic ~ all the speakers were so inspiring.  Gold Star parents, Blue Star parents, and Vets.

I was able to meet and talk to some of my fellow Virginian bloggers ~  How I love saying “Virginian” instead of “Californian”!

Here are some of my favorite signs:



The Pinkers march started late.  They never are on time but then, pot has a way of making time bend.

One of the GOEs was getting impatient and drew up this sign:




Maybe they thought they’d wait us out – Ha!


For 3 blocks on both sides, this is what they would see.

Many of the anti-American marchers held up their hands in the “V” sign.  Of course, to them that’s the peace sign.  I have always taken it to mean “Victory”.  So I flashed it back at them and yelled V for Victory.  They’d get all pissy.  But then they are always pissy about something.  No sense of humor, unless it’s tearing down something or someone.


Gee, looks just like downtown Santa Cruz…


The obligatory tie dye…

I wonder if these were some of the college kids bussed in who will be receiving extra credit in their classes for their participation.  Funny, don’t think any of our gathering needed extra credit to get us to attend….


The obligatory protest scarves…



Now there’s a “peaceful” sentiment…

We arrived at the Die-In too late to see all the scuffling and arrests.  But there was this sign as we approached the area:

I guess “separation of Church and State” only applies if it doesn’t fit your agenda…

I wandered around some and came across this man and had to take a photo:


The numbers weren’t as large as in March at GOE I, but we are getting our message across.   If we keep showing up and letting our elected critters know that the woman who will not be named, Code Pink, ANSWER, etc. etc. don’t speak for us, we will take back our country from those who wish her demise.

This country is a Republic, not a Socialist commune.


For more on the rally, see these sites:   Lots of great photos and videos

 Age of Hooper

(For a good idea of where I just moved from, watch Hooper’s video More Protest Music.

I swear, many of these are Santa Cruzans.  Hmmmm,   so familiar!)

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September 18, 2007. Anti-Military, Troop Support.


  1. Tracy replied:

    Hey Yankeemom!! It was awesome to meet you too!!

    What a weekend hey? I’m still working on my write up, I can’t seem to focus on WHAT to write about!!

  2. cavmom replied:

    Excellent post! Thanks for sharing with those of us who were only there in spirit!

  3. As I See It Now. replied:

    I loved your account of the rally and the pictures are great. Man I wished that I could attend one of these rallies, but a medical condition prevents much traveling.

    Where was the grand old media during this rally? I did say “old” media, did I not. Who needs or wants ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC and even FOX at times as this new media is taking over.

    Oh, and thanks Proud Army Mom for visiting my site. I’ll provide a link right back here to spread some more of the real patriotism.

  4. As I See it » Anti-war protestors vs Gathering of Eagles. replied:

    […] Updated 09/18.  Now that the rally is over, there are several good sites of ordinary patriots who were there in body and spirit taking pictures and having a great time.  Here’s a link to see and read more.  […]

  5. harrison replied:

    You put up an excellent post and thanks for the mention, YankeeMom.

  6. Illusion Or Reality » Blog Archive » Sunday Misc. replied:

    […] What a Weekend! « You Betcha I’m a Proud Army Mom on post Sunday Misc. […]

  7. Sharon replied:

    Thanks for the great write up!

  8. Donna, Los Osos, CA replied:

    You did us proud girl! Thanks! Great post.

  9. snooper replied:


    I cannot believe that we were there at the same time and we did not hook up!


    Thanks for the link!

    The rally was GREAT and I was with vets For Freedom as we marched on DC!

    Perhaps next time!

  10. Leta replied:

    Miss you already!!!!!!

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