Never Stand Down!

I’m listening to my now (arrrggghhh!) senator (Sen. Webb) and Senator McCain debate on the floor about the Iraq War.  Webb would have you believe that our troops our weak and/or broken.  Senator McCain is doing the best he can to keep respect of our troops in his statements.

Politicians ~ dang!

Here’s a heads up from the Heritage Foundation:

Liberals are on the march. 

Our nation’s core conservative values are under attack in Washington and around the nation. But The Heritage Foundation has a plan to stop the Left with the facts and common-sense solutions America needs.

Learn more about the liberal threat at

The far Left has seized control of Congress. Already, they have come to Washington and pushed radical changes that would undermine the very fabric of our nation. Here’s their plan. This is what we’re up against:

  • Granting amnesty to illegal immigrants, at a huge cost to taxpayers and the risk of still more low-skill immigration down the line;
  • Surrendering in Iraq and other fronts in the war on terror, while refusing to give law enforcement officers the tools they need to protect us at home;
  • Raising taxes on work and investment by repealing the tax cuts passed in 2001 and 2003;
  • Laying the groundwork for socialized medicine through their misguided plans to expand government health care;
  • Blocking the nomination of well-qualified judges because they support the Constitution and not radical left-wing ideas;

Things are not much better in communities around the nation.

  • Young children are being taught about sex. High school students, instead of being taught the benefits of abstinence, are given how-to lessons in all manner of sexual behaviors.
  • Cities and towns across America are declaring themselves “sanctuary cities” and refuse to enforce the nation’s immigration laws. And a Pennsylvania judge recently sided with the ACLU in overturning that town’s restrictions on illegal immigrants.

How have things come to this? I’ve had enough, and I know you have too. It’s time someone put a stop to this nonsense, and we at The Heritage Foundation have decided to lead the fight.

Find out more about the threat and what Heritage is doing at

Already this year, we’ve had success educating members of Congress and the American people about the Left’s agenda, and we’ve debunked liberal deceptions on a whole range of issues.

Take immigration: Not only did liberals in Congress withdraw their amnesty bill after Heritage experts highlighted its disastrous consequences. But the Bush administration reversed course and adopted common-sense border security and immigration reforms, most of them based on Heritage Foundation recommendations! These are a step in the right direction, and can serve as the basis for real, long-term reform.

Or consider government overspending: After our experts have spent years warning the Bush administration to pare back wasteful federal spending, they’re taking us seriously and threatening to veto the many liberal-backed bills that would spend billions more than President Bush asked for. This is another step in the right direction.

But with liberals entrenched in the media, the government bureaucracy and institutions like the ACLU and, liberals can outlast a short-term effort. With next year’s election very much undecided, the conservative movement cannot afford to take a short-term view.

That’s why Heritage is developing a ten-year plan—our Leadership for America initiative—to get America back on course. We believe it is time to recall our nation and our people to our first principles as espoused by our Founding Fathers.

Find out more and donate now to support Heritage:

Here’s the vision I outlined to our Board of Trustees earlier this year. We seek to

  • Renew America’s founding principles;
  • Restore the family to its primary role in civil society;
  • Protect the rule of law and civil society;
  • Protect America and Americans from freedom’s enemies;
  • Restore American leadership and freedom in the world;
  • Strengthen the role of religion and religious liberty in America;
  • Replace the culture of entitlement with the culture of mutual responsibility;
  • Give every American freedom of choice in health care;
  • Provide energy and environmental solutions to keep America safe, free and prosperous;
  • Provide future generations with educational choice.

But stopping the Left so our conservative vision can take hold is absolutely critical. Over the next two weeks, you’ll hear from my colleagues at Heritage and elsewhere in the conservative movement about the need to fight back, to retake our culture and retake our government. They’ll explain why this effort is so important.

Our opponents are well-funded, though. Liberals today are out-raising conservatives, and the Left has big-money backers, like George Soros, who fund radical groups like People for the American Way and

To start fighting back, we urgently need to raise funds online. Will you help us in the next two weeks?

Help us get started:

Your contribution today is worth double to Heritage. Thanks to a generous contribution from the Benwood Foundation in Chattanooga, Tennessee, the first $10,000 given online to support our work to stop the Left and advance conservative principles will be matched dollar for dollar.

That means your tax-deductible contribution of $100, $50 or $35 will be worth $200, $100 or $70 to Heritage. Donate now at to take advantage of this special offer.

This is a perilous time for conservatives—and for America. The Founders’ vision for our great nation is threatened.

Our work on behalf of conservative principles and traditional American values is essential for our nation’s future, and all of us here at Heritage are glad you’re standing with us.


Ed Feulner

Edwin J. Feulner, Ph.D.


Give or not, but do go to the website.  We can’t sit on our weekend laurels.  We must keep letting our elected critters know what we want (and that we vote!) or the Anti-American groups are going to have the last word and get their way.  That would not be a good thing at all ~ ever!!  We’ve had decades of their agenda and money seeping into our politicians’ pockets.

Get active and vocal!!   Protect our troops and our country from the very real and dangerous legislation being slipped into the Defense Bill behind our backs.

That’s it.

Thank you.


September 19, 2007. Politics, Troop Support.

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