Heartfelt True Words from a True Soldier

Justice Soldier is blogging again!

(I apologize for not getting over to your place sooner, JS ~)

He’s been home over a month now after a 22 month deployment.   Coming home for our troops is never easy, no matter how great the welcome.  I can only imagine it’s like coming out of the dark into bright sunlight ~   it’s a bit painful and you have to squint for awhile until things become clear (on many levels).

I have always admired how JS sets words to paper.  (okay, I’m actually envious.)  And with this post he has outdone himself.

And Then, We Were Home…….

Well, my deployment is now over, and I am home safe. I have been home almost a month now, and a lot has gone on. My return home like every soldier started with a long flight across the ocean, and into the arms of the Bangor greeters. And incredible organization of Veterans, patriots and people who just truly care about the path we have just concluded – it is really overwhelming to come through their welcome home line. Here are a few pics from their reception for us and a link to their website:

Troop Pictures



“The day we swore we would never forget, and then we did just that…”

“…The sun rose this morning on September 11th just as it did that faithful morning. This year, the world carries on about its business as if 9/11 never happened – the strong conviction to defeat evil of just a few years ago apparently no longer popular enough to matter….”“…These politicians always have the same drum beat in such speeches: “I support the troops and the evidence shows progress, BUT………” when these alleged experts elevate their voice in that “but” it strikes to the heart of the soldier – no one likes empty rhetoric….”

“…We tell the soldiers we support them but we are against what they are doing in our behalf most likely because we don’t understand the mission – yet we won’t dig to find the answers. (Soldiers hate that by the way) The answers are out there, but we won’t go find them….”

Read the rest here.  And read it all.  Every American should read this, so I suggest you forward it to as many folks as you can.  Heck, send it to your elected critters!  God knows, they could use all the edjumacating they can get!
We need voices like this.  Seems we need reminders of what the hell our troops are fighting for, more and more.   And who better to hear it from than a Soldier just come home from the war.

Welcome Home, JS!  Thank you for writing so eloquently what so many need to hear.


September 23, 2007. Tags: , , , , . Iraq.

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    i am too proud of your mom . i think she is BRAVE

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