Nancy’s Not Happy ~

I was surfing through the news channels last night, as I do on occasion to see the latest spin, and there was Nancy being interviewed by Wolfie!

You have to watch this ~ it’s quite entertaining. Nancy was blinking and licking her lips in double time!

Pelosi on Iraq

Breaking news! it’s not just Bush’s War anymore! Hold the phone ~ it’s the Republicans’ War too! So it’s not just Bush’s fault, it’s the Reps fault too! Evil Warmongers!

So, the Dhimmis plan for “stability in Iraq” is to redeploy most of the troops! And training the Iraqi troops can be done out of country…ummm, Okinawa, maybe?

“We have a plan!”

It’s just a really, really lousy plan.

Yep, taking out our troops and leaving the Iraqis to take on the insurgents and terrorists being equipped with weapons and resources by Iran, will bring instant stability and all those warm and fuzzy feelings the Dhimmis are so fond of. Of course, a lot of Iraqis will miss this joyous event, because they will be dead. But Murtha has declared that that part isn’t important. So, sleep well, my precious comrades!
And this is absurd, but so not surprising:

Pelosi Receives People for the American Way’s Spirit of Liberty Award

PFAW’s Mission:

People For the American Way was founded in 1981 by Norman Lear, Barbara Jordan, Father Theodore Hesburgh, and Andrew Heiskell. The following Statement of Purpose was adopted by the founders and other civic, religious, and business leaders who comprised the initial Board of Directors.

In times of hardship, in times of crises, societies throughout history have experienced wrenching dislocations in their fundamental values and beliefs…. We are alarmed that some of the current voices of stridency and division may replace those of reason and unity. If these voices continue unchallenged, the results will be predictable: a rise in (this is my favorite) “demonology” and hostility, a breakdown in community and social spirit, a deterioration of free and open dialogue, and the temptation to grasp at simplistic solutions for complex problems.

People For the American Way was established to address these matters. Our purpose is to meet the challenges of discord and fragmentation with an affirmation of “the American Way.” By this, we mean pluralism, individuality, freedom of thought, expression and religion, a sense of community, and tolerance and compassion for others. (But only if you all believe what we believe.) People For the American Way will reach out to all Americans and affirm that in our society, the individual still matters; (as long as they are not white males) that there is reason to believe in the future – not to despair of it – and that we must strengthen the common cords that connect us as humans and citizens.

The long term agenda of People For the American Way is broad. It includes reducing social tension and polarizations, encouraging community participation, fostering understanding among different segments of our society, and increasing the level and quality of public dialogue. As an educational institution, we shall communicate with the American people through printed materials, radio, television, public lectures and discussions.

We will gather information, analyze it, and distribute our findings to the public in a manner that provides for full and fair exposition on the issues. (After we take out all the facts that go against what we want to be true.) Our highest purpose is to nurture a national climate that encourages and enhances the human spirit rather than one which divides people into hostile camps.

By educating the American people and raising their level of understanding about the basic tenets by which our society is sustained, People For the American Way will fulfill its mission. (my emphasis)

Re-education camps! Send your kids every summer! We have many activities to brainwash your child so he/she becomes a productive little socialist!! You can get your child a Brown Shirt for just $39.99. We highly recommend that you do ~ we want your child to feel he/she belongs to the collective.

Notice how the words that I highlighted are so “emotionally” charged. (I heard this emotion speak in my little corner of CA all the time, about everything!! Everything was an emotional issue. Got to be quite exhausting, I can tell you.) Makes you just want to applaud their little socialist plan right from the heart, doesn’t it?

No…? Then you must be one of those evil neocons!!!!

You’re damned, y’know.

(Disclaimer ~ this is satire. Look it up if your knickers are all in a knot. I have a very hard time taking the Dhimmis seriously and I’m not even going to try anymore.)


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