Holy Shari’a!

This will not do!!

From LGF:

Leader of Muslim Brotherhood Front Group appointed By VA Governor 

The Democratic governor of Virginia, Timothy M. Kaine, has appointed Dr. Esam Omeish to the Virginia Commission on Immigration: Valley delegate challenges Kaine appointee to immigration panel.

Esam Omeish is a name LGF readers may recognize; he’s the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood’s primary front group in the United States, the Muslim American Society.

A local delegate has asked Democratic Gov. Timothy M. Kaine to re-think his appointment of the head of the Virginia-based Muslim American Society to the Virginia Commission on Immigration.

Del. Todd Gilbert, R-Woodstock, wrote to Kaine earlier today, saying he was concerned about the appointment of Dr. Esam S. Omeish, a Northern Virginia physician and the group’s president, to the panel. The commission was created earlier this year to study the impact of illegal immigration on the commonwealth.

The Muslim American Society has significant ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, a group founded in Egypt, Gilbert said. “It is unfortunate that the Governor would choose the leader of an organization such as this to represent many the freedom-loving Muslim citizens of Virginia on this important commission,” Gilbert said.

“While the Muslim American Society claims to be the innocent face of peaceful Islam in America, their history and teachings tell a much different story. Unfortunately, it is a story about which all Americans have become much too familiar — that of the promotion of a global Islamic state. The questionable origin and teachings of this group should give the Governor some serious concerns about his recent appointment. Even though this organization has a savvy public relations machine, the public face that it projects may disguise some very troubling hidden intentions.”

The Investigative Project has more information on the subversive Islamic supremacist group calling itself the Muslim American Society.Jihad Watch has more.

Here’s Gov. Kaine’s speech on September 11, 2007:

Kevin Hall

RICHMONDGovernor Timothy M. Kaine released the following statement on today’s sixth anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks in Arlington, New York City, and Pennsylvania:

“Today marks the sixth anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks.

“I join all Virginians in honoring those who lost their lives that day, and urge the citizens of the Commonwealth to reflect on the daily service and sacrifice of our first responders, firefighters, police officers, and members of our armed forces

“Let us use this sixth anniversary of 9/11 as a time to set a new priority to commit ourselves to offer service to others. The America that we know, and the Commonwealth that was attacked six years ago, is at its best and shines its brightest when we each give of ourselves in service to others.”

In addition, Governor Kaine has ordered that U.S. and Commonwealth of Virginia flags be flown at half-staff throughout Virginia until sunset today in observance of Patriot Day 2007.

I don’t think he understands what happened 6 years ago…

I just sent him an email.  I’ll be interested in his response.

Some things just should not be tolerated!


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