Parents of Children at War

I just found out that my daughter is going to reenlist in the Army.  That will mean 3 more  years of active duty.  Being that she is  in the Veterinary Corps, there’s less chance of her being deployed to the Middle East.   But as those of you who have family members in the military know, things can change in an instant.  So I live with the gnawing in my gut of potential deployment.  I am fortunate that it’s just that so far.   I’ve talked to many parents not so fortunate but who live 24/7 with the reality of their children in combat, many for multiple deployments.  Most all of whom I’ve talked to handle it with grace and courage.  They understand that their child is a Soldier, Marine, Sailor or Airman, voluntarily so.  They understand what that means.

But that does not mean it’s easy, in any way, shape or form.

Cavmom has an exceptional and very personal post up that answers the question she gets from many first deployment parents:

“How do you stay sane while your son is deployed?”

Everyone should read it, not just military parents.   Your neighbor might just be one such parent.  Or the clerk at your grocery store.  Your mailperson.  Your car mechanic.  Your doctor.  Your insurance agent.  Your child’s teacher.

The non-military folks in this country are so detached from our military at this time, that most don’t have a clue as to what having a child in the military during wartime means.

As one soldier wrote on a wooden board:

“We’re at war. America is at the mall”.

It would behoove everyone to know that there are  parents sitting up at night in the kitchen wondering if their child is in harm’s way – after all, they haven’t heard from him or her in a couple of weeks.  (Military parents’ mantra is “No news is good news”.)  There are parents sleeping with their cellphone under their pillow.  Parents who every day, check their driveway for an official looking car as they come up their street after work.  Parents who put on that smile in public even though they just heard on the radio that another US soldier has been killed, not knowing if it’s their soldier.  They go to school functions for their other kids.  They go to church on Sunday.  They do the grocery shopping, pay the bills, send off care packages, and hold conversations with people who are totally insensitive and blast them with their political views.

So please read Cavmom’s post and send it on to as many people as you know.   She’s been through it more than once.

Then when you notice a military decal on a car, a Blue star banner in a window, a military flag in their front yard, say a prayer, not only for the soldier but also for his or her loved ones here at home who wait and pray 24/7.

And help them keep laughing.

Our kids are.


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  1. Tracy replied:

    ROFLOL at the video Yankeemom! Some of the combinations were funny. Esp. the guy in boxers (? or very short shorts) a t-shirt, and combat boots! LOL

    Regarding parents of children at war~at cannot even imagine.

  2. Tracy replied:

    I can’t even imagine. Not “at” sheesh. I need to proofread BEFORE hitting reply! 🙂

  3. Cargosquid replied:

    HOOOAH! Tell her good luck and keep safe for me. I may be a squid but we’re all on the same team.

  4. yankeemom2 replied:

    Tracy, I sat here and laughed and then watched it again. it was a good pick me up esp after the buffoonery in Congress this week. Glad you liked it.

    Thanks, CargoSquid. Hell yeah, we’re all on the same team.
    BTW – we’re family too! My Mom was a Wave in WWII.

  5. Lustige Videos replied:

    its good that the common people can also have the courage to protest .

  6. impeachbush replied:

    “We’re at war. America is at the mall”.

    It was our “Commander-in-Chief” whose advice right after 9/11/01 was: “GO SHOPPING!” Blame HIM if the American people are not involved in this war! Tell HIM to start up the military draft so all of those children of privileged people like the President, the Vice-President and the warmongers in Congress can go and do THEIR duty instead of sending the same people back to Iraq and Afghanistan for 2nd, 3rd and 4th times because of the shortage of cannon fodder in our volunteer military! Stop mocking people like Charlie Rangel, John Murtha, Jim Sestak, Jim Webb, Ron Paul, John Kerry, Max Cleland and Chuck Nagel who have done their time in the military and know first hand what it is like to be in battle compared to the neocon chickenhawks like Dick Cheney who did everything in his power to avoid going into the military himself but has no problem sending other people’s children to die for oil.

  7. Monday Medly ~ « You Betcha I’m a Proud Army Mom replied:

    […] sure many more rants from me will be forthcoming.  (In fact, I have a couple of comments from ‘impeachbush’ to answer when I have a bit more time.  Maybe.  […]

  8. cavmom replied:

    Yankee Mom ~ That video is priceless! Give your daughter a big hug and THANK YOU from me.

    (I still think she needs to hook-up with my L’il Trooper!) 🙂

  9. yankeemom2 replied:

    impeachbush ~ I may get to you later, I have to get things done here – and then again, I just don’t know if it would do any good. There is so much wrong in your comment. Ah, but it would make me feel better to go point by point. We’ll see.

  10. yankeemom2 replied:

    Cavmom ~ Thanks! And yes, I agree. ~;o)

  11. impeachbush replied:

    yankeemom2: I appreciate your response and will appreciate anything you may say in the future. I do not have a husband or son or daughter or brother or sister in the service, but I have so much compassion for the families who have lost loved ones in this war that I know if I had lost a loved one in this war I would be absolutely livid by now. That is because I do not trust Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney and Ms. Rice and Mr. Rumsfeld (when he was running things all too long). I believe that every word that came out of their mouths was an outright lie. They have zero credibility. They keep moving the goal post when it comes to what they are trying to accomplish in this war which I believe is more of an occupation than a war. They did not use their collective brains before entering such a devastating venture and are not doing much better now. It is wrong to condemn the people who are against this war and this administration as unpatriotic and un-American. It is more unpatriotic and un-American to sit by and just accept everything we are told to accept like a bunch of lemmings. We the people are supposed to be running our government, not the few who are at the top. They must hear our voices and acknowledge what the majority of the American people want and the majority of the American people want out of Iraq. This does not diminish or demean the sacrifices made up to now by our outstanding military people. But really, how many more people do you want to die or be maimed for life for a lie? It’s no longer a question of winning or losing. Winning what?

  12. impeachbush replied:

    One more thing: Why wasn’t it enough to be rid of Saddam Hussein and his two sons if THAT was the original mission? We are not there to bring freedom to the Iraqi people. We are there for the oil.

  13. Flag Gazer replied:

    WOW – ‘impeachbush’ – what a load of tripe. You just called Yankeemom and her friends (and that would be me) ‘unpatriotic and unamerican’ – you presume to speak for Gold Star parents when you aren’t a Gold or a Blue and probably don’t know any. Have you ever met a soldier? Doubtful. Your grasp of geopolitics is pathetic, and your grasp of the concept of a republic is questionable. The idiot politicians you listed are IDIOTS and we have a right to call them that – your STOP IT won’t deter that. And, don’t scream ‘freedom of speech’ – we have the freedom to speak back and to ridicule your idiocy, it is a two way street.

    As Yankeemom said, “I’m getting tired of repeating myself.” We all are.

  14. impeachbush replied:

    “And, don’t scream ‘freedom of speech’ – we have the freedom to speak back and to ridicule your idiocy, it is a two way street.”

    Flag Gazer: No one is questioning YOUR “freedom of speech” but it is the Bush propagandists who are out on a daily basis calling their opponents unpatriotic and un-American if they don’t swallow hook, line and sinker all of the lies coming out of that man’s mouth and who are questioning THEIR “freedom of speech!” If you want to call the men in Congress who have seen battle and served in the military who are against the Iraq war “idiots,” that is your prerogative. If you want to support the neocon chickenhawks who have never seen battle and who are running our country into the ground based on their greed and insatiable thirst for power, that is also your prerogative. No one is questioning the heroism of our military people who have died or been wounded in this conflict or the tremendous sorrow of their families. My heart bleeds for them. I just don’t understand how speaking out against the monster who continues to send them to their deaths is the wrong thing to do. I am NOT calling Gold Star and Blue Star families unpatriotic. I just want them to open up their eyes and take a good, long, hard look at the man they continue to admire and support as their “commander-in-chief.” Personally, it boggles my mind how a man who has 29% of the American people’s approval can still be charging ahead and getting his way on EVERYTHING!

  15. impeachbush replied:

    Flag Gazer: We don’t have a “republic” ever since Bush took office. We now have a dictatorship!

  16. snooper replied:

    yankeemom! Greetings!

    Our eldest deployed last Friday with the 101st. They arrived in Kuwait Saturday.

    Just thought I would let you know.

  17. Flag Gazer replied:

    ib – get a dictionary and look up the words you so casually and mistakenly throw around. Words have meaning, but your kool aid addled brain is no longer functioning well enough to understand that. Your comments have devolved into idiocy… badly repeated talking points with words used incorrectly.

    You said, “Bush propagandists who are out on a daily basis calling their opponents unpatriotic and un-American” – NAME ONE and source it. Bet you can’t do more than make false accusations.

    You are accusing people of things they haven’t done – that would be LYING. You think you have answers about things you have no comprehension of.

    No one is denegrating the IDIOTS for their military service, we are denegrating their reprehensible POLITICAL behavior. Serving once upon a time does not give you a pass on everything you say and do the rest of your life.

    By the way, several of the ‘warmongers’ in Congress do have children serving – for instance, Senator McCain has a son in the Marines who is in Iraq and another at the Naval Academy.

    I notice you avoided the question about how many soldiers, Blue Stars or Gold Stars you know – telling…. So, we can assume you have done nothing to support any of them but your heart bleeds so much you are paralyzed and can’t help.

    You are demanding that we see the world as you do and you are trying to bully us into it – isn’t going to happen… We know how we feel, we know the facts on the ground and we actually know history and vocabulary, too.

    ps – If this was a dictatorship, you would already be imprisioned and probably shot for your dissent – LEARN what words mean before you use them. You look more foolish with each post. And the DEMOCRAT Congress has an 11% approval rating…

  18. impeachbush replied:

    Flag Gazer: The most outspoken, arrogant and obnoxious Bush propagandists are found on rightwing talk radio: Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingraham, Dennis Prager, Michael Medved, Hugh Hewitt, Michael Savage, etc. and on Fox Cable TV: Sean Hannity, Brit Hume, John Gibson, Bill O’Reilly, Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter, etc. There are way too many incidents to link as a source. Just listen and watch and you will hear and see what I mean.

    The most reprehensible political behavior belongs to Bush, Cheney, Rove, Rice and Rumsfeld who drummed up this war in Iraq solely for the purpose of getting Bush a second term in office. Tell me they didn’t use Iraq, 9/11 and “national security” to bash their opponents in 2004. Now that they are hopelessly stuck in Iraq they are drumming up another war in Iran to cover up their disaster in Iraq. Do the “Parents of Children at War” on this website support an attack on Iran and the Bush junta’s desire for perpetual war? If you do, it is you and not I, who have drunk way too much of the Bush kool-aid.

    I personally know only one soldier who was deployed to Iraq and then was seriously wounded in an IED attack that left others in his humvee dead. This was the well-publicized attacks on the soldiers from a national guard unit in Ohio.

    By the way the 11% approval rating of Congress does not refer only to the Democrats. There’s quite a few Republicans in the Congress who even though they are the minority are doing a great job of obstruction and supporting of the Bush Fuhrer! I believe the 89% disapproval refers to them more than to the Democrats who are trying to do something to find a solution to the worst foreign policy disaster in the history of the U.S.

    I was an avid supporter of Senator John S. McCain in 2000 and I still haven’t forgiven Bush for the horrendous lies he told about McCain regarding his adopted daughter from Mother Theresa’s orphanage. It was the lowest of the low and even though McCain has obviously forgiven him, I never will. I thought McCain deserved the presidency in 2000 based on his military service and years in captivity alone. Instead the AWOL creep from the privileged TANG unit denigrated and mocked him and convinced the voters that McCain couldn’t be a good president because of his “temper.”

    I could go on and on, but it won’t do any good. You are all in denial. Again, my heart goes out to any parent who tries to go on living a normal life while waiting in daily dread of whether THEIR child will be the next casualty of this abomination of a war.

    You’re right, we’re not at the point of being imprisoned and shot for dissent, but that might not be far off unless the American people awake from their too comfortable slumber. Right now it is our soldiers and their families who are bearing the fallout from the Bush failed policies, but it might be soon enough that we are all affected. Bush has been doing everything possible to make sure that all of the power resides in the executive branch of our government. That, in my opinion, is the beginning of a dictatorship.

    I’m not trying to bully you–only wake you up!

  19. Flag Gazer replied:

    Paragraph 1 –
    Not one of the people you listed has ever called any one unpatriotic – you just wish they would – couldn’t source it could you? Like I said, and thank you for proving it, you are making FALSE ACCUSATIONS.

    I am sorry to hear about your friend. I hope his recovery is going well. I’m sure that you have been quite helpful fulfilling all of his needs. What have you done to help him?

    You have devolved into a fantasy land of ‘facts’ that are not worth my time to refute. Anyone who believes that garbage will believe anything.

    I am not interested in continuing to banter with someone who doesn’t know the meanings of the words they use and has NO grasp of history. If you believe all of the hateful tripe you wrote, you are deluded. I think your hatred is pathological.

    None of us are going to see it your way.

    None of us need your brand of support or your sympathy.

  20. impeachbush replied:

    “Not one of the people you listed has ever called any one unpatriotic – you just wish they would – couldn’t source it could you? Like I said, and thank you for proving it, you are making FALSE ACCUSATIONS.”

    Flag Gazer: I am not deluded and I have no desire either to continue “bantering” with those who live in the Bush fantasy world. However, I hope you will be willing to take a chance on being exposed to a dose of reality by reading this recent article:

    “Fox News’ attack on the honor and integrity of our war generals,” Saturday September 29, 2007 08:02 EST

    Good luck! If you have someone over in Iraq or Afghanistan, I hope and pray they will come home safely and I hope and pray that the American people, military and non-military alike, will rise up and stop this insanity by revolting against it! Thanks for your time!

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