Monday Medly ~

I thought I would start the week off with an assortment of good news stories. Refresh our batteries, so to speak. I have the impression that things are going to get a bit uglier as the debate in Iraq continues, the anti-war groups ramp up their nonsense as more good news  comes out of Iraq and Afghanistan and the presidential candidates try to draw blood as we get closer to the primaries.

I’m sure many more rants from me will be forthcoming. (In fact, I have a couple of comments from ‘impeachbush’ to answer when I have a bit more time. Maybe. I’m getting tired of repeating myself.)

But today, let’s give a look at how our troops are doing in other places besides Iraq:


Air Force Surgeons Pioneer Reconstructive Procedure at Bagram Hospital

Surgical team members Maj. (Dr.) Christopher Dress, Maj. (Dr.) Dmitry Tuder and Airman 1st Class Angelia Sneed perform a free-flap operation on a 9-year-old girl suffering from a badly mangled leg.

Airfield Recycling Project Creates Jobs for Afghans

Air Force Leader Visits Qalat Provincial Reconstruction Team

New Multi-Ethnic Afghan Police Force Grows


Clockwork-like Logistics Key to Humanitarian Mission’s Success

Pacific Partnership provides relief at local hospital in Papua New Guinea

Hospitalman Brian Robinson removes a blood pressure cuff from a local resident at Modilon General Hospital.

Medical Clinic Thrives with Help from Pacific Partnership

OZA, Solomon Islands (Aug. 23, 2007) – Lt. Tracy Branch of the United States Public Health Services (USPHS) comforts a local child before examining him during a medical screening at Voza Medical Clinic in support of Pacific Partnership. During Pacific Partnership, USPHS works with the Solomon Islands and non-governmental organizations to provide medical programs demonstrating commitment to the health and stability of the Pacific region. U.S. Navy Photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Patrick M. Kearney (RELEASED)

Southern Command:

Seabee Restores Water, Brings Comfort to Primary School

Navy Finds West African and French Partners

Students from Cape Verdenan orphanages and other guests listen to USS Doyle Commanding Officer, Cmdr. Michael Elliot. (Department of Defense photo by Ensign Jason Bilbro)


Humanitarian Aid for War-Torn Somalia

Army Maj. Lisa Dewitt instructs students during medical military-to-military training in Uganda. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class John Osborne)


Yep, “baby-killers” and terrorizing “warmongers”, one and all….NOT!!!


October 1, 2007. Tags: , . Good news, military.


  1. Flag Gazer replied:

    ‘impeachbush’ – the nom de plume of an open-minded person – NOT!!! I read the comments – poor job of regurgitating the talking points…’bushliedpeopledied’

    Great list of the good news – there is so much!

  2. Flag Gazer replied:

    Sorry, Deb, I poked your troll – a hateful and vicious one, too.

  3. yankeemom2 replied:

    Thanks for commenting, FG!! I haven’t had time to go point to point. It will take a bit of time – so many other things need my attention here right now. I’ll visit your place soon! ~;o)

  4. Flag Gazer replied:

    Why bother – IT is fully indoctrinated. Linked to a Greenwald piece – one of the lefts greatest haters – as a source and it advocates overthrowing the govermment. BIZARRE.

  5. yankeemom2 replied:

    you’re probably right. All you have to do is read most of hte post’s on my blog ~ links to facts and debunkments and all. I do like to back up my statements and opinions with info from sources other than the media or this and that blog. I double check my favorite blogs too.
    It’s too bad that the people who demand the most extreme solutions to what they perceive as cause of the world’s ills (usually it’s all the US’s fault), do not seem to double check their sources for factual info. Mostly, they stay with that which fits their conclusion, factual or not.
    This latest broohaha with Rush Limbaugh and “phony soldiers” is a perfect example.

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