Too Damn Much ~

Well.  Disrespect, rudeness, irreverence, ignorance, indecency, discourtesy, impertinence, impropriety and lying seem to be rearing their ugly heads in full-blown displays all over this country and in the “esteemed” halls of congress.

Breasts not Bombs (Ugly Alert!) ~ not being arrested because they are “exercising their right to protest”.  Don’t think this is what the Founding Fathers had in mind about “Peaceful Assembly.

Burning the flag (again) ~ Freedom of speech, my a$$

Senators and Congressmen ~ if my daughter had ever talked to anyone as certain senators and congressmen do to the professionals who are the objects of their witch hunts hearings, she would be grounded for a month!

Socialists (calling themselves Progressives) ~ Longing to control every aspect of your life with no lie being too small or too big to do it.
Phony soldiers ~ some have seats in Congress

Hillary (“I helped start Media Matters”) and Media Matters ~ Helping lies spread far and wide.

Code Pink ~ who’s main goal is to be as ludicrous, insensitive and annoying as possible by disrupting as many hearings as possible.

 The Media ~ Reporting what they think you should “know”, whether it’s the truth or not.

Moral Authority ~ Certain people wouldn’t know “moral” if it bit them in the place where their heads are.


( photo –


 Disgusting!  Has that word gone out of fashion?  It would appear so, since so many do not seem to see the above behaviors as a problem.


Well, I do.   But I have hope because we have a large portion of this generation who understand the meanings of such concepts as ‘duty’, “loyalty’ and ‘honor’ and they are coming home from war.  And they’ll be aiming for those who have not acted in their best interest.  





October 3, 2007. Tags: , . America, Anti-Military, Politics.


  1. parsing replied:

    I can’t bring myself to look at Breasts Not Bombs. However, I will send it to a plastic surgeon I know and maybe he can offer discounts on lifts, reductions and implants.
    Stay cool, Army Mom.

  2. yankeemom2 replied:

    LOL! Thanks for stopping by, Parsing. I checked out your store and I’ll be by again. I’m thinking Christmas presents for a couple of friends in Santa Cruz and myself. Heh

  3. Flag Gazer replied:

    Pretty disgusting round up of idiocy…

    I’ve been sending GOE pictures to my adopted kids in the sand to counter the amount of press this gets.

  4. yankeemom2 replied:

    Great, FG. I have some photos I took at the GOE 3 rally I’m adding to my next packages. Great minds think a like!
    I also have one of Ben Stein’s columns that I really like that I also send.

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