“Decency, even when we disagree…”

Poli Stew Cafe has just become my favorite online t-shirt store. You might have read about the threats to Poli Stew Cafe from the organization that will not be named (you know, the one with the words ‘move’, ‘on’ and ‘org’ in it’s name) when the folks put this t-shirt up for sale that had this on it:

This was in response to the Gen Petraeus ad that the organization that will not be named (you know, the one with the words ‘move’, ‘on’ and ‘org’ in it’s name) had placed in the NYT on September 10.

Well, the fine folks at Poli Stew Cafe didn’t let themselves be bullied. Nope.  Follow the link to watch this video:

So Polly Made A T-Shirt

In fact, they are upping the decency factor in this whole situation:

A FUND RAISER: We are pleased to introduce our latest designs, which highlight the General, and the importance of the First Amendment. This store will be open through January 17. After a lot of searching, we decided to direct all our profits from Cafe Press to go directly toThe National Military Family Association, Inc., which was named a 4-Star charity by Charity Navigator. (Please read a disclaimer on the sidebar).

The NMFA helps military families through stressful times. They help spouses and children with upcoming deployments, ease school transitions, assist people through the TriCare health system, learn money management skills, and best of all, through Operation Purple, they send children to summer camp. The goal of this fund raiser is to help send kids to camp. But we can’t do it without your help!

And they haven’t left the kids out of the fun either:

Four Star Military Kid  Shirts and other cute things for the little ones.



I’m definitely going to have to get this:

What with the holidays coming up quicker than I care to think about, there are some great items to get a start on that shopping.   You’re supporting a good organization too.  And be sure to check out their blog.

Okay, sales pitch over.  I just really like these folks’ attitude.  And we could all use a little more decency around here, and that’s a fact.  All the while exercising our First Amendment Rights ~ and that right belongs to all of us.  Not just the organization that will not be named (you know, the one with the words ‘move’, ‘on’ and ‘org’ in it’s name.


October 8, 2007. Tags: , , , . Good news.


  1. cavmom replied:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you… for pointing out their website. I am now a Poli Stew Cafe junkie and proud of it!

  2. yankeemom2 replied:

    LOL, CM! I can’t wait until I can get an order in after the bills are all paid! Making my list…

  3. waitress polly replied:

    I am so humbled when I read the blogs from moms and spouses. What moved me to act when I saw the Petraeus ad was that I felt it was a slap at every man, spouse and child in the military. I think often we forget that everyone sacrifices a lot.

    I just submitted the site to Milblogging, and will be hitting SpouseBuzz as well. It’s so much work, you know?

    I’ll put up more designs as time goes on. Soon I’ll announce “Waitress Polly” parties. Friends & family can order items at a big discount in bulk. They get together, EAT PIE (no, Polly does NOT make pie) and take photos. I’ll post them on my site.

    This weekend I was at a party. It was not my kind of crowd –snobbish. But there is one couple who has always been nice and they were enthusiastic about this project. I also met this online advertising executive, who other than probably being from the “group who shall not be named,” seemed ok. I might ask if his company would give us some free advertising. Not sure.

    I’m hoping we’ll have a grassroots effort in making this thing go –word of mouth, without spending any money on sidebar adverts from the larger blogs.

    Ok. I’m off! Thanks for your support.

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