Busy, Busy, Busy ~ again

Not much time to post today so I’ll direct you to a couple of links of good sites that you should know about.

#1 ~ From Cow Pastures To Kosovo

A new blog from Leta of Tanker Brothers fame.  This is one Troop-Supporting woman!! When something needs doing to help out one of our Finest, she’s there, giving 110% or more.  She just started posting, so please go over and say hello.  We need her to keep blogging!!

#2 ~ Borderfire Report 

An amazing compilation of all things related to illegals and the border.

Well, I’m off ~ if I just knew where to start…



October 10, 2007. Tags: , , , . blogger support.


  1. waitresspolly replied:

    I just got attacked by a load of laundry.
    Thanks for your enthusiasm. I know things are tight for everyone. The fund raiser has slowed since it disappeared off the sidebar on Michelle’s site. But it’ll pick up.
    Anyway, we’ll have Xmas and Holiday cards. I just found a cool site http://jewsingreen.com for Jewish people in the US military, so I’ll do a Hanukkah card, even though I’ve never done one!
    I know a muslim family with a son in there too. Yes, the military is diverse.
    So maybe I’ll do something too.

  2. yankeemom2 replied:

    I like your style, Polly!! you just wait – when our client pays us our next installment check, I’m going shoppin’!!!
    Love the card idea!

  3. waitress polly replied:

    Hey, I found a military Rabbi’s blog and have added it to my sidebar! It’s very thoughtful and insightful.
    I put a thank you to you and Alabama Kitchen Sink in my CafePress newsletter I sent out. You two are from different sides of the counter, yet, I think you’d probably get along fine.

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