Attention, Please!

Leta, from the brand spankin’ new blog, From Cow Pastures to Kosovo has a post up about a whole lotta soldiers in the Battle Company 2nd Battalion, 503rd Infantry (Airborne) “The Rock”, that are in need of some support from those of us here at home. They are out in the middle of nowhere with not much most of the time.

“Now about that photo at the beginning of the blog. No…that’s not a mountain goat clinging to the rocks under that tree. That’s one of our finest, our bravest. He and his buddy (taking photo) were at an observation post in the Hindu Kush Mountains, Korengal Valley, Kunar Province, Afghanistan (in case you want to google). They man those observation posts for DAYS at a time. Hike to them. Sit there looking for the bad guys. Hike back to the firebase when their relief hikes out to them. The photo was taken this past summer. Just imagine what it will be like on that observation post during the winter. I can’t. “

Damn cold, is what it is!

So, please go over and see if you can help out in any way. Thanks!


October 11, 2007. Tags: , , , . Troop Support.

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