All about me ~

I’m the Army Mom of a 68 Tango. I’m also married to one helluva guy, who just happens to be a kick ass guitar player. Nobody disrespects the military around me and gets away with it. I’m a member of Soldiers’ Angels and take supporting soldiers alot further than just slapping a magnet on my car. I have my opinions and will voice them. After all, it’s my blog. I am also enduring a forced exile in California but am plotting my escape. Š



  1. Jean Hering replied:

    Hi-I happened to come across your website looking for something else and boy, I couldn’t have writen it any better! AMEN

    Do you know a lot of military people? I tried before unsucessfully to help out but with no luck-what I want to do is give DRASTICALLY reduced rates to soldiers and their families (up to 4) at my rental in the keys. The duplex is ground level and can handle handicapped.

    All I would charge is utilities, and cleaning. It would be for a week between August-December and any cancellations I might have. Next year I can do more time.

    Let me know-we’ll give this a try and see how it goes. I might know others (who rent) here on Key Colony Beach who will do the same.

  2. moveamericaforward replied:

    Keep up the great work!!! I know all of us at Move America Forward are excited to be working with you and everyone else as we work very very hard to prepare for the launch of the national, cross-country “Fight for Victory Tour” this September 3 – 15. It’s an honor to be working with groups such as Vets for Freedom, Gathering of Eagles, Military Order of the Purple Heart, Free Republic, Protest Warriors and others. It’s a vital time for us to be mobilized and speaking out and it’s for such a just, worthy, noble, and pertinent cause. So let’s kick some butt and stand up to those who wish to force surrender terms upon our troops! http://www.MoveAmericaForward.org

  3. Matt replied:

    Spread the word……Finally, we get the truth about the war and what our troops are sacrificing. It’s a side of the war you won’t see on the news. It’s a book written by a U.S. soldier. I hear this is a fantastic book…..even better than Blackhawk Down. Spread the word! Support our troops! You can order it now:


    This first-hand account of the 2004 Battle of Fallujah, Iraq, is written by a former soldier who tells what it was like to fight in close combat, against an enemy on its home territory. The American soldiers eventually won the block-by-block battle, but the cost was great. David Bellavia conveys the intense experiences of combat, and presents well-drawn portraits of his fellow soldiers, as he captures their heroism and sacrifice in horrible situations.

  4. Leta replied:

    I’ve lost your email address – AGAIN. Would you email me please? I need to send you a link about a protest being formed against all recruiters

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