Victims or Heroes?

Robert Kaplan has written an exceptional (of course) piece of so much of what has been on my mind about the dumbing down and victimization of our military by the media and sooo many politicians, sadly, from both sides of the aisle.

The best quote from the article:

“Has anyone noticed that we now have a volunteer Army? I’m a warrior. It’s my job to fight.”

And this jsut makes my blood boil:

“The first Medal of Honor in the global war on terror was awarded posthumously to Army Sgt. First Class Paul Ray Smith of Tampa, Fla., who was killed under withering gunfire protecting his wounded comrades outside Baghdad airport in April 2003. According to LexisNexis, by June 2005, two months after his posthumous award, his stirring story had drawn only 90 media mentions, compared with 4,677 for the supposed Quran abuse at Guantanamo Bay, and 5,159 for the court-martialed Abu Ghraib guard Lynndie England. While the exposure of wrongdoing by American troops is of the highest importance, it can become a tyranny of its own when taken to an extreme.” (emphsis mine)

Go here to read the rest.

(h/t to Jules Crittenden)


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~ now.

If I Die Before You Wake


If I die before you wake…

Back home now I know you’re probably sleepin’
Over here it’s the middle of the day
I finally found the time to write a letter
Sittin’ here a half a world away
I heard about all them folks protestin’
As if I really want this war
But that don’t stop me from believin’
There’s just some things worth fightin’ for

And if I die before you wake,
I pray the world will take
A good look at what God’s given us
That we could only understand,
everything is in his hands
All we need is a little faith and trust
I want you to know it ain’t too high a price to pay
If I die before you wake

Tell everybody that I miss them
And I can’t wait to get back home
But until then I’ll serve my country
And be proud to wear this uniform

No it ain’t too high a price to pay
If I die before you wake

Written by Dustin Evans, Rick Tiger and Dave Brainard

Performed by Dustin Evans and The Goodtimes Band


I received this in an email from Brat at Tanker Brothers.

Thanks Brat!!

Now watch this:

Ben Stein on real Heroes

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Monday Medly ~

I thought I would start the week off with an assortment of good news stories. Refresh our batteries, so to speak. I have the impression that things are going to get a bit uglier as the debate in Iraq continues, the anti-war groups ramp up their nonsense as more good news  comes out of Iraq and Afghanistan and the presidential candidates try to draw blood as we get closer to the primaries.

I’m sure many more rants from me will be forthcoming. (In fact, I have a couple of comments from ‘impeachbush’ to answer when I have a bit more time. Maybe. I’m getting tired of repeating myself.)

But today, let’s give a look at how our troops are doing in other places besides Iraq:


Air Force Surgeons Pioneer Reconstructive Procedure at Bagram Hospital

Surgical team members Maj. (Dr.) Christopher Dress, Maj. (Dr.) Dmitry Tuder and Airman 1st Class Angelia Sneed perform a free-flap operation on a 9-year-old girl suffering from a badly mangled leg.

Airfield Recycling Project Creates Jobs for Afghans

Air Force Leader Visits Qalat Provincial Reconstruction Team

New Multi-Ethnic Afghan Police Force Grows


Clockwork-like Logistics Key to Humanitarian Mission’s Success

Pacific Partnership provides relief at local hospital in Papua New Guinea

Hospitalman Brian Robinson removes a blood pressure cuff from a local resident at Modilon General Hospital.

Medical Clinic Thrives with Help from Pacific Partnership

OZA, Solomon Islands (Aug. 23, 2007) – Lt. Tracy Branch of the United States Public Health Services (USPHS) comforts a local child before examining him during a medical screening at Voza Medical Clinic in support of Pacific Partnership. During Pacific Partnership, USPHS works with the Solomon Islands and non-governmental organizations to provide medical programs demonstrating commitment to the health and stability of the Pacific region. U.S. Navy Photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Patrick M. Kearney (RELEASED)

Southern Command:

Seabee Restores Water, Brings Comfort to Primary School

Navy Finds West African and French Partners

Students from Cape Verdenan orphanages and other guests listen to USS Doyle Commanding Officer, Cmdr. Michael Elliot. (Department of Defense photo by Ensign Jason Bilbro)


Humanitarian Aid for War-Torn Somalia

Army Maj. Lisa Dewitt instructs students during medical military-to-military training in Uganda. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class John Osborne)


Yep, “baby-killers” and terrorizing “warmongers”, one and all….NOT!!!

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Good Stuff

I was going to do another post on all the good that our military is doing recently, but the guy is going to be delivering our wood here pretty soon (of course it’s going to be close to 90 today with a zillion degree humidity ~ ah well, it will give me time to stack it) and my kitchen is upside down as I emptied the last of the boxes last night and the rugs came so I need to get those put down.

So, I’m just going to direct you to:

A Soldier’s Mind

A Soldier’s Perspective


Hope Rides Eternal over at Tanker Brothers

Just click and start reading.  Lots of Good Stuff!
If only our frickin’ politicians would read more milblogs.

I’m going to go and take some ibuprofen now.

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