What To Do About The Media

Prime example of what we’ve been up against for longer than I care to think about:

CJ has a post up about the 7 Soldiers’ editorial published in the NYT; Veterans For Freedom’s response which was not published in the the NYT – anyway, go now and read his post if you haven’t already. (I’m a bit behind in blog reading. So much to do and not enough time in a day lately.)

Honesty in Media?

Okay. Now read this:

READ. It. Now. And read Who our real enemies are…

I’m going to buy the book tomorrow when I go to town before one of my adopted “sons” comes to visit. I’ve written about him before ~ he’s with the Old Guard and is on casket duty. His missions are to respectfully bring his brothers or sisters home to their final resting place in Arlington. He’s all of 20. He has more respect and dignity in his shoelace than the goddamn media traitors have in their whole species.

Now that I’m thoroughly disgusted ~ again ~ and I hope you are too, (If not, go away. I don’t like your kind.) read here and do something to support this. This country has it’s head so far up where the sun don’t shine, it hasn’t seen daylight in what, 35 years or so and it’s killing our Soldiers and Marines. It’s up to those of us who are thoroughly disgusted to keep fighting the fight. The Government isn’t going to protect our troops, the media isn’t even in that room, we have looneybin military mothers doing everything in their power to spread the lies and help the enemy, within and without, and vets that have turned against their brothers for a few minutes of dhimmi media fame.

So are you going to sit there and let our troops ~ our children ~ be slandered?

No need to – you now have a way to get active. Support the Truth! Support the Tottens and Yons and all the others courageous enough to put their lives on the line so the Truth will be told.

It’s going to get uglier as the Surge continues to be successful. The politicians (on both sides of the aisle) are already doing their smoke and mirror bit by directing (and certainly not without design) your focus on Maliki and all the “faults” of the new Iraqi government and anything else they can put out there to keep you from hearing the good news. The MSM is more than willing to aid and abet the politiking politicians.

I’m with Wolf – I’m getting more raspy and angry by the day. Which is why I’m going to be in DC in September and support the independent embeds.

That March of Uppity MilMoms on Capital Hill that I’ve been thinking about (see comments here) might be a good thing to have happen in October ~ who’s available???


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Saddle Up!

This was brought to my attention in the comments of my latest post, Our Democrats. (thanks again, Tom!)

I didn’t know about this as I don’t watch the alphabet news channels anymore.

“By the way, here’s some German support: An Open Letter to ABC News”

What are they speaking of? Go here: A Violent “Normal” day in Baghdad

(warning ~ graphic video and blood pressure raising text.)

Remember the sniper footage on CNN?

Well, I think ABC has outdone them.

I have a real hard time with this part:

In another instance of Smith’s reporting, Lake’s platoon responded to a Bradley armored vehicle being hit by a roadside bomb, leaving six American soldiers and an Iraqi translator burning to death inside.

Are you still confused as to why so many of the American people are not supportive of our troops?

With this type of “let’s show the US Troops in the worst light possible reporting” which is the norm and has been since President Bush decided that action in the Middle East was warranted finally, our foolish, pandering politicians using our troops lives as political scoring points, and the Administration’s spine crumbling in the face of Poll pressure, you have a winning strategy to aid and abet the enemy.

Of course, I realize that this nonsense is going to be ramped up as The Surge shows more and more signs of progress – which it is regardless of what you see on TV, read in the newspapers or hear from the floor of the Senate or the House. But with the “Get Bush” Democrats exploiting the hatred toward America of the leftist fringe element for votes and seats, too many Republicans acting as anything but, and such dreadful people as the woman who will not be named getting major press coverage for her inane drivel, and “most of America at the Mall”, how else could it be?

Al Qaeda and all the other gangs of death and destruction are laughing their collective arse’s off (except for those that our troops have sent to their just reward and I don’t think that it includes any virgins…) at the ‘weak horse” infidels. And that would be us.

And until we decide that this is beyond the pale and start speaking up, taking action against this and showing the bastards that their time of being a wing of the enemy is over, it will continue and we will have another Vietnam with Iraq (after we leave) making Cambodia look like a picnic.

But at least we will have our troops home to help clean up the casualties and rubble here.

(Veterans For Freedom)


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