Attention, Please!

Leta, from the brand spankin’ new blog, From Cow Pastures to Kosovo has a post up about a whole lotta soldiers in the Battle Company 2nd Battalion, 503rd Infantry (Airborne) “The Rock”, that are in need of some support from those of us here at home. They are out in the middle of nowhere with not much most of the time.

“Now about that photo at the beginning of the blog. No…that’s not a mountain goat clinging to the rocks under that tree. That’s one of our finest, our bravest. He and his buddy (taking photo) were at an observation post in the Hindu Kush Mountains, Korengal Valley, Kunar Province, Afghanistan (in case you want to google). They man those observation posts for DAYS at a time. Hike to them. Sit there looking for the bad guys. Hike back to the firebase when their relief hikes out to them. The photo was taken this past summer. Just imagine what it will be like on that observation post during the winter. I can’t. “

Damn cold, is what it is!

So, please go over and see if you can help out in any way. Thanks!


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How About Writing a Marine?

From jyro at Free Republic:

From: Colonel Simcock, USMC

US Marine Colonel Simcock, the commander of USMC Regimental Combat Team 6 in Iraq, is asking for 6,000 positive emails to his Marines.

That’s one email for each Marine in his RCT command. COL Simcock is concerned about the effect of the negative barrage that those Marines are getting through the electronic media and the Democrat comments on them losing. (Thanks Harry Reid! You and your Democrats really support the troops)

“If you’re reading this email, then you can probably click on the address, type a few words, and then hit “send” to be all done.

It doesn’t have to be the Gettysburg Address. Something as simple as “Hello, Marine. We thank you for what you’re doing.

You are in a noble task. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Best wishes &get home soon” is more than sufficient.

I find that the part I put in bold is the most offensive. Whether you agree with the war or not, to send a “barrage of negative messages through electronic media” to our troops is utterly outrageous. It is not the war that is demoralizing them, it is the negative barrage of messages through electronic media as per their own commander.

Do people NOT understand that our troops, in this day and age of the Internet, are seeing what you are saying…. And so are our enemies?

These morons deliberately ignore that simple basic concept as they are spewing their hatred.

Our troops need to know we appreciate them and all they do for us.

Is it THAT hard to actually give them that support?

For some it seems to be. They should be ashamed of themselves.

EMAIL A MARINE. Tell them how much they mean to us. Take 30 seconds right now and just do it, ok?

Thank you.


The Fightin’ 6th Marines blog
RCT-6 Official Website

Karmah sheik confides in Marines
Story by Pfc. Brian Jones

RCT-6 photos

Col. Richard L. Simcock II, commanding officer, Regimental Combat Team 6, hands a commander’s coin to Marines in a re-enlistment ceremony at Camp Fallujah’s Chapel of Hope July 9. Nearly three dozen Marines swore an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. Over $1 million was handed out in bonuses.

C’mon! Let them know we don’t all wear pink!

Of course, there are more of us than they know…

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A Poem

I know, lately I’ve been just posting about other people’s posts.  The roofers are here and the pounding (3 days now) is making it hard to put one thought next to another.

I’ll tell you though ~ I am thoroughly disgusted with our Congress’s shameful political shenanigans, still.   Every time I think they’ve hit the lowest low, up they pop with a new low.  And I just can’t listen to Harry Reid say how patriotic the Democrats are and how they support the troops ONE MORE TIME!!! Goes for Pelosi, Murtha, Durbin, Obey, Reed, Levin and the rest of them too.  And all those cowering RINOs who are a slap in the face to the men and women who took an oath to defend the Constitution these “elected officials” took an oath to uphold.

Nevermind the antics of the anti-war crowd who also say they support the troops all the while doing everything possible to undermine them and stab them in the back.

Devildog has something to say about this in a poem she wrote:

“Tell me again Momma, what am I fighting for?”

Tell me again Momma
What am I fighting for;
if not for our freedom
from shore to shore!

Is it wrong to help others
fight to be free?
Is “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness
only for you and me?

Tell me again, Momma,
I really want to know;
Tell me why we’re dying,
and I’ll be set to go!

You see, I always believed in the “Pledge”
we said in school everyday!
I felt proud to tell everyone,
that’s the “American Way!”

But, I’m not sure anymore
why we should all keep trying;
To serve and protect
as I watch my brothers and sisters dying!

Tell me again, Momma,
why we’re all in this place;
When our Congress seems more concerned
with its political race!

Doesn’t “Duty, Honor, and Service”
mean anything anymore?
Aren’t we all fighting for freedom
like thousands of soldiers before?

I know why I fight,
Why I risk my life everyday!
I fight for our freedom
and the American way!

I fight for my country,
the land that I lone;
I fight for the right to pray
to God up above!

Yet, everyday news comes from home’
Protesters line the streets everywhere!
Congress refuses to support us,
The rest of the nation seems not to care!

So, tell me again Momma’
What am I fighting for?
When those we are dying for
spread anti-war sentiments from shore to shore!

Don’t they know they embolden the enemy
and feed into their lies?
While today on the battlefield
another soldier died!

The enemy says it will destroy us
and tear down our mighty nation!
Yet protesters march against us’
and shout in jubilation!

So, tell me again Momma
I really want to know;
Tell me why we’re dying,
And I’ll be set to go!

These protesters say they support us,
but they refuse us what we need;
Where is their support for our war effort’
In all the papers that we read?

The enemy sees their actions
and taunts us every day;
with the news from home and propaganda,
hoping to scare us away!

Tell me again, Momma,
What am I fighting for;
If not for freedom
from shore to shore?

The protesters may support us,
at least that’s what they say;
But, their actions support our enemy,
every single day!

So, let me tell you Momma,
What I’m really fighting for;
I’m fighting so my son and daughter
never have to go to war!

All the protesters in the streets,
Those in Congress who turn a blind eye;
I fight for their children too,
So they won’t have to fight and die!

As long as Americans can stay safe and free,
and pray freely to God up above;
Maybe the children of those who abandon us
will come to share my American love!

So, let me tell you Momma,
What I fighting for!
I’m fighting so their children
won’t have to go to war!

I’m fighting in hope
I’ll live to see the day;
All the protesters and Congress
stop trying to throw our freedom away!

I’m fighting everyday
to serve, protect, and defend;
What the protesters and Congress
try so hard to end.

I’m fighting to save America,
and freedom everywhere;
even though I know it’s true,
there are those who do not care!!

So, let me tell you Momma,
What I’m fighting for;
It’s worth “all” cost, e-v-e-n- w-a-r!!!

written by: devildog6771
Sept. 29, 2007
USMC 1967-1971

Thank you, Devildog ~

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Calling all Knitters and Crocheters ~

Soldiers Angels is putting out a call for people who can knit, crochet, sew or quilt.

We have some exciting news!! We have a new project that we would like all of you to consider helping with. It will benefit so many honorable and deserving veterans and we need your help to accomplish this goal! If you are interested please pass this information along to friends & families – church groups – sewing circles – Girl Scouts/Boy Scouts etc….

Introducing Soldiers’ Angels Operation Hug-A-Hero – “Honoring Our Veterans One Stitch At A Time”

Patti has asked our crochet team to help provide holiday cheer to TWENTY THOUSAND Veterans nationwide this holiday season. These blankets can be crocheted – knitted – quilted or fleece tie blankets. Once you have your blanket completed please wrap them individually in Christmas wrapping and place a tag or card with them letting our Heroes know who made the item and that you are a member of Soldiers’ Angels Organization. We ask that you please hold your blankets and mail them out on or near December 1st.

Once you get a package ready please email Terri Hansen at:


and she will provide you with the address of the nearest VA facility. In the email please include the number of blankets and the sizing. If you have a creation for a female please indicate on the outside of the package that it is intended for a female recipient.

The sizes requested are – 36 x 45 for lap afghans and 45 x 60 for blankets. Please remember that when crocheting/knitting and looming sometimes the measurements are not exact…that is fine!! Our Heroes will love them even if they are not the exact size requested!!

We thank you so much for considering this project! We feel like this is a wonderful way to wrap our veterans with love and show them how much we appreciate the sacrifices they have made on our and our country’s behalf!

I’ve been knitting up some lapghans myself and I’ll be delivering them to the VA Hospital near here, as soon as I find the box I packed them in for moving….

When I was visiting the Palo Alto VA Hospital in CA, I would go into a room and see an afghan or quilt that someone had sent to the vets there. Some were in patriotic colors and others had special colors. So, I would ask them about it and their faces would light up! Some said, “I don’t know who made it or sent it, but it’s really great!” Or they would tell me of a relative who made it for them special in their favorite team’s colors. One thing is for sure, it most always was on the bed or wheelchair. And it meant a lot to them. Young vets or older vets. They love to be remembered and appreciated.

And one other thing, this doesn’t have to be just a Christmas project. There are patients at VA Hospitals year round.

So get out your needles and start making a {{hug}}!

Update ~

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, my daughter is in the Army Veterinary Corps.  She’ll be heading to Lackland Air Force Base in a couple of weeks to do some work with the Working Military Dogs there.

The mission of the 341st Training Squadron is to provide trained military working dogs and handlers for the Department of Defense, other government agencies and allies through training, logistical, veterinary support and research and development for security efforts worldwide.


 I can’t wait to hear about it!  She’s very excited, though I don’t know if it’s so much working with dogs or getting out of Hinesville for awhile.  I imagine it’s a bit of both, knowing her.  (We’re in negotiations right now about a stray dog that has come into the clinic.  She says we must take the dog if a home can’t be found for her in a couple months.  I have a feeling she’ll be bringing a “guest” with her at Thanksgiving…)

So ~ for all you dog lovers out there, there’s a way you can support our K-9 units!

Soldiers Angels also has a K-9 support project.  You can find out all about it by going to this link:

War Dogs 

Today we have over 2000 K-9 teams on the frontlines of the Global War on Terror. Nutritious food, high protein treats, hydration units, booties, cooling vests and many other items are necessary for our dogs’ successful missions.


Noise Sensitivity Training

Photo by Rob Martinez
March 26, 2007

Sgt. James Adolfson, 18th Military Police Detachment, Canine Section, comforts military police dog J.R. who is taking part in noise training in the Engagement Skills 2000 trainer here. The training helps desensitize MP dogs to the loud noises of battle and prepares them for deployment.



Killed in Iraq, Dog Team Buried together 

 Cpl. Kory D. Wiens and his partner, Cooper

They are a special and important, hard working part of our military and they really like their treats!

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Our Voices Are Being Heard

From ConcreteBob:

Rep John Carter (R) TX press conference on the desecration of the Vietnam Memorial Wall:

Watch videos here and here.

text of Rep Ted Poe’s statement on the floor of the House on 20 September 2007

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Madam Speaker, “I do not believe that the men who served in uniform in Vietnam have been given the credit they deserve. It was a difficult war against an unorthodox enemy.”
These are the words of General Westmoreland in the war where “all gave some and some gave all.” But the disrespect continues. Now, despicable vandals have desecrated the sacred black granite Vietnam Wall. An oily, slimy, greasy substance was smeared over the Wall and the walkway. The Park Service is attempting to remove the damage, but the monument desecraters run free.
This monument bears the name of 56,000 warriors. They answered the call for America and they died in their youth. I grew up with friends whose names are on that wall.
The unpatriotic, cowardly, abusing criminals should be tracked down, prosecuted, and put in jail somewhere off the shores of America, maybe Guantanamo Bay.
It has been said that “Vietnam was a war that asked everything of a few and nothing of most in America.” Now America must be resolved to capture these outlaws and restore dignity to those who died for the rest of us.
And that’s just the way it is.

TX Rep John Carter (R-Tx):

Resolution Draft:

Condemning the actions of September 7, 2007, resulting in damage to the Vietnam Veterans War Memorial.

Mr. CARTER submitted the following resolution; which was referred to the
Committee on ……

Condemning the actions of 7 September 2007, resulting in damage to the Vietnam Veterans War Memorial.

Whereas the Vietnam Veterans Memorial serves as a memorial to the 2,700,000 men and women in the United
States Armed Forces who served in the designated war zone during the Vietnam Era;

Whereas 58,256 men and women died while serving in South  East Asia or as a result of their wounds or a service-connected disability;

Whereas on Friday evening, September 7, 2007, the United States Park Police reported being notified of a light, oily,
and unidentified substance that was spilled over portions of some of the names, panels, and paving stones of the
Vietnam Veterans Memorial;

Whereas at least 14 of the 140 inscribed panels of the Memorial Wall were damaged; and

Whereas the National Park Service has determined that the damage was the result of an act of vandalism:

Now, therefore, be it Resolved,

That the House of Representatives condemns all attacks upon the memory of veterans and their service to the United States, as exemplified by the incident of vandalism of 7 September 2007.

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From My Inbox

UPDATE: Cornyn Amendment (see below)

Hugh Hewitt has an excellent column on this and has the roll call on the vote.

It boils down to 72 – 25 for the amendment and General Petraeus.

Here are the names of those who voted in’s favor:

 Akaka (D-HI), Nay          Bingaman (D-NM), Nay         Boxer (D-CA), Nay  

Brown (D-OH), Nay         Byrd (D-WV), Nay                  Clinton (D-NY), Nay

Dodd (D-CT), Nay            Durbin (D-IL), Nay                 Feingold (D-WI), Nay


Harkin (D-IA), Nay         Inouye (D-HI), Nay                 Kennedy (D-MA), Nay   


Kerry (D-MA), Nay         Lautenberg (D-NJ), Nay        Levin (D-MI), Nay    


Menendez (D-NJ), Nay       Murray (D-WA), Nay        Reed (D-RI), Nay


Reid (D-NV), Nay            Rockefeller (D-WV), Nay      Sanders (I-VT), Nay


Schumer (D-NY), Nay      Stabenow (D-MI), Nay        Whitehouse (D-RI), Nay

Wyden (D-OR), Nay

The Three  not voting:

Biden (D-DE), Not Voting

Cantwell (D-WA), Not Voting

Obama (D-IL), Not Voting

Well, now you know the Senators who are truly owned by  I hope you noticed the presidential candidates in the list above.

I have been angry at our politicians many times before but never to this extent and never have I been so ashamed of their actions.


I was raised with the adage “consider the source” when confronted with something said that confused, bemused or angered me. This led me to becoming really good at researching something or someone. I never take anything written or anyone at face value. I look at what’s ‘behind the curtain’ in most everything that affects me or my family ~ I hate surprises.

So with that in mind, Brat from Tanker Brothers sent me this little tidbit from the WorldNetDaily:

Terrorists thank Cindy: You light up our lives

Muslim terrorist leaders are “thankful” for the efforts of activist and congressional candidate Cindy Sheehan, stating in a new book Sheehan’s anti-Iraq war activities and her statements against President Bush “give us hope” the U.S. will change its Mideast policies.

“You [Sheehan] give us hope and you show us that there are different Americans than those whom we know,” stated Ramadan Adassi, chief of the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades terror group in the West Bank’s Anskar Refugee Camp.

Click on the title to read the rest and find out just who these wonderful folks are who are singing her praises. Not surprising that folks such as these would be so enamored with the likes of that woman. Now, I came to the conclusion a long time ago that if it makes the terrorists happy, it’s bad for my country. (Just wish more politicians would come to the same conclusion. But then, apparently most don’t read anything but the NYT.) The woman who will not be named is making the terrorists happy. Hence, she is not good for my country. As are all the ones who stand with her.

I really need to open my email later in the morning. I did not have enough coffee yet for the likes of that…


From Newsbusters: Just so you know the truth ~

Fools Rush In

Following obviously superficial scans of former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan’s new book, the mainstream media fell all over themselves trying to make Bush look bad. The lead example? That Greenspan said we “went to war for oil.” The truth was a little different. MRC analysts reported that in the Washington Post and on the Today show Monday, Greenspan said oil was “not the administration’s motive” and in fact that his Today show interview “made abundantly clear the inaccuracy of the implication that Greenspan was somehow endorsing a left-wing conspiracy theory about how George W. Bush went to war to financially benefit Dick Cheney’s oil industry friends.”

Alan Greenspan: I never said Iraq War was about oil

…Unfortunately for the liberal press and blogosphere, Greenspan did not say what was attributed to him. After the news broke, Greenspan called up the Post to say he’d been quoted out of context…

Read the rest and follow the links.

People everywhere confuse what they read in newspapers with news.

A. J. Liebling (1904 – 1963)


From Wounded Warriors Project: Veterans Day 2007

Wounded Warrior Project’s After Action Report, hosted by actor Matthew Modine, tells the stories of the men and women of our nation’s Armed Forces and the extraordinary sacrifices they have made. In this video, you’ll meet seven wounded warriors and learn about the defining traits that led them to serve their country.

Go here to see the first two episodes.


HBO Features Alive Day

WWP board of directors member Dawn Halfaker will be profiled in HBO’s new documentary, “Alive Day Memories,” produced by “The Sopranos” star James Gandolfini. Tune in to HBO this fall for Dawn’s story, as well as the stories of nine other wounded warriors, including several WWP Alumni. Learn more.


More Charges dropped in Haditha case

Tuesday, September 18, 2007 5:41 PM

CAMP PENDLETON, Calif. — Charges have been dropped against a captain who was accused of failing to investigate the deaths of 24 Iraqi civilians in the town of Haditha, the Marine Corps said Tuesday.

Capt. Lucas M. McConnell of Napa was granted immunity and ordered to cooperate with officials looking into the November 2005 killings, the Marines said in a press release….

This sort of nonsense has to stop:

Green Berets Face Hearing on Killing of Suspect in Afghan Village

Published: September 18, 2007
FORT BRAGG, N.C., Sept. 17 — From his position about 100 yards away,
Master Sgt. Troy Anderson had a clear shot at the Afghan man standing
outside a residential compound in a village near the Pakistan border last
October. When Capt. Dave Staffel, the Special Forces officer in charge,
gave the order to shoot, Sergeant Anderson fired a bullet into the man’s
head, killing him.

In June, Captain Staffel and Sergeant Anderson were charged with
premeditated murder….

Continue here.

WE are at war. We have an enemy that doesn’t play by the rules. Our troops know the rules and carry them out, often to their own endangerment. Too much politics and PC BS going on here.


And then there’s more from

Democrats Framing the ‘Betrayal’ Argument

By Susan Jones Senior Editor
September 20, 2007

( – has released the latest ad in its controversial “betrayal series” — this one, criticizing Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell and his fellow Republicans for a “betrayal of trust.”

A week after calling Gen. David Petraeus, the top U.S. commander in Iraq, “General Betray Us,” the liberal advocacy group is blasting Republicans for undermining U.S. troops by denying them “a reasonable time to spend with their families before returning to war.”

Click on title for the rest of the article.

And ~

Dems Cast Republicans as Callous Toward US Troops
By Susan Jones Senior Editor
September 20, 2007

( – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is accusing Republicans of ignoring the wishes of the American people — and the welfare of U.S. troops — by defeating an amendment that would have restricted U.S. troop rotations.

The Senate on Wednesday mustered only 56 votes — four votes short of the 60 votes necessary to bring up the amendment for consideration.(A similiar amendment failed by the same margin in July.)

Click on the title to read the rest.

Sen John Cornyn is reintroducing his resolution:

The now-infamous ad — “General Petraeus or General Betray Us” — marks a potential watershed in U.S. political discourse. A radical-left interest group has undertaken to accuse our military leadership of treason for working towards victory in the war against Islamic terrorists. The open question now is — will the majority Congressional party continue to tacitly endorse this scurrilous tactic by its most activist supporters, or will this defamation be repudiated? We are about to find out.

The ad in the New York Times defamed a highly respected, highly decorated four star General who has dedicated his life to serving our country. The assault had a specific purpose. It was designed to discredit Gen. David Petraeus in advance of a congressionally ordered report on the situation in Iraq. Gen. Petraeus, while stressing that much work remains, delivered good news about the progress we’re making in the war against Islamic terrorists and rooting out al Qaeda.

Read the rest here. Read the amendment here.

You should hear the Dems going after the Swift Boat Vets in rebuttal. Durbin and Boxer just keep doing the tit for tat. I must say Sen. Cornyn is holding his line.

I can’t find the text for the Boxer amendment at the moment. They’re voting on it now.

I’ll post it when I find it.

Help us, Lord, help us…

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Never Stand Down!

I’m listening to my now (arrrggghhh!) senator (Sen. Webb) and Senator McCain debate on the floor about the Iraq War.  Webb would have you believe that our troops our weak and/or broken.  Senator McCain is doing the best he can to keep respect of our troops in his statements.

Politicians ~ dang!

Here’s a heads up from the Heritage Foundation:

Liberals are on the march. 

Our nation’s core conservative values are under attack in Washington and around the nation. But The Heritage Foundation has a plan to stop the Left with the facts and common-sense solutions America needs.

Learn more about the liberal threat at

The far Left has seized control of Congress. Already, they have come to Washington and pushed radical changes that would undermine the very fabric of our nation. Here’s their plan. This is what we’re up against:

  • Granting amnesty to illegal immigrants, at a huge cost to taxpayers and the risk of still more low-skill immigration down the line;
  • Surrendering in Iraq and other fronts in the war on terror, while refusing to give law enforcement officers the tools they need to protect us at home;
  • Raising taxes on work and investment by repealing the tax cuts passed in 2001 and 2003;
  • Laying the groundwork for socialized medicine through their misguided plans to expand government health care;
  • Blocking the nomination of well-qualified judges because they support the Constitution and not radical left-wing ideas;

Things are not much better in communities around the nation.

  • Young children are being taught about sex. High school students, instead of being taught the benefits of abstinence, are given how-to lessons in all manner of sexual behaviors.
  • Cities and towns across America are declaring themselves “sanctuary cities” and refuse to enforce the nation’s immigration laws. And a Pennsylvania judge recently sided with the ACLU in overturning that town’s restrictions on illegal immigrants.

How have things come to this? I’ve had enough, and I know you have too. It’s time someone put a stop to this nonsense, and we at The Heritage Foundation have decided to lead the fight.

Find out more about the threat and what Heritage is doing at

Already this year, we’ve had success educating members of Congress and the American people about the Left’s agenda, and we’ve debunked liberal deceptions on a whole range of issues.

Take immigration: Not only did liberals in Congress withdraw their amnesty bill after Heritage experts highlighted its disastrous consequences. But the Bush administration reversed course and adopted common-sense border security and immigration reforms, most of them based on Heritage Foundation recommendations! These are a step in the right direction, and can serve as the basis for real, long-term reform.

Or consider government overspending: After our experts have spent years warning the Bush administration to pare back wasteful federal spending, they’re taking us seriously and threatening to veto the many liberal-backed bills that would spend billions more than President Bush asked for. This is another step in the right direction.

But with liberals entrenched in the media, the government bureaucracy and institutions like the ACLU and, liberals can outlast a short-term effort. With next year’s election very much undecided, the conservative movement cannot afford to take a short-term view.

That’s why Heritage is developing a ten-year plan—our Leadership for America initiative—to get America back on course. We believe it is time to recall our nation and our people to our first principles as espoused by our Founding Fathers.

Find out more and donate now to support Heritage:

Here’s the vision I outlined to our Board of Trustees earlier this year. We seek to

  • Renew America’s founding principles;
  • Restore the family to its primary role in civil society;
  • Protect the rule of law and civil society;
  • Protect America and Americans from freedom’s enemies;
  • Restore American leadership and freedom in the world;
  • Strengthen the role of religion and religious liberty in America;
  • Replace the culture of entitlement with the culture of mutual responsibility;
  • Give every American freedom of choice in health care;
  • Provide energy and environmental solutions to keep America safe, free and prosperous;
  • Provide future generations with educational choice.

But stopping the Left so our conservative vision can take hold is absolutely critical. Over the next two weeks, you’ll hear from my colleagues at Heritage and elsewhere in the conservative movement about the need to fight back, to retake our culture and retake our government. They’ll explain why this effort is so important.

Our opponents are well-funded, though. Liberals today are out-raising conservatives, and the Left has big-money backers, like George Soros, who fund radical groups like People for the American Way and

To start fighting back, we urgently need to raise funds online. Will you help us in the next two weeks?

Help us get started:

Your contribution today is worth double to Heritage. Thanks to a generous contribution from the Benwood Foundation in Chattanooga, Tennessee, the first $10,000 given online to support our work to stop the Left and advance conservative principles will be matched dollar for dollar.

That means your tax-deductible contribution of $100, $50 or $35 will be worth $200, $100 or $70 to Heritage. Donate now at to take advantage of this special offer.

This is a perilous time for conservatives—and for America. The Founders’ vision for our great nation is threatened.

Our work on behalf of conservative principles and traditional American values is essential for our nation’s future, and all of us here at Heritage are glad you’re standing with us.


Ed Feulner

Edwin J. Feulner, Ph.D.


Give or not, but do go to the website.  We can’t sit on our weekend laurels.  We must keep letting our elected critters know what we want (and that we vote!) or the Anti-American groups are going to have the last word and get their way.  That would not be a good thing at all ~ ever!!  We’ve had decades of their agenda and money seeping into our politicians’ pockets.

Get active and vocal!!   Protect our troops and our country from the very real and dangerous legislation being slipped into the Defense Bill behind our backs.

That’s it.

Thank you.

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You who were in DC Saturday only in spirit (and we felt you!!!) can now view the Pro-America Rally of the Gathering of Eagles and the anti-America rally of ANSWER et al on C-SPAN by clicking on the following links:

Gathering of Eagles Rally (09/15/2007)  

A.N.S.W.E.R. March to Stop the War (09/15/2007)  

I highly recommend the Gathering of Eagles rally, unless you want to listen to an hour of screeching and whining and lies and a lot of old and musty 60’s slogans.

I myself did not go near the other rally as I really, really don’t like the company they keep.

You can also hear Andrea Shea King‘s interview with the following folks from her show this past Sunday:



~Thanks to all who came out and stood for our soldiers and our country~

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What a Weekend!

I blew into Arlington around 2:30 Friday ~ with only one recalculation by my GPS “lady”~ don’t laugh, I could get lost in my hometown!  Met up with Leta and Tracy from Tanker Brothers at the hotel and I swear, we didn’t stop talking until we all went our separate ways for home.  Two very wonderful people.

We then met up with friends of Leta’s who live in the area.  (I would be very happy if these folks adopted me.)  They had offered to chauffeur us to Walter Reed for the Freeper gathering that night.  But first we went to Arlington Cemetery before having dinner to see the Changing of the Guard.  It always amazes me that all the times I’ve been to it, I’ve never seen any kids act up.  They even seem to get the sacredness of the ceremony.  Of course, I didn’t see any moonbats there ~ heh.

If you ever get to go to a Freeper Friday night at Walter Reed, do so!  What a terrific soldier-loving bunch of folks to be with.  I’m not used to so much friendliness and true patriotic attitude.

(Sorry for the quality of the photos – it was dark and rainy)

As you can see, rain does not deter these folks from showing the soldiers at WR how much they are appreciated.  They are out there every Friday night, no matter the weather.

These folks walk their talk!

I met ConcreteBob from DC Protest Warrior (he has more energy than the Energizer Bunny!!)  and CJ from A Soldier’s Perspective and his family (who are the nicest people!)

CJ ahd exciting news to tell ~ I’m sure most of my regular readers (bless your hearts) have seen it but if you haven’t, follow this link:

A Day at the Office

The meeting included:

Eight milbloggers were present and two attended via a VTC (video teleconference) from Baghdad – Bill Roggio of the Long War Journal, Bill Ardolino of INDC Journal.  Those present and accounted for in the West Wing were The Armorer of Argghhh!, Matt Burden of Blackfive, Mrs. Greyhawk of Mudville Gazette (Greyhawk was also attending to the nation’s business and unable to attend), NZ Bear of the TTLB and the Victory Caucus , Steve Schippert of Threats Watch, Ward Carroll of Military.Com (an all-around great guy and pleasure to be around) and, of course,  Mohammed of Iraq the Model.  


The Code Pinkers didn’t stand a chance with their little “soldier supporting vigil”.  Well, that’s what they think it is ~ really!  Yeah, and I have lake property in the desert to sell ya…

I didn’t take any photos of them.  Lord, knows I’ve seen enough of their kind in Santa Cruz.

Saturday morning, we met up with everyone at the Navy Memorial.  There was some kind of event planned and the Navy Color Guard marched up ~



We also met three young men who were headed to the GOE Rally and one had this terrific t-shirt on ~

I loved it!!

Off we went to the rally.  When we arrived, we saw a sea of flags ~

Melanie Morgan from Move America Forward emceed the Gathering of Eagles rally.  Head over to MAF’s site to read about their “Fight For Victory” caravan travels and see wonderful photos.

Diana Nagy sang her song “Where Freedom Flies”.  You can listen to a bit of it here.  To order the cd, go here.

Of course I cried.  And that wasn’t the only time.

Rep. Duncan Hunter came by to speak and offer his appreciation and support.

 I was so wishing my camera had a mic ~ all the speakers were so inspiring.  Gold Star parents, Blue Star parents, and Vets.

I was able to meet and talk to some of my fellow Virginian bloggers ~  How I love saying “Virginian” instead of “Californian”!

Here are some of my favorite signs:



The Pinkers march started late.  They never are on time but then, pot has a way of making time bend.

One of the GOEs was getting impatient and drew up this sign:




Maybe they thought they’d wait us out – Ha!


For 3 blocks on both sides, this is what they would see.

Many of the anti-American marchers held up their hands in the “V” sign.  Of course, to them that’s the peace sign.  I have always taken it to mean “Victory”.  So I flashed it back at them and yelled V for Victory.  They’d get all pissy.  But then they are always pissy about something.  No sense of humor, unless it’s tearing down something or someone.


Gee, looks just like downtown Santa Cruz…


The obligatory tie dye…

I wonder if these were some of the college kids bussed in who will be receiving extra credit in their classes for their participation.  Funny, don’t think any of our gathering needed extra credit to get us to attend….


The obligatory protest scarves…



Now there’s a “peaceful” sentiment…

We arrived at the Die-In too late to see all the scuffling and arrests.  But there was this sign as we approached the area:

I guess “separation of Church and State” only applies if it doesn’t fit your agenda…

I wandered around some and came across this man and had to take a photo:


The numbers weren’t as large as in March at GOE I, but we are getting our message across.   If we keep showing up and letting our elected critters know that the woman who will not be named, Code Pink, ANSWER, etc. etc. don’t speak for us, we will take back our country from those who wish her demise.

This country is a Republic, not a Socialist commune.


For more on the rally, see these sites:   Lots of great photos and videos

 Age of Hooper

(For a good idea of where I just moved from, watch Hooper’s video More Protest Music.

I swear, many of these are Santa Cruzans.  Hmmmm,   so familiar!)

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September 18, 2007. Anti-Military, Troop Support. 10 comments.

Have Hero, Will Win ~

I’m leaving for DC today by way of Walter Reed, thanks to Leta and Tracy from Tanker Brothers.   They offered to share their hotel room with me so I could be at tonight’s Freeper gathering outside of WR, counteracting the Pinkies.  (I have lousy night vision and have a hard time driving in the dark in places I know well, nevermind the unfamiliar DC area!!)

Also, brat has her Good News Friday post up. I can’t seem to get to the permalink for the post – just go on over and say hey!

Robert Stokely, father of Mike Stokley, is organizing a BBQ at the Mologne House later today also.

So, a great big Thank You to you both, Leta and Tracy, for making all this possible for me to attend!!

I have waited 4 long years exiled in CA to be able to stand with the Patriots in DC who believe in our Troops and their mission, to lend my voice for Victory to theirs.  I’ve had more than enough of the defeatists and politically correct vanilla liberals who don’t really stand for a damn thing but not to be inconvenienced with reality.  Living in CA for over 20 years has sharpened my beliefs and “raised my consciousness” (as they constantly “share” in LaLaLand) to the point that if those of us who believe in our country and all it stands for, don’t stand up and counteract all the vile lies and attacks from the ones who would destroy her, we will lose her.


After this past week of the Wall being vandalized and the media’s lack of interest, the slander of one of the finest Generals in this country by and the NYT, the shameful behavior of our Congress, the lukewarm speech from our President and the Die-In at the the Peace Memorial tomorrow (google all of the above; the blogs are on it), I thought we should have some balance here.

These are a few of the young men and women who stepped up to the plate and said, “I will”.

1% of our country’s population ~ just 1%.

Air Force Maj. Keith M. Wolak

One of the few constants for troops in a war zone is knowing that the military will do everything in its power to find those missing in action. For the servicemen charged with carrying out search and rescue operations, the burden is matched only by the dangers: operating in close quarters, coordinating support, precise timing, direct engagement with the enemy – all while safeguarding the lives of the missing troops. On the night of July 2, 2005, near the eastern border of Afghanistan, then-Air Force Capt. Keith Wolak led the airborne component of the largest search and rescue task force since the commencement of Operation Enduring Freedom – and his tireless dedication to the mission helped save the life of a Navy SEAL.

 Click on title above to read the rest.


Tennessee Army National Guard 1st Lt. David Tiedeman and Sgt. Robert Betterton
Tiedeman’s Hometown: Watkins, CO
Betterton’s Hometown: Cordova, TN


Shared combat experiences forge bonds between soldiers, whose safety and lives depend on one another. 1st Lt. David Tiedeman and Sgt. Robert Betterton of the Tennessee Army National Guard found themselves depending on each other as they confronted a determined, dangerous enemy in Iraq. “He did save my life, there is no doubt about that,” Betterton told a reporter. Betterton was referring to the actions of his fellow soldier, Tiedeman. If not for the actions of both of these soldiers, the casualties sustained by their U.S. and Iraqi comrades would have been significantly greater.

 Click on title above to read the rest.

Marine Corps Reserve Sgt. Jeff Hunter
Hometown: Albuquerque, NM

“I honestly don’t believe I did anything all that heroic,” Sgt. Jeff Hunter told when asked about his Silver Star. That’s a common refrain among American warriors serving in combat zones, but for those who served with Hunter during two intense fights, it’s a dramatic understatement.

Click on title above to read the rest.

Arkansas Army National Guard Capt. John Vanlandingham
Hometown: New Blaine, AR

“The Iraqis, to me, were like American soldiers,” Capt. Vanlandingham told “We had the duty to help them as much as we would have a fellow American.” That is the spirit that has driven much of the training of the Iraqi soldiers who will ultimately be responsible for providing security to their nation. In November of 2004, Vanlandingham and his Arkansas Army National Guard unit found themselves fighting alongside – and risking their lives for – the Iraqi National Guardsmen with whom they were patrolling.

Click on title above to read the rest.

American, Afghan Women Discuss Future

FORWARD OPERATING BASE MEHTAR LAM, Afghanistan, Sept. 12, 2007 – Several influential Afghan women from Laghman province met earlier this month with U.S. Army and Air Force women to discuss their role in the future of their province.

Click on title above to read the rest.





(you can find this bumper sticker at CafePress)



(dedicated to a brand new Navy Mom who’s fighting the fight in Santa Cruz)

September 14, 2007. Troop Support. 5 comments.

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