Talking Out Both Sides of Your mouth


Pelosi Statement on Judiciary and Intelligence Committees Passing FISA Reform Bill

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Contact: Brendan Daly/Nadeam Elshami, 202-226-7616

Washington, D.C. – Speaker Nancy Pelosi issued the following statement today after the House Judiciary and Intelligence Committees each approved a bill to amend the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA):

“The Intelligence and Judiciary Committees have approved a bill to restore constitutional checks and balances (read: no way we’re going to let you do anything.) to the way electronic surveillance is used to gather intelligence. The RESTORE Act gives the government all the tools necessary to acquire under the law the intelligence that can keep our country safe. (Except the ones you all don’t like.)

“At the same time, the bill protects the privacy of Americans by putting the FISA court back in business and assuring strong oversight of surveillance activities by Congress. The two committees also reaffirmed Congress’ constitutional role by refusing to consider granting retroactive immunity to companies that participated in the President’s warrantless surveillance programs until the Administration has provided Congress with full information about those programs. (Hell, I wouldn’t give you all my dogs’ rabies vaccine number…)

“We can and must protect and defend the Constitution as we protect and defend the American people.” (How? By making it near impossible for our Intelligence guys to act on the intelligence??? Oh, that’s a good one!)


Pelosi ‘proud’ of her House: ‘We’ve drained swamp’

by Naftali Bendavid

(Notable quotes:)

“We have drained the swamp,” Pelosi said. “We have passed historic legislation.” (oh, I wouldn’t say that. You, Murtha, Jefferson, Kerry, Kennedy, Waters, Woolsey, Reid and Durbin to name just a few, are still holding seats. And what “historic legislation”? Keeping funds for our troops hostage for your political agenda? It’s ‘historic’ all right ~ never has there been so much use of the troops as pawns so blatantly while this country is at war.)

“It is not just the opinion of the base of the Democratic Party that this war should end, it’s the opinion of the American people, largely across-the-board,” Pelosi said. (Keep saying that and clap your hands 3 times and think happy thoughts) “Democrats, Independents, and a reasonable chunk of the Republican Party as well. They want the war to end. They don’t want to hear about 60 votes in the Senate-‘Just do it!’ ” (you know who really wants the war to end, Nancy? Try the soldiers over there fighting it. It’s just that they don’t want it to end in defeat ~ again. It goes against everything they stand for, which is something you apparently have no clue about. They’re so much better than that.)

“We have to make responsible decisions in the Congress that are not driven by the dissatisfaction of anybody who wants the war to end tomorrow,” Pelosi said. “God bless them for their passion on this issue. I believe that mostly they are right. But I do believe that we are responsible for the responsible, safe redeployment (read “defeated”) of our troops out of Iraq, and that is what we will continue to fight for.” (if only you would use all that energy to fight for our country!)

Pelosi then launched into a surprisingly personal description of the protesters camped outside her house: “I’ve had, for four or five months, people sitting outside my home, going into my garden in San Francisco, angering my neighbors, hanging their clothes from the trees, building all kinds of things-Buddhas, I don’t know what they are (What this? You’re not in touch with your ‘Buddha within’?? No wonder you’re having such a hard time with your base.) -couches, sofas, permanent living facilities on my front sidewalk. (Just imagine what their homes look like…) You can imagine my neighbors’ reaction to all of this. And if they were poor and they were sleeping on my sidewalk, they would be arrested for loitering. (hmmm, maybe in your neighborhood…not necessarily anyone else’s) But because they have ‘Impeach Bush’ across their chest, it’s the First Amendment, four or five months into that. So I’m well aware of the unhappiness of the base.” (smack-down! But hey, she understands…)

Read this from one of the very upset with Nancy anti-war folks.



Pelosi Defends Removal of ‘God’ from Flag Certificates


Of course she does. It offends so many of her base. And God knows, she doesn’t want all those atheists cluttering up her lawn. It might intrude on all her praying for President Bush to come to his senses and see things her way…




And I thought democrats hated corporations. Don’t they??




A Gap billionaire’s museum in Pelosi’s privatized National Park?

by Naturelover
Tuesday Oct 9th, 2007 2:36 PM

I’m so confused…


But I just love this:





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Well, This Explains Alot!

I just came across the following over at Hot Air:

By Bryan

Another day, another political football.

Senate and House Democrats demanded Thursday to see two secret memos that reportedly authorize painful interrogation tactics against terror suspects — despite the Bush administration’s insistence that it has not violated U.S. anti-torture laws.

White House and Justice Department press officers said legal opinions written in 2005 did not reverse an administration policy issued in 2004 that publicly renounced torture as “abhorrent.”

Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Jay Rockefeller sent a letter to the acting attorney general saying the administration’s credibility is at risk if the documents are not turned over to Congress.

The memos are “critical to an appropriate assessment” of interrogation tactics approved by the White House and the Justice Department, Rockefeller wrote to Acting Attorney General Peter D. Keisler. “Why should the public have confidence that the program is either legal or in the best interests of the United States?” the West Virginia Democrat asked.

What I can’t figure out is why anyone anywhere should have any confidence in anything that Sen. Rockefeller says. He has been operating right along the lines of a Democrat Intelligence Committee memo that surfaced way back in 2003. It outlined a Democrat strategy for using that committee to politicize nearly everything about the war. Sen. Rockefeller was the ranking member at the time, so he was certainly in the distro loop on it, if it didn’t come from his own office.

“We have carefully reviewed our options under the rules and believe we have identified the best approach. Our plan is as follows:

“1) Pull the majority along as far as we can on issues that may lead to major new disclosures regarding improper or questionable conduct by administration officials. We are having some success in that regard.

“For example, in addition to the President’s State of the Union speech, the chairman [Sen. Pat Roberts] has agreed to look at the activities of the office of the Secretary of Defense, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, as well as Secretary Bolton’s office at the State Department.

“The fact that the chairman supports our investigations into these offices and cosigns our requests for information is helpful and potentially crucial. We don’t know what we will find but our prospects for getting the access we seek is far greater when we have the backing of the majority. [We can verbally mention some of the intriguing leads we are pursuing.]

“2) Assiduously prepare Democratic ‘additional views’ to attach to any interim or final reports the committee may release. Committee rules provide this opportunity and we intend to take full advantage of it.

“In that regard we may have already compiled all the public statements on Iraq made by senior administration officials. We will identify the most exaggerated claims. We will contrast them with the intelligence estimates that have since been declassified. Our additional views will also, among other things, castigate the majority for seeking to limit the scope of the inquiry.

“The Democrats will then be in a strong position to reopen the question of establishing an Independent Commission [i.e., the Corzine Amendment.]

“3) Prepare to launch an independent investigation when it becomes clear we have exhausted the opportunity to usefully collaborate with the majority. We can pull the trigger on an independent investigation of the administration’s use of intelligence at any time. But we can only do so once.

“The best time to do so will probably be next year, either:

“A) After we have already released our additional views on an interim report, thereby providing as many as three opportunities to make our case to the public. Additional views on the interim report (1). The announcement of our independent investigation (2). And (3) additional views on the final investigation. Or:

“B) Once we identify solid leads the majority does not want to pursue, we would attract more coverage and have greater credibility in that context than one in which we simply launch an independent investigation based on principled but vague notions regarding the use of intelligence.

“In the meantime, even without a specifically authorized independent investigation, we continue to act independently when we encounter footdragging on the part of the majority. For example, the FBI Niger investigation was done solely at the request of the vice chairman. We have independently submitted written requests to the DOD and we are preparing further independent requests for information.

“SUMMARY: Intelligence issues are clearly secondary to the public’s concern regarding the insurgency in Iraq. Yet we have an important role to play in revealing the misleading, if not flagrantly dishonest, methods and motives of senior administration officials who made the case for unilateral preemptive war.

“The approach outlined above seems to offer the best prospect for exposing the administration’s dubious motives.”

Keep in mind, this was 2003. Joseph Wilson and his wife weren’t household names yet. The Iraq war itself was only a few months old, and had been based primarily on intelligence gathered during the Clinton years, and upon which the Clinton administration had based two medium-sized actions against Iraq, one in 1998 and one in 2000. And the Democrats had investigated nothing by November of 2003, but this memo outlines the conclusions that they had already reached and the strategy that they were going to employ to discredit the war, using their seats on the Intelligence Committee to do it.

I did some extensive blogging on this memo at the time, but it went down the memory hole before too long. The MSM never really pursued the memo’s implications, which are that the Democrats have for nearly four years been operating a disinformation campaign according to this script and dragging the American people through a grueling game of political gotcha just to lead us to defeat.

So with this latest memo, the old script appears to be alive and well. Just like the 2003 script says, Democrats are trying to

1) Pull the majority along as far as we can on issues that may lead to major new disclosures regarding improper or questionable conduct by administration officials. We are having some success in that regard.

They don’t know what’s in the memos that they’re seeking, but they’re raising suspicions anyway, just like the script says.

We don’t know what we will find but our prospects for getting the access we seek is far greater when we have the backing of the majority. [We can verbally mention some of the intriguing leads we are pursuing.]



Hmmm…. In 2003 this was sent out.

Gee, we wouldn’t want those silly little things called “facts” to get in the way and undoing our uncorroborated conclusions…

The Constitution? Merely suggestions.

And oh, how the media plays right along.


An interesting timeline here.

Oh, and let’s not forget Rockefeller’s pre-war diplomacy act:

Rockefeller’s Confession
What was the West Virginia Democrat doing as a freelancing prewar diplomat?

By William J. Bennett

“Yesterday, on Fox News Sunday, the following exchange took place between Chris Wallace and U.S. Senator Jay Rockefeller, vice chairman of the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence:

WALLACE: Now, the President never said that Saddam Hussein was an imminent threat. As you saw, you did say that. If anyone hyped the intelligence, isn’t it Jay Rockefeller?SEN. ROCKEFELLER: No. The — I mean, this question is asked a thousand times and I’ll be happy to answer it a thousand times. I took a trip by myself in January of 2002 to Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Syria, and I told each of the heads of state that it was my view that George Bush had already made up his mind to go to war against Iraq — that that was a predetermined set course which had taken shape shortly after 9/11.

While Democrats in Washington are berating the White House for having prewar intelligence wrong, a high-profile U.S. senator, member of the Select Committee on Intelligence, who has a name more internationally recognizable than Richard Cheney’s, tells two putative allies (Saudi Arabia and Jordan) and an enemy who is allied with Saddam Hussein (Syria) that the United States was going to war with Iraq. This is not a prewar intelligence mistake, it is a prewar intelligence giveaway.

Syria is not only on the list of state sponsors of terrorism and the country many speculate is where Hussein has secreted weapons, it is also the country from which terrorists are flowing into Iraq to fight our troops and allies. Jordan and Saudi Arabia have had, over the years, conflicted loyalties. What was Senator Rockefeller doing? What was he thinking? And all this before President Bush even made a public speech about Iraq — to the U.N. or anyone else….”

Click on title above to read the rest.

This is just sickening.

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A Poem

I know, lately I’ve been just posting about other people’s posts.  The roofers are here and the pounding (3 days now) is making it hard to put one thought next to another.

I’ll tell you though ~ I am thoroughly disgusted with our Congress’s shameful political shenanigans, still.   Every time I think they’ve hit the lowest low, up they pop with a new low.  And I just can’t listen to Harry Reid say how patriotic the Democrats are and how they support the troops ONE MORE TIME!!! Goes for Pelosi, Murtha, Durbin, Obey, Reed, Levin and the rest of them too.  And all those cowering RINOs who are a slap in the face to the men and women who took an oath to defend the Constitution these “elected officials” took an oath to uphold.

Nevermind the antics of the anti-war crowd who also say they support the troops all the while doing everything possible to undermine them and stab them in the back.

Devildog has something to say about this in a poem she wrote:

“Tell me again Momma, what am I fighting for?”

Tell me again Momma
What am I fighting for;
if not for our freedom
from shore to shore!

Is it wrong to help others
fight to be free?
Is “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness
only for you and me?

Tell me again, Momma,
I really want to know;
Tell me why we’re dying,
and I’ll be set to go!

You see, I always believed in the “Pledge”
we said in school everyday!
I felt proud to tell everyone,
that’s the “American Way!”

But, I’m not sure anymore
why we should all keep trying;
To serve and protect
as I watch my brothers and sisters dying!

Tell me again, Momma,
why we’re all in this place;
When our Congress seems more concerned
with its political race!

Doesn’t “Duty, Honor, and Service”
mean anything anymore?
Aren’t we all fighting for freedom
like thousands of soldiers before?

I know why I fight,
Why I risk my life everyday!
I fight for our freedom
and the American way!

I fight for my country,
the land that I lone;
I fight for the right to pray
to God up above!

Yet, everyday news comes from home’
Protesters line the streets everywhere!
Congress refuses to support us,
The rest of the nation seems not to care!

So, tell me again Momma’
What am I fighting for?
When those we are dying for
spread anti-war sentiments from shore to shore!

Don’t they know they embolden the enemy
and feed into their lies?
While today on the battlefield
another soldier died!

The enemy says it will destroy us
and tear down our mighty nation!
Yet protesters march against us’
and shout in jubilation!

So, tell me again Momma
I really want to know;
Tell me why we’re dying,
And I’ll be set to go!

These protesters say they support us,
but they refuse us what we need;
Where is their support for our war effort’
In all the papers that we read?

The enemy sees their actions
and taunts us every day;
with the news from home and propaganda,
hoping to scare us away!

Tell me again, Momma,
What am I fighting for;
If not for freedom
from shore to shore?

The protesters may support us,
at least that’s what they say;
But, their actions support our enemy,
every single day!

So, let me tell you Momma,
What I’m really fighting for;
I’m fighting so my son and daughter
never have to go to war!

All the protesters in the streets,
Those in Congress who turn a blind eye;
I fight for their children too,
So they won’t have to fight and die!

As long as Americans can stay safe and free,
and pray freely to God up above;
Maybe the children of those who abandon us
will come to share my American love!

So, let me tell you Momma,
What I fighting for!
I’m fighting so their children
won’t have to go to war!

I’m fighting in hope
I’ll live to see the day;
All the protesters and Congress
stop trying to throw our freedom away!

I’m fighting everyday
to serve, protect, and defend;
What the protesters and Congress
try so hard to end.

I’m fighting to save America,
and freedom everywhere;
even though I know it’s true,
there are those who do not care!!

So, let me tell you Momma,
What I’m fighting for;
It’s worth “all” cost, e-v-e-n- w-a-r!!!

written by: devildog6771
Sept. 29, 2007
USMC 1967-1971

Thank you, Devildog ~

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Too Damn Much ~

Well.  Disrespect, rudeness, irreverence, ignorance, indecency, discourtesy, impertinence, impropriety and lying seem to be rearing their ugly heads in full-blown displays all over this country and in the “esteemed” halls of congress.

Breasts not Bombs (Ugly Alert!) ~ not being arrested because they are “exercising their right to protest”.  Don’t think this is what the Founding Fathers had in mind about “Peaceful Assembly.

Burning the flag (again) ~ Freedom of speech, my a$$

Senators and Congressmen ~ if my daughter had ever talked to anyone as certain senators and congressmen do to the professionals who are the objects of their witch hunts hearings, she would be grounded for a month!

Socialists (calling themselves Progressives) ~ Longing to control every aspect of your life with no lie being too small or too big to do it.
Phony soldiers ~ some have seats in Congress

Hillary (“I helped start Media Matters”) and Media Matters ~ Helping lies spread far and wide.

Code Pink ~ who’s main goal is to be as ludicrous, insensitive and annoying as possible by disrupting as many hearings as possible.

 The Media ~ Reporting what they think you should “know”, whether it’s the truth or not.

Moral Authority ~ Certain people wouldn’t know “moral” if it bit them in the place where their heads are.


( photo –


 Disgusting!  Has that word gone out of fashion?  It would appear so, since so many do not seem to see the above behaviors as a problem.


Well, I do.   But I have hope because we have a large portion of this generation who understand the meanings of such concepts as ‘duty’, “loyalty’ and ‘honor’ and they are coming home from war.  And they’ll be aiming for those who have not acted in their best interest.  




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Murtha has to testify in the defamation case brought by Marine Staff Sgt. Frank Wuterich and give a deposition.

The Justice department wanted this case dismissed (WRONG!):

The Justice Department wanted the case dismissed because Murtha was acting in his official role as a lawmaker. Assistant U.S. Attorney John F. Henault said the comments were made as part of the debate over the war in Iraq.

But, says the judge ~

U.S. District Judge Rosemary M. Collyer said the congressman might be right, but said she won’t know for sure unless Murtha explains himself. She did not set a date for Murtha’s testimony but said she would also require him to turn over documents related to his comments.

“You’re writing a very wide road for members of Congress to go to their home districts and say anything they choose about private persons and be able to do so without any liability. Are you sure you want to do that?” Collyer said, adding later, “How far can a congressman go and still be protected?”

On which page in the newspapers do you think this all will be?

(h/t Hot Air)

(edited for an oops! linked wrong post.)

Hey, Henry Waxman! Where’s your hearing on politicians defaming our troops??

Or are you too busy slamming the Bush administration as well as anything to do with the war on terror (for lack of a better name).

August 1, 2007
Chairman Waxman Holds Hearing Regarding the Tillman Fratricide
Chairman Waxman and the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform held a hearing to examine what senior Defense Department officials knew about U.S. Army Corporal Patrick Tillman’s death by fratricide.
July 26, 2007
Chairman Waxman Examines Allegations of Waste, Fraud, and Abuse at the New U.S. Embassy in Iraq
Chairman Waxman and the Oversight Committee held a hearing to examine the performance of the State Department and its contractors in the construction of the new $600 million U.S. embassy in Baghdad.

July 19, 2007
Chairman Waxman Probes FEMA’s Response to Reports of Toxic Trailers
Chairman Waxman and the Oversight Committee held a hearing investigating formaldehyde levels in FEMA trailers provided for victims of the Gulf Coast hurricanes and FEMA’s response to these reports. The Committee heard from current residents occupying FEMA trailers, experts who are familiar with the health impact of formaldehyde, and FEMA Administrator Paulison.

July 10, 2007
Chairman Waxman Holds Hearing on Surgeon General’s Vital Mission
Chairman Waxman and the Oversight Committee held a hearing focusing on the importance of the Surgeon General’s Office, the need to preserve the Surgeon General’s independence, and recent limitations on the Surgeon General’s ability to carry out his public health education mission.

June 28, 2007
Chairman Waxman Holds Hearing Investigating DoD Waste, Fraud, and Abuse at Ramstein AFB
Chairman Waxman and the Oversight Committee held a hearing entitled “Waste, Fraud, and Abuse at K-Town: How Mismanagement Has Derailed DOD’s Largest Single Facility Construction Project.” The hearing reviewed the preliminary findings of a Government Accountability Office investigation into the construction of the Kaiserslautern Military Community Center, a hotel and retail facility being built on the grounds of the Ramstein Air Base in Germany.

May 14, 2007
Rep. Waxman Delivers a Speech on Federal Contracting

Rep. Waxman highlighted the government’s increasing reliance on private contractors and the need for more oversight and accountability to protect against waste, fraud, and abuse of taxpayer money in a speech to the Center for American Progress.

March 16, 2007
Hearing Examines Exposure of Covert CIA Agent Valerie Plame Wilson’s Identity
Oversight Committee Chairman Waxman held a hearing on whether White House officials followed appropriate procedures for safeguarding the identity of CIA agent Valerie Plame Wilson. At the hearing, the Committee received testimony from Ms. Wilson and other experts regarding the disclosure and internal White House security procedures for protecting her identity from disclosure and responding to the leak after it occurred.

That’s just the past six months! There’s many more listed. I’m all for accountability ~ lord knows this Congress sure could use some. But, I don’t know, just seems kind of one sided to me.

Your tax dollars at work!

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Owned by ~

And no friends of the military or our country.

From Gathering of Eagles:


Posted: 26 Sep 2007 07:28 PM CDT

WASHINGTON – House Republican Whip Roy Blunt (Mo.) issued the following statement this afternoon after the House overwhelmingly approved a resolution condemning “in the strongest possible terms”’s personal attacks on General David Petraeus, as well as honoring “all members of the Armed Forces,” and their families, for “serving in harm’s way.” Seventy-nine Democrats voted against it.

“It’s been more than two weeks since the Republican Leader introduced a resolution condemning MoveOn’s personal smear campaign against Gen. Petraeus, and nearly a week since the Senate passed its own version and the House majority leader told me he had no intention of allowing a similar vote in our chamber.

“Today, we took matters into our own hands, forcing the House to take up a resolution repudiating these personal attacks, and reaffirming our support for and gratefulness to the men and women serving our country in harm’s way.

“Given the chance, more than three-quarters of the House went on record today in support of our Armed Forces, and in recognition of the extreme sacrifices they and their families make for our country on daily basis. My only disappointment is that a message as important and clear-cut as this couldn’t attract the support of every member of this chamber.”

NOTE: The House Committee on Foreign Affairs took up a similar resolution earlier in the day, returning a vote of 23-13 in favor of quashing the Petraeus resolution and preventing it from even being considered in committee. Many of those members voting in the affirmative came down differently on the issue when presented with the matter on the House floor.

Commentary on the motion by Chris Hill, Gathering of Eagles National Director for Operations:

The motion recognized the service of General Petraeus, as well as all other members of the Armed Forces and civilian personnel serving in harm’s way, as well as their families. It also condemned in the strongest possible terms the personal attacks made by the advocacy group impugning the integrity and professionalism of General Petraeus.

79 Democrats opposed the resolution. Their names are below. If your member of Congress is listed below, call and ask them why they refuse to support our men and women in uniform. Ask them if this is what they mean when they say “I support the troops.” These 79 members of Congress had the chance to publicly support the troops, or support their cash cow They chose the latter. This is why we have to turn out in the streets. This is why we have to stalk the halls of Congress. This is why our mission to support our men and women in uniform hinges on each and every one of us. When elected officials will not even disavow a repugnant ad put out by an anti-American organization it is time for us, the Gathering of Eagles and our fellow patriots in other organizations, to remind them that they work for us.

The 79 members of Congress listed below sided with those who call our brave warriors war criminals. They sided with those who call the commanding general in Iraq a traitor. In short, they decided that it was better to have funds from an organization that believes in destroying our American way of life, than it was to stand up for those who have so bravely stood up for all of us. If this sounds eerily familiar to many of you it should. It is the same model used by the anti-American movement 40 years ago. Our men and women in uniform are under attack. The memorials to our war dead are under attack. Our very way of life is under attack, and it starts with these 79. Don’t let them get away with it again. Manchu.

Abercrombie (HI) *
Baldwin(WI) *
Becerra(CA) *
Brown, Corrine(FL) *
Capuano(MA) *
Clarke(NY) *
Cohen(TN) *
Conyers(MICH) *
Davis (IL) *
Ellison(MINN) *
Filner(CA) *
Frank (MA) *
Green, Al(TX)
Grijalva(AZ) *
Gutierrez(FL) *
Hastings (FL)
Hinchey(NY) *
Hirono (HI)
Holt(NJ) *
Honda(NJ) *
Jackson-Lee (TX)   *
Johnson (GA)
Jones (OH)
Kilpatrick(MI) *
Kucinich(OH) *
Lee(CA) *
Lewis (GA) *
Lofgren, Zoe(CA)
McDermott (WA) *
McGovern(MA) *
Meek (FL)
Miller (NC)
Miller, George(CA)  *
Moore (WI) *
Moran (VA) *
Neal (MA) *
Olver(MA) *
Pallone(NJ) *
Payne (NJ) *
Price (NC)
Rush(IL) *
Ryan (OH)
Sánchez, Linda T. (CA) *
Schakowsky(IL) *
Scott (VA) *
Serrano(NY) *
Solis(CA) *
Stark(CA) *
Tierney(MA) *
Towns(NY) *
Van Hollen(MD)
Velázquez(NY) *
Wasserman Schultz(FL)
Waters(CA) *
Watson(CA) *
Watt (NC) – MY REP
Waxman (CA)
Woolsey(CA) *
Wynn(MO) *
Yarmuth (KY)


I have added an asterisk next to the names of those who belong to the Out of Iraq Caucus.

46 out of 79.  More than half.

From Discover The Networks:

  • Caucus of 73 Democratic members of the House of Representatives who seek a swift withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq
  • 42 members of this Caucus are also members of the Progressive Caucus

On June 16, 2005, forty-one Democratic members of the House of Representatives formally established the Out of Iraq Congressional Caucus (OICC), an entity dedicated to agitating for a swift withdrawal of U.S. troops from the Iraqi theater of war — alleging that the American invasion in 2003 had been launched on the pretext of lies and deliberately manipulated intelligence. The nominal co-founders of OICC were Maxine Waters (who chairs the organization), Lynn Woolsey, John Conyers, Charles Rangel, Barbara Lee, Jan Schakowsky, William Delahunt, and John R. Lewis.

As of September 2006, OICC’s membership had grown to 73 House members, all Democrats. Forty-two of those 73 members also belonged to the Progressive Caucus, the Democratic Party’s socialist wing.

Announcing OICC’s formation on June 21, 2005, Maxine Waters charged that nearly 2,000 U.S. soldiers had already lost their lives fighting on behalf of lies the Bush administration had told them. “Many of them went to serve because they thought that Saddam Hussein was responsible for 9/11,” said Waters. “But, of course, we know now that Saddam Hussein was not responsible for 9/11, and many of the soldiers know that now. … We all know now there were no weapons of mass destruction.” Waters then quoted Cindy Sheehan‘s assertion that “The leadership of this country rushed us into an illegal invasion of another sovereign country on prefabricated and cherry-picked intelligence.”

At the same June 21, 2005 event:

(a) Representative Barbara Lee said, “We know that the administration misled the American people and the world that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. We knew that then.”

(b) Lynn Woolsey accused the Bush administration of sending soldiers “to do a job that was not necessary. … There is no excuse for the United States to have started a war in Iraq.” It would be vital, she added, for America to “work with the international world, get them all involved, so we can be doing the right thing for Iraq and the Iraqi people who are also being destroyed by this war.”

(c) Charles Rangel derided the very system by which the U.S. military’s ranks had been filled, suggesting that recruits came disproportionately not “from communities that chief executive officers live in,” but rather from “where the hopeless are in terms of unemployment.” Accusing the U.S. of “rattling swords in North Korea” and “threatening Syria and Iran,” Rangel recommended the softer approach of “go[ing] to the international community … and persuad[ing] those countries that terrorism is not just an American problem, it is an international problem, and with mutual respect, sit down and talk with them to see how we can bring peace to the Middle East.”

Here is how the eight co-founders of OICC have voted on some of the most crucial national-security matters of recent years:

  • On September 29, 2006, seven of the eight voted NO to the Military Commissions Act of 2006, a bill authorizing military commissions to try unlawful enemy combatants charged with war crimes and acts of terrorism. (John Lewis did not cast a ballot on this bill.)
  • On September 28, 2006, all except Lewis (who again cast no ballot) voted NO to the Electronic Surveillance Modernization Act, a bill authorizing the government to use electronic surveillance to investigate potential terrorists.
  • On September 21, 2006, all eight voted NO to the Immigration Law Enforcement Act, which affirmed the authority of state and local police to assist in the enforcement of federal immigration laws.
  • On September 14, 2006, all except Delahunt voted NO to the Security Fence Act, a bill calling for the construction of 700 miles of double-layered fencing along the U.S.-Mexico border.
  • On June 29, 2006, all eight voted NO to an Intelligence and Law Enforcement Resolution, “supporting intelligence and law enforcement programs to track terrorists and terrorist finances,” and “condemning the disclosure and publication of classified information that impairs the international fight against terrorism and needlessly exposes Americans to the threat of further terror attacks by revealing a crucial method by which terrorists are traced through their finances.”
  • On June 16, 2006, all eight voted NO to a Global War on Terror Resolution, which stated that it was not in the interest of American security to set an arbitrary date for the withdrawal of troops from Iraq, and which committed the U.S. to the “completion of the mission to create a sovereign, free, secure and united Iraq.”
  • On December 16, 2005, all eight voted NO to a Border Security bill calling for the construction of 700 miles of fencing along the U.S.-Mexican border; requiring the Secretary of Homeland Security to upgrade border surveillance and control; establishing an employment eligibility verification system forbidding the hiring of illegal aliens; facilitating the deportation of illegals; and earmarking $250 million annually to help state and local police agencies assist federal authorities in enforcing immigration laws.
  • On July 21, 2005, all eight voted NO to the USA PATRIOT and Terrorism Prevention Reauthorization Act , whose purpose was to extend the authority of the FBI to conduct “roving wiretaps” and access certain business records through December 31, 2009, and to make the remaining provisions of the PATRIOT Act permanent. (Fully 71 of OICC’s 73 members voted NO to this same bill. The other two caucus members did not vote for it because they were forbidden: Donna M. Christensen and Eleanor Holmes Norton are non-voting Delegates from the U.S. Virgin Islands and the District of Columbia, respectively.)
  • On February 10, 2005, all eight OICC co-founders voted NO to the Real ID Act, which was aimed at preventing people from abusing the state driver’s license process to obtain false identification.
  • On May 18, 2004, all except Rangel (who did not cast a ballot) voted NO to the Homeland Security Department Authorization Act, a bill that would require hospitals to provide information on undocumented immigrants seeking emergency medical care; would make employers of some illegals financially responsible for the medical treatment of the latter; and would facilitate the deportation of illegals.
  • On October 24, 2001, six of the eight voted NO to the USA PATRIOT Act; Rangel and Delahunt voted in favor of the measure.
  • On October 12, 2001, all eight voted NO to the Anti-Terrorism Act of 2001, a bill whose provisions would be incorporated into the USA PATRIOT Act twelve days later.
  • On April 18, 1996, the four OICC co-founders who were members of Congress at that time all voted NO to the Comprehensive Terrorism Prevention Act, which sought to prohibit fundraising by terrorist groups in the U.S. and to facilitate the process of deporting illegal aliens and suspected terrorists.
  • On March 14, 1996, the four OICC co-founders who were members of Congress at that time all voted NO to an Antiterrorism Bill whose intent was to give the government greater leeway in investigating, prosecuting, and punishing terrorists.

Of OICC’s 73 members, 29 were signatories to a May 14, 2005 letter to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, calling for a special prosecutor to investigate claims that “high-ranking officials within the Bush Administration [had] violated the War Crimes Act … or the Anti-Torture Act … by allowing the use of torture techniques banned by domestic and international law at recognized and secret detention sites in Iraq, Afghanistan Guantanamo Bay and elsewhere.”

OICC has been lauded by the antiwar group Code Pink for Peace. In July 2006, Lynn Woolsey, to demonstrate her Caucus’s support for Code Pink’s “Troops Home Fast” national hunger strike, announced that she would refrain from eating for one day as a symbol of her antiwar convictions.

In early January 2007, Maxine Waters participated in two briefing sessions with leaders of several antiwar groups including United For Peace and Justice (UFPJ), which is headed by the pro-Castro communist Leslie Cagan. The first meeting was organized by UFPJ; Waters initiated the second for input into how OICC ought to proceed.For further info on the “anti-war” groups, go here.  Just go there to see just how many there are and see how many are fronts for Socialist and Communist organizations.

Maxine Waters friends:  (and you wonder why I moved out of California…)

Sorry, you lose ~

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Nancy’s Not Happy ~

I was surfing through the news channels last night, as I do on occasion to see the latest spin, and there was Nancy being interviewed by Wolfie!

You have to watch this ~ it’s quite entertaining. Nancy was blinking and licking her lips in double time!

Pelosi on Iraq

Breaking news! it’s not just Bush’s War anymore! Hold the phone ~ it’s the Republicans’ War too! So it’s not just Bush’s fault, it’s the Reps fault too! Evil Warmongers!

So, the Dhimmis plan for “stability in Iraq” is to redeploy most of the troops! And training the Iraqi troops can be done out of country…ummm, Okinawa, maybe?

“We have a plan!”

It’s just a really, really lousy plan.

Yep, taking out our troops and leaving the Iraqis to take on the insurgents and terrorists being equipped with weapons and resources by Iran, will bring instant stability and all those warm and fuzzy feelings the Dhimmis are so fond of. Of course, a lot of Iraqis will miss this joyous event, because they will be dead. But Murtha has declared that that part isn’t important. So, sleep well, my precious comrades!
And this is absurd, but so not surprising:

Pelosi Receives People for the American Way’s Spirit of Liberty Award

PFAW’s Mission:

People For the American Way was founded in 1981 by Norman Lear, Barbara Jordan, Father Theodore Hesburgh, and Andrew Heiskell. The following Statement of Purpose was adopted by the founders and other civic, religious, and business leaders who comprised the initial Board of Directors.

In times of hardship, in times of crises, societies throughout history have experienced wrenching dislocations in their fundamental values and beliefs…. We are alarmed that some of the current voices of stridency and division may replace those of reason and unity. If these voices continue unchallenged, the results will be predictable: a rise in (this is my favorite) “demonology” and hostility, a breakdown in community and social spirit, a deterioration of free and open dialogue, and the temptation to grasp at simplistic solutions for complex problems.

People For the American Way was established to address these matters. Our purpose is to meet the challenges of discord and fragmentation with an affirmation of “the American Way.” By this, we mean pluralism, individuality, freedom of thought, expression and religion, a sense of community, and tolerance and compassion for others. (But only if you all believe what we believe.) People For the American Way will reach out to all Americans and affirm that in our society, the individual still matters; (as long as they are not white males) that there is reason to believe in the future – not to despair of it – and that we must strengthen the common cords that connect us as humans and citizens.

The long term agenda of People For the American Way is broad. It includes reducing social tension and polarizations, encouraging community participation, fostering understanding among different segments of our society, and increasing the level and quality of public dialogue. As an educational institution, we shall communicate with the American people through printed materials, radio, television, public lectures and discussions.

We will gather information, analyze it, and distribute our findings to the public in a manner that provides for full and fair exposition on the issues. (After we take out all the facts that go against what we want to be true.) Our highest purpose is to nurture a national climate that encourages and enhances the human spirit rather than one which divides people into hostile camps.

By educating the American people and raising their level of understanding about the basic tenets by which our society is sustained, People For the American Way will fulfill its mission. (my emphasis)

Re-education camps! Send your kids every summer! We have many activities to brainwash your child so he/she becomes a productive little socialist!! You can get your child a Brown Shirt for just $39.99. We highly recommend that you do ~ we want your child to feel he/she belongs to the collective.

Notice how the words that I highlighted are so “emotionally” charged. (I heard this emotion speak in my little corner of CA all the time, about everything!! Everything was an emotional issue. Got to be quite exhausting, I can tell you.) Makes you just want to applaud their little socialist plan right from the heart, doesn’t it?

No…? Then you must be one of those evil neocons!!!!

You’re damned, y’know.

(Disclaimer ~ this is satire. Look it up if your knickers are all in a knot. I have a very hard time taking the Dhimmis seriously and I’m not even going to try anymore.)

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Our Enemy at Home and Abroad

Yes, we do have an enemy.  They are murderers, liars and arrogant haters of anyone not of their thinking.  And they are killing anyone who gets in their way.

Video Execution of Iraqi Government “Apostates” 

September 19, 2007

by Bob Parks (Black & Right)Apparently, this execution was broadcast to make an example of two men who switched sides and was working with the Iraqi government.

WARNING: Graphic video.

The following is the “Google translation” of the statement released with the tape.

Confessions 2 Cronies government apostasy and establish the rule of Allah including Baghdad

Thank Allah Mu’izzaddin Islam and Muslims, humiliating infidel and apostates, peace and prayers be on the Mujahideen, Commander presentation Mahglin Alihok fighting, and his family and companions and marched on the approach and guided to Bahdehem on religion .. After:

Almighty said: (O people had come admonition of the Lord and healing in the hearts and guidance, and mercy for believers) [Yunus: 57]

We offer you the tape shows photographed confessions of two of Cronies government apostasy Rafidiyah been arrested Pkemen arbitrator by the Mujahideen brothers heroes black supporters in the capital Baghdad, former Iraqi working at the Center for Counter-Terrorism (combat uniform and Sunni) and the other works for the Ministry of Defense feedback, this tape shows the moment including the implementation of the rule of Allah, shot by a court order and legitimacy revenge every Muslim and Sunni unarmed and caught for example Drossiness angry


 And this is the “honored person” Columbia Univerity is letting speak to it’s students:

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: Zionists Cause Turmoil in the World to Prevent Europeans from Eradicating Them  August, 2007
A man who wants to wipe Israel off the map and is supplying weapons to kill our soldiers.

And our “esteemed” politicians ~ Pelosi, Kucinich, Reid and those on the left who would so love to be our next President, want more talks with these people.

U.S. Congressman and Presidential Candidate Dennis Kucinich: The U.S. Must Pay Reparations to the People of Iraq    September 3, 2007 shown on Syrian TV

Yes, he’s an elected official of the United States.

Syrian Minister of Culture Riyadh Na’san Agha: CIA and Mossad behind London Bombings and All Other Bombings in Europe    February 28, 2007
And if you are a woman in Egypt: again, graphic material warning

Female Circumcision Debated on Egyptian TV

The media doesn’t tell the whole story about our troops, focusing more on car bombs and trumped up accusations than on the good that is coming about in in Iraq or Afghanistan.

The media doesn’t tell the whole story about those who are bent on destroying us.

Our politicians are more concerned with votes and earmarks than with the threat against this country or the reality on the ground in Iraq and Afghanistan.  They impune the honor of one of the finest Generals this country has and uses our tax dollars to go have a chat with the heads of terrorist countries.

The anti-mosteverything folks who scream out loudest for the rights of detainees hardly whisper about little girls getting cut up, beaten and sold in marriage.

And too many in this country could care less.

Thank God for the ones who do.

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From My Inbox

UPDATE: Cornyn Amendment (see below)

Hugh Hewitt has an excellent column on this and has the roll call on the vote.

It boils down to 72 – 25 for the amendment and General Petraeus.

Here are the names of those who voted in’s favor:

 Akaka (D-HI), Nay          Bingaman (D-NM), Nay         Boxer (D-CA), Nay  

Brown (D-OH), Nay         Byrd (D-WV), Nay                  Clinton (D-NY), Nay

Dodd (D-CT), Nay            Durbin (D-IL), Nay                 Feingold (D-WI), Nay


Harkin (D-IA), Nay         Inouye (D-HI), Nay                 Kennedy (D-MA), Nay   


Kerry (D-MA), Nay         Lautenberg (D-NJ), Nay        Levin (D-MI), Nay    


Menendez (D-NJ), Nay       Murray (D-WA), Nay        Reed (D-RI), Nay


Reid (D-NV), Nay            Rockefeller (D-WV), Nay      Sanders (I-VT), Nay


Schumer (D-NY), Nay      Stabenow (D-MI), Nay        Whitehouse (D-RI), Nay

Wyden (D-OR), Nay

The Three  not voting:

Biden (D-DE), Not Voting

Cantwell (D-WA), Not Voting

Obama (D-IL), Not Voting

Well, now you know the Senators who are truly owned by  I hope you noticed the presidential candidates in the list above.

I have been angry at our politicians many times before but never to this extent and never have I been so ashamed of their actions.


I was raised with the adage “consider the source” when confronted with something said that confused, bemused or angered me. This led me to becoming really good at researching something or someone. I never take anything written or anyone at face value. I look at what’s ‘behind the curtain’ in most everything that affects me or my family ~ I hate surprises.

So with that in mind, Brat from Tanker Brothers sent me this little tidbit from the WorldNetDaily:

Terrorists thank Cindy: You light up our lives

Muslim terrorist leaders are “thankful” for the efforts of activist and congressional candidate Cindy Sheehan, stating in a new book Sheehan’s anti-Iraq war activities and her statements against President Bush “give us hope” the U.S. will change its Mideast policies.

“You [Sheehan] give us hope and you show us that there are different Americans than those whom we know,” stated Ramadan Adassi, chief of the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades terror group in the West Bank’s Anskar Refugee Camp.

Click on the title to read the rest and find out just who these wonderful folks are who are singing her praises. Not surprising that folks such as these would be so enamored with the likes of that woman. Now, I came to the conclusion a long time ago that if it makes the terrorists happy, it’s bad for my country. (Just wish more politicians would come to the same conclusion. But then, apparently most don’t read anything but the NYT.) The woman who will not be named is making the terrorists happy. Hence, she is not good for my country. As are all the ones who stand with her.

I really need to open my email later in the morning. I did not have enough coffee yet for the likes of that…


From Newsbusters: Just so you know the truth ~

Fools Rush In

Following obviously superficial scans of former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan’s new book, the mainstream media fell all over themselves trying to make Bush look bad. The lead example? That Greenspan said we “went to war for oil.” The truth was a little different. MRC analysts reported that in the Washington Post and on the Today show Monday, Greenspan said oil was “not the administration’s motive” and in fact that his Today show interview “made abundantly clear the inaccuracy of the implication that Greenspan was somehow endorsing a left-wing conspiracy theory about how George W. Bush went to war to financially benefit Dick Cheney’s oil industry friends.”

Alan Greenspan: I never said Iraq War was about oil

…Unfortunately for the liberal press and blogosphere, Greenspan did not say what was attributed to him. After the news broke, Greenspan called up the Post to say he’d been quoted out of context…

Read the rest and follow the links.

People everywhere confuse what they read in newspapers with news.

A. J. Liebling (1904 – 1963)


From Wounded Warriors Project: Veterans Day 2007

Wounded Warrior Project’s After Action Report, hosted by actor Matthew Modine, tells the stories of the men and women of our nation’s Armed Forces and the extraordinary sacrifices they have made. In this video, you’ll meet seven wounded warriors and learn about the defining traits that led them to serve their country.

Go here to see the first two episodes.


HBO Features Alive Day

WWP board of directors member Dawn Halfaker will be profiled in HBO’s new documentary, “Alive Day Memories,” produced by “The Sopranos” star James Gandolfini. Tune in to HBO this fall for Dawn’s story, as well as the stories of nine other wounded warriors, including several WWP Alumni. Learn more.


More Charges dropped in Haditha case

Tuesday, September 18, 2007 5:41 PM

CAMP PENDLETON, Calif. — Charges have been dropped against a captain who was accused of failing to investigate the deaths of 24 Iraqi civilians in the town of Haditha, the Marine Corps said Tuesday.

Capt. Lucas M. McConnell of Napa was granted immunity and ordered to cooperate with officials looking into the November 2005 killings, the Marines said in a press release….

This sort of nonsense has to stop:

Green Berets Face Hearing on Killing of Suspect in Afghan Village

Published: September 18, 2007
FORT BRAGG, N.C., Sept. 17 — From his position about 100 yards away,
Master Sgt. Troy Anderson had a clear shot at the Afghan man standing
outside a residential compound in a village near the Pakistan border last
October. When Capt. Dave Staffel, the Special Forces officer in charge,
gave the order to shoot, Sergeant Anderson fired a bullet into the man’s
head, killing him.

In June, Captain Staffel and Sergeant Anderson were charged with
premeditated murder….

Continue here.

WE are at war. We have an enemy that doesn’t play by the rules. Our troops know the rules and carry them out, often to their own endangerment. Too much politics and PC BS going on here.


And then there’s more from

Democrats Framing the ‘Betrayal’ Argument

By Susan Jones Senior Editor
September 20, 2007

( – has released the latest ad in its controversial “betrayal series” — this one, criticizing Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell and his fellow Republicans for a “betrayal of trust.”

A week after calling Gen. David Petraeus, the top U.S. commander in Iraq, “General Betray Us,” the liberal advocacy group is blasting Republicans for undermining U.S. troops by denying them “a reasonable time to spend with their families before returning to war.”

Click on title for the rest of the article.

And ~

Dems Cast Republicans as Callous Toward US Troops
By Susan Jones Senior Editor
September 20, 2007

( – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is accusing Republicans of ignoring the wishes of the American people — and the welfare of U.S. troops — by defeating an amendment that would have restricted U.S. troop rotations.

The Senate on Wednesday mustered only 56 votes — four votes short of the 60 votes necessary to bring up the amendment for consideration.(A similiar amendment failed by the same margin in July.)

Click on the title to read the rest.

Sen John Cornyn is reintroducing his resolution:

The now-infamous ad — “General Petraeus or General Betray Us” — marks a potential watershed in U.S. political discourse. A radical-left interest group has undertaken to accuse our military leadership of treason for working towards victory in the war against Islamic terrorists. The open question now is — will the majority Congressional party continue to tacitly endorse this scurrilous tactic by its most activist supporters, or will this defamation be repudiated? We are about to find out.

The ad in the New York Times defamed a highly respected, highly decorated four star General who has dedicated his life to serving our country. The assault had a specific purpose. It was designed to discredit Gen. David Petraeus in advance of a congressionally ordered report on the situation in Iraq. Gen. Petraeus, while stressing that much work remains, delivered good news about the progress we’re making in the war against Islamic terrorists and rooting out al Qaeda.

Read the rest here. Read the amendment here.

You should hear the Dems going after the Swift Boat Vets in rebuttal. Durbin and Boxer just keep doing the tit for tat. I must say Sen. Cornyn is holding his line.

I can’t find the text for the Boxer amendment at the moment. They’re voting on it now.

I’ll post it when I find it.

Help us, Lord, help us…

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Never Stand Down!

I’m listening to my now (arrrggghhh!) senator (Sen. Webb) and Senator McCain debate on the floor about the Iraq War.  Webb would have you believe that our troops our weak and/or broken.  Senator McCain is doing the best he can to keep respect of our troops in his statements.

Politicians ~ dang!

Here’s a heads up from the Heritage Foundation:

Liberals are on the march. 

Our nation’s core conservative values are under attack in Washington and around the nation. But The Heritage Foundation has a plan to stop the Left with the facts and common-sense solutions America needs.

Learn more about the liberal threat at

The far Left has seized control of Congress. Already, they have come to Washington and pushed radical changes that would undermine the very fabric of our nation. Here’s their plan. This is what we’re up against:

  • Granting amnesty to illegal immigrants, at a huge cost to taxpayers and the risk of still more low-skill immigration down the line;
  • Surrendering in Iraq and other fronts in the war on terror, while refusing to give law enforcement officers the tools they need to protect us at home;
  • Raising taxes on work and investment by repealing the tax cuts passed in 2001 and 2003;
  • Laying the groundwork for socialized medicine through their misguided plans to expand government health care;
  • Blocking the nomination of well-qualified judges because they support the Constitution and not radical left-wing ideas;

Things are not much better in communities around the nation.

  • Young children are being taught about sex. High school students, instead of being taught the benefits of abstinence, are given how-to lessons in all manner of sexual behaviors.
  • Cities and towns across America are declaring themselves “sanctuary cities” and refuse to enforce the nation’s immigration laws. And a Pennsylvania judge recently sided with the ACLU in overturning that town’s restrictions on illegal immigrants.

How have things come to this? I’ve had enough, and I know you have too. It’s time someone put a stop to this nonsense, and we at The Heritage Foundation have decided to lead the fight.

Find out more about the threat and what Heritage is doing at

Already this year, we’ve had success educating members of Congress and the American people about the Left’s agenda, and we’ve debunked liberal deceptions on a whole range of issues.

Take immigration: Not only did liberals in Congress withdraw their amnesty bill after Heritage experts highlighted its disastrous consequences. But the Bush administration reversed course and adopted common-sense border security and immigration reforms, most of them based on Heritage Foundation recommendations! These are a step in the right direction, and can serve as the basis for real, long-term reform.

Or consider government overspending: After our experts have spent years warning the Bush administration to pare back wasteful federal spending, they’re taking us seriously and threatening to veto the many liberal-backed bills that would spend billions more than President Bush asked for. This is another step in the right direction.

But with liberals entrenched in the media, the government bureaucracy and institutions like the ACLU and, liberals can outlast a short-term effort. With next year’s election very much undecided, the conservative movement cannot afford to take a short-term view.

That’s why Heritage is developing a ten-year plan—our Leadership for America initiative—to get America back on course. We believe it is time to recall our nation and our people to our first principles as espoused by our Founding Fathers.

Find out more and donate now to support Heritage:

Here’s the vision I outlined to our Board of Trustees earlier this year. We seek to

  • Renew America’s founding principles;
  • Restore the family to its primary role in civil society;
  • Protect the rule of law and civil society;
  • Protect America and Americans from freedom’s enemies;
  • Restore American leadership and freedom in the world;
  • Strengthen the role of religion and religious liberty in America;
  • Replace the culture of entitlement with the culture of mutual responsibility;
  • Give every American freedom of choice in health care;
  • Provide energy and environmental solutions to keep America safe, free and prosperous;
  • Provide future generations with educational choice.

But stopping the Left so our conservative vision can take hold is absolutely critical. Over the next two weeks, you’ll hear from my colleagues at Heritage and elsewhere in the conservative movement about the need to fight back, to retake our culture and retake our government. They’ll explain why this effort is so important.

Our opponents are well-funded, though. Liberals today are out-raising conservatives, and the Left has big-money backers, like George Soros, who fund radical groups like People for the American Way and

To start fighting back, we urgently need to raise funds online. Will you help us in the next two weeks?

Help us get started:

Your contribution today is worth double to Heritage. Thanks to a generous contribution from the Benwood Foundation in Chattanooga, Tennessee, the first $10,000 given online to support our work to stop the Left and advance conservative principles will be matched dollar for dollar.

That means your tax-deductible contribution of $100, $50 or $35 will be worth $200, $100 or $70 to Heritage. Donate now at to take advantage of this special offer.

This is a perilous time for conservatives—and for America. The Founders’ vision for our great nation is threatened.

Our work on behalf of conservative principles and traditional American values is essential for our nation’s future, and all of us here at Heritage are glad you’re standing with us.


Ed Feulner

Edwin J. Feulner, Ph.D.


Give or not, but do go to the website.  We can’t sit on our weekend laurels.  We must keep letting our elected critters know what we want (and that we vote!) or the Anti-American groups are going to have the last word and get their way.  That would not be a good thing at all ~ ever!!  We’ve had decades of their agenda and money seeping into our politicians’ pockets.

Get active and vocal!!   Protect our troops and our country from the very real and dangerous legislation being slipped into the Defense Bill behind our backs.

That’s it.

Thank you.

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